Leap of faith

I fell in long distance love relationship. We never met. So I didn’t know anything about him apart from what he had told.

In the begining it was like normal friendship but time took its turn and the friendship changed into love.

Once he asked me to meet and I planned a trip to the place he asked me to come.

It was so exciting and thrilling to plan such a thing. Never ever in my dream, I thought I would be doing such a thing.

Finally, we met. It was like hundreds of trains and jet fighters passed by me and my heart throbbed like hell. I was nervous and happy at the same time.

I did not want the moment to pass. For me, it was a prayer being heard and my wish granted. The whole day we spent talking and listening to each other’s future plans and dreams. In the evening we sat on the steps holding hands.

I don’t know about him but I had lived a whole life with him in those moments. When the time came to part, I was shattered and cried like hell because I thought dreams never come true repeatedly. I feared that I will never see him again.

I am afraid, if we didn’t part then we could not have married after a year and a half later.

I believed my love for him so much that I knew he cannot lie to me about his personal life, ever.

Though my family was initially against the idea of our marriage then they gave in.

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