Sunny Day

Putting her hand over her face to cover her eyes from discomfort of bright light, she tried to remember where she was.

Her vision was blurred. She turned her head trying recognize the place. But a sharp pain stuck her head. Rubbing and trying to adjust her eyes to the light she tried to sit up. How long I have been here and why? The thought was knocking off her newly gained conscious. She managed to sit up with support of the soft pillow. Now she could feel that she lay on a grand soft bed with silk to cover herself and soft linen to cover the fluffy cotton mattress.

She looked towards the source of light. It was a big French window near her bed overlooking the beautiful garden below. It was a beginning of bright and beautiful sunny day.

‘I see you are up.’ A tall and handsome guy in finest black suit stood beside her. ‘G-good-morning’ and before she could ask something, he placed a cup of hot coco in her hands. She took a couple of sips and said,’ W-where am I?’ ‘Strange. You didn’t ask ‘how’ he sneered. ‘Yes- yes I- was about to- but why?’ She paused to take one more sip ‘ Where am I?’

Red saree

Red saree had black color Roses on its border. It was the last choice of her father as a marriage gift to his daughter before he succumbed to a sudden cardiac failure long before her marriage.

Still that saree is kept in her closet all wrapped up as it was arrived from the shop. The beautiful memory…

Three lines tale- changed times

They were diehard friends as far as I remember but today when I passed from that old area, I found it to be dead quiet. No one was there to tell me what had happened between them that the laughter that was synonymous to this area, turned to pin drop silence but a new signboard ‘danger do not enter‘ was placed in front of his yard. The other yard had heaps of dried leaves and outgrown bushes taken over the beauty it once had, I know something drastic has happened but what only they could tell and they are not here to tell.


Rose is my favourite flower apart from the Tulips, Daisies and Dahlias. In fact rose is my all time favorite, not the English rose but the Indian red rose with sweetest of all smells. The smell has a mystic power to enchant you. It’s all around you once you come in contact whether in a party, a marriage or any gathering. The best thing about it is that, a rose is preferred to be used in happiness or in gloom. It looks as enchanted in a marriage, a birthday or as a gift and as elegant for last goodbye to the beloved. Without roses every occasion seems incomplete.

I have my obsessions with these flowers. I planted one of each variety at home on my terrace garden. But my bad luck that one by one except all dried off except rose. It bears such a mesmerising bunch every time that I feel disheartened when they shed off or my mother in law plucks them off to offer in her prayers. I tried many times indirectly to stop her but all in vain.

I look after the plant like my own baby. Time to time attending to it, talking or playing music to it. I prefer organic manure and home made decomposit for it, so I make everything by myself without caring for the hours of labour it takes. After finishing my daily chores when I get time to myself I spend that in looking after them. Early morning I first water them then only I think of preparing breakfast for the other family members.

When it’s hot and sunny I cover them up with a removable shade which is removed in the evening and again put up when it starts getting hot. My whole day routine goes round them, I mean I make time for them as I make for writing, depriving myself of luxury of rest.

It just makes me feel crying when I see them adressed to such a cruel behaviour, hope you understand the pain I go through and the anger I feel but cannot display.

My family as a whole, is a winner.

Past week is again won by my family with each other’s cooperation in these hard times when one has to stay home always and stock to it as to their lives. None else is so serious in our neighborhood and apartment. But from the children to elders of my family are in hardcore ĺockdown since the lock down has started.

Sometimes I pity the children as other children of the apartment come out to play every evening but these have to satisfy themselves just by going out in the balcony or the varanda and similarly I pity my in-laws too as oldies 8th the apartment come out every evening in groups to go for a walk that too without any precautions. Siblings of my in-laws roam from place to place just for the sake off entertainment and use this lock down period as vacation but my of flies stay home even though they are not habitual to staying in one place for more than 10 to 15 days maximum. They all are doing it just on the request of my hubby about whom we allyl allele proud for being a dutiful son, caring father and uncle and a loving husband.

He is a work-o-holic who gets irritated and dull very easily if has to stay home without work but he has shown so much understanding and patience that I just love him more for whatever he is doing for us all.

So for me the family is a winner not only this week but every week that past and that will come.

A house on the next Block

` Now it’s my turn to tell a story.` She said. ` Raveena, my friend, it is about her.` She continued. They all were sitting in her cubical, a team of four. It was their night shift and the long hours have exhausted them, so, they took a small break to freshen up their minds and were telling stories.

She took a sip of water and said,` Raveena had a colleague who tried to woo her. He was so desperate that he started to stalk her … on her way home, in the market anywhere she went he followed.` `So why didn’t  she complained?` Naveen asked. `may be she enjoyed the attention.` Mariya cut in between. `In the beginning she did but later it became scary.` She agreed. and then said,` One day he appeared at her home with his throat bleeding and said he loves her. She shrieked and ran inside. Her parents had to drive him out.` She paused for a moment and looked at her colleagues` face. They were all hooked to her story, she then continued, `Next day when she entered the office, Raju, their peon was bleeding from the forehead. She went instantly to him with a first aid box which she kept in her desk. But Raju jerked her hand and looked at her with painful eyes.`

 At this moment their peon entered with a tray of coffee mugs. He too stayed back to listen her story. She carried on,` Madam this cut is more than enough, as your gift, Raju said and left. But no one told her the reason behind all this. In the lunch hour he came to her and whispered, I will carve my name on your hand so that everyone knows that you’re mine.` She sipped her coffee and looked into the void as if trying to remember something. ` He was a monster. Take my words.` this time the peon said. Everyone looked at him in surprise. There was certain pain an d horror on his face, he continued, ` The man was Rakesh and he did similar things to anyone who even tried to come near Raveena Ma`am. Once he stopped her in the gallery and said that she has not seen what actual jealousy is and this all was a trailer. But Raveena Ma`am was not the first girl to face this but yes the last one.` Everyone looked at her, `Yes his name was Rakesh and Raveena got him behind the bars and from there he was sent to the asylum. But rest of what he is saying I don’t have idea.` She said and looked at peon with a questioning look. ` My name is Raju.` he said lifting his long hair off from his forehead. All were shocked. `If you know anything else please continue  with the story` five of them said at once. ` There were number of instances like once he sent her a friend request, of course she didn’t know who it was as he didn`t mention his real name. Slowly he made friends with her on the Facebook then took ids of her all the social media accounts. One day when she noticed there was no one else in her friends list in any of the accounts, she was suspicious and blocked `him`; to which he reacted violently.` Raju said. He picked up the empty coffee mugs and was about to leave when Naveen asked him to tell them what else he knew. ` Sir, I don`t know much as I left after some days.` Raju said in a low voice. `I can tell you one thing for sure that he could go to any length for Raveena Ma`am. One day I saw him in the gallery connecting coffee lounge to their work station. He was holding Raveena Ma`am by her throat and saying that she should not test his patience and that he could kill her that very moment.` He said and left from there.

` There was a marriage proposal for her and the guy with his family was sitting in her home when she got a call from an unknown number. The man on the other side said if she won`t say no, he will kill her father on the way to his work. She put the phone on speaker and looked at he suitor with pleading eyes.` She said.

 `Of course the guy would have understood her position and helped her.` Mariya again jumped in between. `No. I mean before he could do any such thing, this man killed him in an obvious looking accident.` She continued and further said,` He came to her home that day, as her parents were at guys funeral. He said that she should not cry but be happy to get rid of bad match.`  ` One day mom told me a man living in the house on the next block  had killed his wife. The family was always under suspicion because no one had ever seen any family, friend or relatives coming to their home.` She said and stopped to watch everyone`s face then continued, ` You know what? The twist in the story is that Rakesh was allegedly married to some girl he eloped with and this was his house.`

` You mean he killed his wife whom he may have tortured in the same way and finally married, for Raveena? ` It was time for Manjeet to get shocked who was listening the story quietly, whole time. ` Yes. I was there with Raveena that day when he came running to her home, blood stained.` She inhaled deep and then continued,` his condition was telling that he might have hid somewhere waiting for the right time to come and meet Raveena. Who was all confused to see him. I was too terrified to see a psycho murderer in front of me.` She said and took another deep breath and continued,` He appeared when  I was telling Raveena about him. He looked from her to me and back to her, and said that he killed her for Raveena, can`t she see. Whole thing what he did was for Raveena.` Uncle and one of his friend who was there at the time inside their study, came out and got hold of him and Aunt made the call to police who took him away. At last she got freedom from him.` She said and smiled.

Anant who was sitting quiet for the whole time was now uneasy, `may be people get poisoned but not their mindset` he said at length. Everyone looked at him, he bowed his head and murmured, `Always girls are not at the receiving end.` and walked away.

New-Word of the day challenge

New is the word for the whole world now. Everything is getting renewed, not only we, the humans but the earth as well.

My assumptions are that after the world comes out of lockdown, social life of the people will be touching the new heights.j

In my opinion if people maintain the norms we are following now at least for a year, we will be safe.

I know some people may not agree with me because they think this is not the way to lead life. For them it may sound rude behaviour and not a norm to a safe life. But I still stick to my point of maintaining social distancing, minimum of public gatherings and family functions. If we want a safe and secure life for our kids we have to follow what we have started.

What I am loving about new etiquette is it’s so easy to follow and maintain. I am proud of my culture which has led the world to the safer side in the times of pandemic.

In the last I bow my head and join hands to show my gratitude for reading my post.