What betrayal did to me..!

So strong is the feeling of Betrayal that I feel Betrayed by my words. The flow is not constant, the feelings are not sustainable. I am just blabbering some or the other thing now and then, ’cause that too is not constant and how could it be when my words have betrayed me. No words, no feelings … no me. I am just finished. The pain is so deep and so strong that everything has numbed. There are times when I can not feel, express or share anything. This is what the betrayal has done to me.

Days pass and turn to weeks but I am still holding a pencil but the page is white as milk and when screen stares blankly at my face as if I am a hollogram of myself, its then I realise the emptyness within me. When I look into the mirror I see someone who looks like me but is not me. The home which used to be mine holds me like a stranger. I dont know how much more damage has been done, I am just on my trail to hunt for the treasure of pain. Every new day is a new discovery.

If today my flow is looking continued, then pray, it stays longer this time. I want to tell many stories, write many poems and lot more I can do with my words. I can find myself or atlest hold on to life.

Love you all wonderful people out there who give me strength and encouragement.

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Love Part 2

One day she was unpacking his suitcase, he had returned from outdoor shoot, when she found one more letter of the kind she found months ago. And it warned about some miss happening and some letters addressed to him by the rumored girl. She went through them like she was dreaming and was not able to understand a word what it said. But after going twice or thrice through them she came to her senses. Her hands were trembling, breath was shortened, legs became numb and her throat went dry. She couldnot make out whether to trust what was lying in front of her or to trust what her heart was saying about it all being a prank. For a while she stood freezed and then knocked upon the bathroom door. She slumped into the sofa and stared into the blank. When he came she asked him to book her a cab so that she can go back to her old apartment. He was stunned and couldnot make out the reason of this kind of talk. Then they both talked oer the topic for long and not once he denied the affair. But was continuously asking for her to stay.

On the request of her in laws she agreed to give him one chance and stayed back. Her question to him every time was why? She would have backed up, if she knew he was over with her and loved someone else. Because for her, his happiness was more than her’s. Every time the answer to why, she got was different. He even blamed her for being the main reason, many times. Now she was loosing her cool…staying with him knowing that he is betraying her was taking a toll on their relationship and on her . They even argued and faith over the topic of other woman. He became physical too. She was so hurt this time that was ready to leave his home and get seprate as he offered. But then he only calmed down and then scolded her for provoking him. He, many a times, said he will set down everything, given some time. But whenever she asked how much time he would either went quiet or started arguing.

He strongly said twice that he cannot live without the other woman too and he is trying his best to nib the love for her but is not able to. And when she said ok she understood his situation, being so deeply in love with him, same could be his feelings for the other woman so she will backup, she will get down but on a friendly note, not after a fight. He always refused saying he cannot imagine life without her and he cannot be happy by making her unhappy. Such on and off fights and love talks were a routine between them for a year. She never went against him nor blamed him for anything, she knew only one thing that she cannot harm this guy, who is the only love of her life and her world too.

Getting seprate was difficult, though blaming and comparing continued. On the point of comparing she used to loose her cool. But then again controlled herself. She one day told him, that if it was in her power she could have turned the time and stepped down the train she met him on. And that she never want to cross his path again in her next birth if there is any. Being partners for 7 lives as it’s said, she freed him from that bounding too. He was shaken till his core. He cried for what he had done to her, twice and admitted that he had no courage to bring up the topic to her because he knew it was wrong. She melted and thought of staying back and give their relationship a one more try.

One day he asked her to bring a script file down. When she open the drawer of his cupboard, a paper fell down. In an act to put it back, she saw it was a photocopy of his and the other woman’s marriage certificate, which dated exactly as the second letter specified. She lost her balance and fell on the chair lying there. Unfortunately she missed the seat but landed on floor and her head thud on the chair armrest. Listening to the sound he rushed up. Seeing her lying there unconsciously, he rushed her to the hospital. When they were back home after the treatment, she asked him, he really married that woman? And to this his meek yes, was a first nail in her emotional bend. She recovered very late from the shock. Next day when she tried to talk him about this he said he was getting late for a story discussion session for his new film so will see when he can squeeze in the time and left home closing the door with a bang behind him. She felt so upset and lost that couldn’t think of anything. After half an hour she left home with nothing but a water bottle in her hand. She kept a voice message for him and was lost in the people on the street.

On hearing her voice mail he alerted his parents and asked to search for her while he is on his way for the same. After searching a lot no one was able to find her. They were about to lodge a complaint when he thought of going to her apartment. Though they have searched there too, but he wanted to confirm once again. On reaching there he found a window loosely closed. He tried to open it up and it did open. He jumped in and found her hiding in her bedroom. She was in confusion whether to go back to her aunt and uncle or to some working woman hostel, she told him later when they were comming back home. He said why didn’t she waited for the evening, he could have make her understand what he meant by what he said.

Back home, he was very sad and shaken by her act. He again blamed her for doing so. That he thought she will never leave him, but she broke his belief. For half an hour everything was OK but then a sudden call came from the other woman and everything changed. She accused her of being a culprit and sending her some rubbish messages. To her astonishment he was not ready to listen her side of the story, leave apart believing her. Somehow the matter was settled by the interruption of the in laws.

But now she was not the person she used to be. None noticed that but blamed her of being negligent, ignorant, lazy and careless. But the actual problem she was facing was rise of mental illness which was going to stay with her for always. It gave a lot of pain thinking that she did everything for him but in return what she got was a betrayal and another woman for her husband. Slowly slowly she gave up the fight and was getting more and more clutched in the grip of the illness. Every time she thinks what has she done to earn such a pain, from the only person she trusted? Was her mistake, to trust or to love him so deeply.

Now it had become a routine that whenever she complained against her, he would come fuming and grilled her as if she was a criminal. It was out of her control so one day, in laws were home for a weekend, on such grilling situation she argued with him and when he hit her, it was the second nail in her emotional bend, she went to her room and took some sleeping pills and wrote a letter in his name and slept. When she didn’t turn up for a long time her mother in law knocked her door but no reply made her rush back to his son and husband. He unscrewed the latch and lock of the door and threw open the door. Made her vomit and kept her awake. After sometime he asked if she is ready to acknowledge her mistake and want to control her mind only then they can stay togather. To her utter astonishment she said yes and he took her to the psychological therapist. There they discovered her mental illness and treated for a month. It was controlled to a limit. To come out of the whole thing she went back to joining her job.

She tried to show her bubbly and jovial side to everyone and even to herself. To convince one and all that she was all right and everything was running fine. But there was a girl who observed her deeply and noticed the change…She was cheerful more than she usually was. She cried a lot in front of her and her husband once saw this and was angry that how come she found someone to release her pain and find relief. But still she kept in touch with this friend of hers. And slowly slowly everything settled down between the two. But her controlled illness kept showing up now and then. Sometimes her hands were cut, pinched or scratched. She cried to her pillow every night. Every night is like a hell to her with all those unwanted voices screaming in her mind. Infact every second of the day is like living hell to her. All the negativity tries to pull her down and mind never let her speak about her feelings. One day her husband said it doesn’t matter if she cries in front of him or not but her crying is making his all efforts go in vain and if she feels the same way then there is no point in doing anything for her. Since then she stopped crying. But her tears were not dry they just flow inwardly. Making her mind go cray and shout at times deafening her.

One more year passed in such a way. And everything looked in control. One fine morning he told her that he was going on a shooting schedule to Europe. She jumped to her feet and opened her mouth to ask if she can accompany but remembered the earlier times when he always refused to take her along, so just said congratulations.

When he returned from the trip, he showed many pics of the location. And she was happy as if she’d been there. One day on google she found the same pictures but by another person. Looking the name she was taken aback. She asked him if she accompanied him and when he said yes only because they were not getting enough time here because of her so he took other woman along. She asked why didn’t he asked her then? Don’t she deserve the chance? He replied contradict to it. And this was the last nail in her emotional bend. She started seeing other woman in her dreams, sometimes taking away her man, sometimes taking her place in her home and so on….24/7 her mind kept on repeating whatever she had once said to her and how she came in between them. And a lot more heck kept going on.

One day she asked her husband if he had seen the other woman today, he replied no but in actual she had seen them both sitting in a cafeteria holding hands and looking into the eyes, the moment she longed for. She told him that she now knows why he never spent such moments with her because it was being fulfilled outside. He had no answer for that. Her dreams were killing her, she dreaded sleep. The loss of sleep made the condition more problematic. Day by day her condition worsened.
She found a lady’s perfume in the car which didnt belong to her. This gave her a big jolt and she fainted. After regaining the senses she stopped talking to anyone and even going out. She stopped comming out of the room and stayed in bed whole time. But whenever he came near her she got the spark and a twinkle in her eyes. She even smiled. But left taking food and medicines. She was always on a thinking mode. Always deeply engrossed in her own world.

He knew he has made a big unrepairable mistake but nothing can be done now so he tried his best to bring her back to life. On one such occasion she replied that her home was destroyed. She can not come to the terms that the only person she had as her own, her life and above all as love, betrayed her. All these days she tried to understand the mystery that she gave him the best of her but the other woman always got the best of him, why? What ĺacked in her love, dedication and trust? To this he could not reply. He only said that there is nothing lacking but why all this happened, he couldnot reply. She then asked him to leave her side as she needed some rest and if he was to stay there, she will not be able to do so as his company was all she wanted all her life and now when she is tired and needs rest, he is there by her side. She closed her eyes with these words. She looked exhausted and pale. It was then that it striked to him, his wife was actually heartbroken and not well. He bent down to kiss her lips when she suddenly opened her eyes and said to him, he was eternal love of her life and that she will never leave him alone, as he asked her on many times to stay with him and grow old. But she said her body and mind are not designed for this pain. She was tired of being tired and being sad too. She closed her eyes and was smiling in her sleep too.

He kissed her believing that what the ancestors said will be true that a kiss will unite them forever as the spirit is said to be carried in breath. He felt something wrong and rushed her to the hospital. There the doctors announced her brought dead. And moved away from her asking him to fill the necessary formalities, leaving him shocked and betrayed. It was then he noticed that his wife was standing beside him looking lovingly at him. And then whispered that she will be always there for him, whenever he needs her. And touched his forehead and vanished.

Love. Part 1

A train moving fast towards its destination. Stations after stations were passing by. In the second class AC coach everyone was dozing off in the afternoon.

She was sitting all alone by herself. Eyes glued to the magazine she was holding in her hand, but thoughts were running away in other direction. She was bit tensed, her looks told.

Opposite to her was sitting a boy who was busy gazing at her and noticing every change in her expressions. He was noting down something every now and then.

Both were completely ignoring what sceneries were passing outside the window and the hawkers who came in the coach to sell something.

The time passed and it was 5 in the evening when she finally tore off her gaze from the magazine and took notice of her surrounding. It was then that she noticed the boy. She changed her intrest to another family sitting on the side berth. They had a small kid who was equally tired of the long journey and was crying. The mother was trying to comfort him somehow. Father was giving them an irritated look, for disturbing the others.

She stood up from her place and walked towards the toilets. The sudden jerk in the train got her imbalanced and she stumbled but managed to stand again. While she was returning, the train had stopped at a small station. She got down to get some refreshment and tea. While she was stepping up the door the train started to move and before she could understand a strong arm took hold of her arm and pulled her up.

Back on her seat, she thanked him and again lost in her magazine. But was easily getting distracted, and looking out of the window with a frown. It was getting dark by now and nothing was visible clearly fro the tinted window of the AC coach.

Seeing her so frustrated, boy tried to talk her out of her boredom. It was then she got to know that the boy was a struggling script writer who was looking for a female character in his story and that he based it on her. She told him that she was an orphan who lived with her maternal uncle and aunt who were not good to her. So she had applied for a job far from her hometown. Actually to escape from their torture.

The hello hi of the train journey became a good friendship of their life. The girl got good job in an private company with high package and the boy got a picture made on his script. It was a hit and he got the credit for it. He gave the whole credit to her and they became more then friends.

One fine morning he came along with his parents and friends to her home. It was a nice small apartment with greenery around. She was about to leave for office when the doorbell rang and on opening the door she found all of them at her door step. She welcomed them in with a smile, to her drawing room with minimal furniture, white and peach curtains of lace and net hanging on the big windows facing the park of their society. Her apartment was on second floor and the balcony was big enough to seat a party of 5 members. The apartment had her characteristics visible in decoration with simplicity, cleanliness and specious place speaking of her inner beauty.

His mom said she is perfect for the occasion wearing yellow saree with broad red border, with red binding on her forehead making her wheatish complexion glow even more. Big eyes lined with kohl and neutral pearl color on her lips. Golden bracelet on left wrist and brown leather strapped round dial with mother of pearl base watch on her right wrist.

She was bit astonished, for what occasion was his mother talking about. And when she looked at him puzzled and said she is already running late for office so if he tells the reason for comming so alarmingly, it would be good. He only smiled but his mother again said that now onwards she is not to worry about office and work or money, but only if she accepts the proposal of her son with love and without feeling any pressure.

She was dumb struck and without blinking gazing at his mother. It was then his mother came slowly to her and touched her palm lightly and placed a ring on her ring finger and looked with hope in her eyes.

She bent down to touch her feet with a blush on her cheeks and then turned to his father to touch his feet. And she was gathered into his arms and welcomed by cheers and claps from friends.

Soon the most awaited night came and the whole night echoed with the wedding chants and with the laughter of friends and family. On their wedding night he got a call from a director and was asked to write a script of a block buster hit Tamil film, but was required to stay in chennai for the required period of time. The boy couldnot refuse to the offer because it was from an well known big director who was very selective about everything related to his movie, so the boy didn’t want to miss the opportunity. He told everyone about this offer the next day and very one started praising her for being a lucky charm for him. He nicknamed her as his lady luck. And in a week he went off to chennai.

Though the girl was sad as they didn’t get proper time to be togather and he had to go leaving her but she was happy for him, too. They used to talk on phone, whatsapp, face time. But as her work was demanding too, she could not took time off to go to chennai. She began missing him now even more, so one day she planned to surprise him and risked her job by taking an day off at the time of project go on air time. And landed at chennai airport. Called her husband saying that she needs to know the address to send some gift. He replied sadly that he will not be able to receive as he was staying with the director of the original film and he has taken him out for a weekend for a better understand and bond between the two as he was working on the script of his film.

She couldnot control her tears and a sob escaped from her mouth. He then realised that she herself was the gift and began feeling bad for them both. She then hung up the phone giving him a kiss over the phone, as she understood his situation.

By the time he could convince Tamil director and reached airport her flight back to home took off. With the tears swelling up 8 his eyes too he waved to the plane.

Back home she busied herself in her work and tried to take her mind off from the lonelyness she felt from his absence. Time at home she used to fill with spending with in laws. The talks on phone, face time and whatsapp continued.

Time passed by and after 2 months he returned. It was like a festival for her. They were busy catching up on the missed time when one day he planned to take her on the honeymoon. She was very excited. He went to his director’s office and she was packing their luggage when she got a call from him. Tears rolled down on her cheeks and she sat down on the bed with a thump. Her mother in law came and asked her what was the matter, why suddenly her glowing face became dull? Wiping her tears she told that the son of this director was getting married and they have to attend the wedding that too on the same day when they were about to leave for their honey moon destination. Her mother in law released a deep breath and kept a compassionate hand on her shoulder.

Next day he postponed their tickets to next month, so she was content with this. And happily went back to her job cancelling her holidays. One month passed and he was engrossed in his work and she was to meet the deadline again and this time she didn’t want to take any risk. So this time also their plan was postponed but not for more than a week. And finally it was cancelled. She then gave up on the hope because she understood the nature of his work. So whenever he used to say we will go this time and due to some meeting or some script work had to cancel, she only compassionately smiled and then got busy with her work. This went on for two years, and one fine day he finally gave the tickets in her hand to the her most favourite place, she applied for a week long leave and was granted.

Next week they flew off and enjoyed their stay. A week later at home, she was feeling very relaxed and refreshed. The routine work started again.

Two more years passed, he was a well known name now and she was promoted too . He got busier and she started feeling lonely. On evening she told him that she was thinking of taking a break from her job and spend more time with him, may be her loneliness will reduce. He said he was with her in any decision she takes.

She applied for a long break from the firm, stating that she will gain continue the job with them after the break. And that was agreed upon. She felt very light hearted that evening. The family celebrated the occasion.

For the first few days he spent the proper time with her but one day said that he had to go abroad for some script work on a foreign film, to talk about the rights and all. When she asked why he ? His reply was, he was launching himself as a director with this movie, because for how long can he write for others and sit back looking them under the lime light. On hearing this she became very happy and asked for how many days this time? And if she could join him?

On the day of leaving, she hugged him cried bitterly because she was refused the visa. But then she was happy for her husband. Again the old story repeated of calls and chats. This time 3 months passed and when he returned she threw a party.

With his directorial debut he hit the charts. And as a director too became a successful name. She from her side did whatever she could, to make him feel free for his work. Whenever there was some doubt he would ask her or being the nature of the field he was in, rumours came up she stood with him. People did try to make her go against him, but not successful. She always trusted him. Whatever he said was the only truth for her.

One day a letter arrived at the post and was a dressed to him. She opened it and was dumbstruck. When he called her up in the afternoon to enquire about her day, she in the last told him about the letter. To which he was struck too. When he came back that night, she asked was this real whatever was written in it about him. He shrugged it off and said no, actually it was a trick by his rivals who still consider him a mere script writer and his success doesn’t go down well with them. Everything was calmed down that moment and they slept soundly.

He had started coming home late now a days but made a point to ask her about her day at home and after that went to sleep, sometimes without listening to what she was answering to her enquiry.

Years passed but they didn’t get another chance to go out. And he became more busy and the rumor mills were grinding fast. She was noticing some change in him, now a days. But said nothing, for she thought it was her mind playing tricks. Even in his whatsapp dp and face time dp there was drastic change, he kept the pic of radhakrishna and murugun swamy with two wives of his. She asked whim why sudden change? From past 4 years and a half the same dp because he didn’t want to attract unwanted attention. Then why now? To this he said it was like an lucky charm plus his pic was attracting unknown people so changed. To this she laughed and teased him of scratching the face of any radha who would dreams to come near his love. This happened twice or thrice. She asked him to cut shot another dp to one wife and murugun swampy to which he cropped both the wives. Everything was taken lightly and was forgotten by her.

He grew more busy and she more lonely. She started feeling suffocated and squeezed now. But never came up with any complaints. Her in laws Meanwhile shifted to their beach house. And came now and then to visit them. She thought may it’s the reason why she is feeling more lonely. So she invited them to stay with them. They did come but for a month and then returned back as they didn’t want to disturb their privacy, to which she opposed a lot. The day when they were returning, he got ready in a very desirable way that she longed to keep him on her side. She said to him jokingly if he was seeing someone these days and he was taken aback. But recovered soon and smiled sheepishly saying no its all in her mind.

Continued in next part….

Chitrangda Kunwar

Th8s again is a character developed for my same story. But I tried to make it a contrast to the first one. I am thinking to pair them up and let the story develop from the outcome of it. So please feel free to suhhest here too….

20 something girl. White as milk. Cheeks as rose milkshake. Slim and 5.6 height with silky long hair. Always smiling, chirpy and cracking jokes. Made friends easily. Open minded and understanding. Soft and kind hearted girl of upper middle class family.
Student of performing arts. All the boys were ray about her but she never looked at anyone. Always dreamed of her man who will be as kind and understanding and jovial as her. Who will fall in love with real her and not with just het outlook.
She had on more dream to go to foreign country to learn more about her subject.
She always lived in city never went to village nor saw what the life at village could be. So never wanted to settle in any small town, leave village apart.
She had many friends. From all backgrounds. That included some village students also.

Atill there is lot to fo in this character but would like to jave suggestions in the begining itself.

Sketch source desipainters.com

Bhuvan Singh

I am trying to develop a character for my story, so I sketched out it’s inner side and later will be doing it’s social side then personal side. So for now I want all friends out their to point me where and what I am lacking….I am even ready to start it from scratch if required. Please feel free to comment and suggest….

A village in rural district of Rajasthan.
Water scarcity is the main feature. Current is available from late evenings to day, later it’s currentless habitat. Agriculture is the only mode of living for 100 or so people there.
In middle of the village there is a big Haveli, built in the early 1990s. The landlords or the Thakurs, ruling it since early period known.
All these villagers offer their produce to Haveli Lords and in return get money whatever they offer. The produce is further sold out to the bigger markets from here.
The time has changed and so the Haveli dwellers. They share the profit with villagers in a different way, like by making school, hospital, providing for medical shop, solar power plant, study material availability, computer education for younger genration, weekly cinema in make shift cinema hall, few shops for clothing, and other basic amenities and necessities for the villagers.
In this genration the youngest Thakur, Bhuvan Singh, born in village brought up in city, a well built athletic body with 6-2 height and fair color, brown eyes, is very kind hearted. He melts at the sight of tears in someone’s eyes. All the virtues he got from his kind hearted mother, who belongs to religious family. Under her influence his father, too changed and thus giving Bhuvan a caring and compassionate childhood. Mostly he stayed in school hostel but was in constant touch of his village and never let himself forget how his villagers suffer and are in dire need of support of technology and change.
The day he returned home after completing his civil engineering and MBA in mass counselling, he decided to work for the betterment of his people and the village. He established contacts with the vegetable merchants of the ‘Mandi’ in the city. And started selling vegetables to them, sold to him by the village farmers. The government school needed some infrastructural support for which he provided everything they required and became a donor. He set up a counselling cell for the villagers to help them out with their problems. It became his routine. He worked for some MNC in the day time and evening was all reserved for his village.
When he gets sometime free from his work he loved to spend it with his parents. His mother is his best friend and father was more of a brother. He shares everything with them. They knew he had a girlfriend in college who left him just because he wanted to settle in village and use his knowledge and resources for the upliftment of the needy. He broke down after she left him, so parents never persuaded him for marriage instead they left the matter on time. When he heals, they will pick up the matter. He has many friends but few are girls and he is not involved with any of them on emotional level. He hangs out with them on weekends for movies, dinners, outings and other enjoyments. Only his parents know that he may look happy from outside he is actually lonely inside and that was the reason he kept himself so busy.
Apart from all this he loved going to swimming in the near by only lake every morning in the monsoons, walk in the fields for an hour in the early morning and after that yoga and meditation for another hour, was all he did to keep himself healthy. Old songs were his favorites which he used to listen when he was alone in his room and he even went to bed listening to them.

Sketch by T0ofie by DevianArt, source Pintrest

Chapter closed.

One more chapter from precious book of my life over. It was the last chapter connected to my father. Its like an era of golden period is over.

A chapter very close to my heart,from my childhood. Though I don’t have very fond memories of it but still whatever I have are very sweet.

By the closing of this chapter, I never thought I’d be so much affected but I am moved.

I lost my grand mother, in the wee hours of sunday morning. She never cherished her grand children in their childhood but in hour early teens she became close to us. Though her relationship with us was sweet and sour but her death has shaken us to the core. And I am the one whom she was asking about as I stay far away and couldn’t reach to see her. From last one month on and off she kept asking about me, that makes me feel more of a loner now, away from my family and my people.

Right now there is no one near to share my pain except my two kids, so just writing it down, to calm down my mind.

Fiction writing 101….Mansion

The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch

Fiction is something that I dread he most…its not that I am bad at it but I am too slow at it. I mean it takes me long enough to build a character and define it. Sometimes I go so deep that it bores me and sometimes I am in such a hurry that it takes away the thrill out of it. When I was a school going teenager, I used to tell lot of stories to my bus mates and they nick named me “Story Girl” but now it’s little different from those times. Me and my stories are evolving and shaping up even better but the process has become bit slow. I keep honing my skills now and then but I don’t know where I have reached. So mostly I stick to poetry or to non fictional things.
Recently I wrote in fact would say tried my hand…

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I wrote today…

Hey friends want to share my happiness with you all.

First is that one of my poems got selected and published in poetry section of the newspaper.

Second is that today I re-read and made amends to the second chapter of my book, the first draft been proof read for the first time and wrote the third chapter, but it took bit long to complete it as I kept editing on the go…and will proof read it either tomorrow or … no not tomorrow but soon.

I know for many of you its not a big deal but for me its really something. Because whenever I sit to write, I get scared and sad as I have to go through all the heartbreaking experience and relive the moments. Sometimes it triggers my depressive mood which prolongs for days. Even editing takes a toll on my emotions and you will not believe me when I say I even cry for hours while and after writing. So thats the reason its an accomplishment for me and I want to share with you all and that too without crying, atleast not as much I normally do.

Sorry for embarrassing you.


It was a beautiful spring morning, everyone gathered arround the tea table in the morning parlor in the manor.

Waiting for the tea after breakfast. The parlor had blue colored walls and the window panes were white. Out of the window, looking over the green spring garden, yellow buttercups were patting on the windowsill as if asking permission to join the tea party. The yellow of the buttercups was a bright contrast against the lush greens of lawn outside.

There came Miss Marry with tea trolley, filled with freshly baked tea cakes and cookies, one of her speciality. But then iy was th3 celbration of her golden jubilee association with the family, as a care taker. She was now more of a family member rather then acquired help, who came to my grand ma 50 yers back.