1972. My grand mother visited her sister’s family with her children.

One early morning her two young daughters woke up and started to cry. She put the youngest one to sleep again by consoling and the elder of the two was given milk to drink and she went back to sleep.

It was winter and the sun was not up yet. It was dark outside. My grand mom sat overlooking her children as her sleep was disturbed. Suddenly she observed from the corner of eyes that the elderly lady of the family got up early to start her chores and walk past her and went to the kitchen then to her son’s room and then opened the back door of the house and went out in the backyard.

I will mention that it was an old fashioned estate home and was surrounded by vast fields and big trees, as we have in rural areas. The family was counted in richest families of the locality, blessed with two sons and a good family business apart from their earning farmlands.

So, after a while when my grand mom saw the elderly lady going out of the house, the younger son came out and got ready to go on his work. He noticed my grand mom sitting like that and told her that he was leaving for work and will close the front door while he goes out. Then my grand mom told him bit worried that his mom went out in the backyard a while ago and she is not yet back, could he check on her, what’s taking her so long in that cold?

The son looked puzzled and threw his glance from grand mom to the door and back to her, the pointed to the door and said that it was still locked from inside how could any one go outside from a locked door? What was she talking? Then it was my grand mother’s turn to be shocked and she looked towards a small room where the family used to offer prayers daily and from the elderly lady in white came out and took the round of the rooms and went out.

After this incidence the riches of the family were all gone. They lost the business and suffered loss at their work. They had to leave their home and move to other places for earning their livelihood. The affection between the brothers was affected and the peace was lost.

Recently they sold their property in the village and their was some misunderstanding between the brothers regarding distribution of money earned from the selling of property. The relatives had to come in between to solve out their problem. The families of both the brothers are not in very good position now.

Today, my grand mother told me this story and revealed the truth, I don’t know how many of you will believe me or may you won’t as I myself don’t believe but the truth is, that day, according to my grand mother, The Lady Luck or ‘The Goddess of Wealth’ moved out of her sister’s home.

Leap of faith

I fell in long distance love relationship. We never met. So I didn’t know anything about him apart from what he had told.

In the begining it was like normal friendship but time took its turn and the friendship changed into love.

Once he asked me to meet and I planned a trip to the place he asked me to come.

It was so exciting and thrilling to plan such a thing. Never ever in my dream, I thought I would be doing such a thing.

Finally, we met. It was like hundreds of trains and jet fighters passed by me and my heart throbbed like hell. I was nervous and happy at the same time.

I did not want the moment to pass. For me, it was a prayer being heard and my wish granted. The whole day we spent talking and listening to each other’s future plans and dreams. In the evening we sat on the steps holding hands.

I don’t know about him but I had lived a whole life with him in those moments. When the time came to part, I was shattered and cried like hell because I thought dreams never come true repeatedly. I feared that I will never see him again.

I am afraid, if we didn’t part then we could not have married after a year and a half later.

I believed my love for him so much that I knew he cannot lie to me about his personal life, ever.

Though my family was initially against the idea of our marriage then they gave in.

15 years back…

A village deep in the heart of Uttarakhand.

A mordern littterate family, which was staying out of the village for the job and study purpose, gathered in thw village for their elder son’s marriage. The younger one being the friend of my li’l brother told him the first hand experience of whatI am going to tell you here.

The village had a mother goddess believed to be taking care of all, had to be made certain offerings before conducting the marriage. But the father of the groom being educated and working as a GM in the bighest national bank, did not payed heed to all the beliefs of the traditional villagers, but did something to fullfil the formality. The marriage was performed and the villagers who questioned him, were husshed, the marriage procession came to an end, the party returned home with the new bride. Everyone laughed, ate and dance.


…..chaos! Where is she? What happened to her? Was all that could be heard.

Whole house was searched. But she was not to be found. The whole village was searched…ahmm…she was not there even. Her parents turned up and searched their village but she was nowhere to be found either. All the relatives of groom and bride were asked but no, the result was same.

Finally they went to a sage who lived in a cave in the mountains. He said, something we people of mordern age won’t believe or have faith, that mother goddess has taken away the bride as the offerings were not upto the mark and asked the father of groom to look for her at the goddess’ place. The party went to another village where the goddess’ shrine was. They searched the whole village and asked for her at all the possible hideouts but she was not to be found anywhere. Finally the priest of the shrine told them that they should look for her by the side of the river, which is the actual place of power. The party reached at the river but not before the evening they found her by the waterfall in semiconcious condition. They woke heer up and returned home.

The next day at home….she was asked about her disappearing to which she was equally surprised. She didnt remember anything about the last night. How she reached at the fall in the first place, did anyone forced her or carried her or she went byherself? To all this she had only one answer….”I don’t remember, night I slept in my room and didnt wokeup till you all came and woke me up there”.

This still is a mystry but one thing changed that my brother’s friend became a staunch believer since then and his parents asked for forgiveness from the goddess and till now everything is fine.

I don’t know how you people may feel but for me its bit scary and believe me when yesterday my brother told me this incident I was like seriously rhis happens now a days also? I still am horrified a bit.