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Thanks for giving me this opportunity to write about a brave lady whom I admire since my childhood. Not me alone but there are thousands of others who admire her same like me. Her service was not alone to a single person, family or a group but in a way to the whole nation. Though she never thought in this way.

In olden days, in Rajputana the royal princes were not fed by their mothers but their nannies, that too by ladies of a particular community. So this lady I am talking about was named Panna Dhai and was in the service of the then king of Mewar Rana Sangram Singh or fondly known as Rana Sanga the ferocious warrior of his times. Panna was the nanny of his youngest son Udai. Panna had a son of Udai`s age so she used to feed both like a mother.

Rana Sanga was poisoned. After him there was a lot of havoc in the lives of his sons and second wife. Along with them Panna dhai had to travel leaving behind her family. Affter Some time Udai`s mother also died and his elder brother who was made ruler of Mewar was killedand the conspirer was looking for little udai.

When Panna came to know about this, she swapped her son by little prince and when the murder came she showed him her son. Murder stabbed the sleeping boy in front of his mother. But the brave lady made her heart strong and didn’t let even a sigh escape out. She didnt even flinched. They say, she had become the goddess of sacrifice. It is because of her sacrifice for the sake of loyalty, without expecting anything in return her service to the state is considered of highest nature. Its because of her Udai Singh survived to get back his kingdom and we got the legendry king Maharana Pratap.

For many of you it might sound a fictional story but no, she was in actual. My land has given such many bravve ladies who never thought of self but kept the publice welfare and mother land, first.

Now she is worshipped and highly respected. Even the government has created a museum in her memory. And her story is taught in schools. Hope you would all like to know more about her.

Pet parent

Hiiiii everyone.

just peeked in to share that I`ve recently become a pet parent once again after 13 years. Believe me, the experience is as thrilling as ever.

I have named it Coffee Bean and he is two month Siberian Husky pup. I am just in love with him and his naughty activities. This guy is as stubborn as his elder brother, always wanting to do their things their own way. But its amazing to see them playing together though my daughter is bit scared yet loves him a lot.

have a look at him…

Please bless him.


Gosh..! Seems ages passed and I was like…Looking for something which had some meaning or atleast resonated with what I feel…and today at this time … 10.38 pm on 23rd Jan 21, I saw … a word which had every emotion I go through. …Thantophobia.

Since my childhood I’ve always hidden my actual feelings just in case If they are known, my loved ones will be dead or leave me alone. Some incidents in my childhood and early teens, confirmed it. And today I still struggle with the same fear. I have a feeling that I am still being haunted by it. May be its true, the fear. Though I am trying to overcome it but Time pushes my efforts back everytime and confirms that my fears are true.

Negative Vibes

Negative vibes travel faster than any other mood vibes. And they tend to linger on longer too.

If in a house hold of 6 members where you have your in laws living with you, the chance of negative vibes are more. If your oldies are orthodox and conservative like mine and on top of it they have bossy nature. So, when they get to face an opposition or something goes against their thinking then, you are surely in for a blast.

This blast may happen specifically between the two oldies because they finally have no one else to fight with as no one listens to them. You can sense the tension even from 10 feet distance or as in my case, we stay on the upper story of the duplex apartment and they stay on the lower one. When I put my fist step on the stairs, I can feel the gloom of hitting me hard. And I get to know that something has happened downstairs between the two. Their negative vibes loom for days and sometimes it grabs me. The side effects are visible in my hubby also in the form of sad or irritated mood. I get depressive feeling due to this and once I am hit by those monstrous feelings, its very hard to get rid of them easily. Thought I try to keep my cool but it literally takes a lot to stay positive. Sometimes the poor children have to face burnt of it all. I fear my poor sun, who is a pre-teen suffers a lot because of my oldies` negative and narrow mindedness. Poor child has so much of frustration for many issues. I try my best to balance and tell him to practice meditation and learn to practice patience. He is sometimes not able to control his anger. I am worried about him.

Sometimes the negative vibes take a toll on our relation too…days pass with the communication stranded. May be there are situations with you also when you too dont want to talk with any one. May be you feel that if you talk your barrier on anger may give away or you might want to tell straight forward to them about their immature behavior. I don't know how many of you relate or agree with my point; but one thing is for sure, that negativity invites sadness which invites doom. May be its bit exaggerated but its true.

Though I suffer the heartache of being at the receiving end I try to come out of it as soon as I can.

Krishna Kumari Mewar

A Princess whose death is a mystery.

Krishna Kumari was a Rajput princess of Mewar. I mentioned about her in my previous post,` A love story that brought upheaval- Raskapur & Swai Maharaja Jagat Singh.She was the daughter of Rana Bhim Singh of Udaipur. She was engaged to Maharaj Bhim SIngh Of Jodhpur, at an early age. He died before their marriage could take place.

It was then that other suitors for her came forward. Among them were Maharaj Man Singh of Jodhpur( deceased Bhim Singh`s younger brother) and Maharaj Swai Jagat Singh of Jaipur. This brought rivalry among the once friends, Jodhpur and Jaipur.

The rivalry of suitors escalated into a war between the rulers of the two kingdoms along with Udaipur, Gwalior, Indore and Tonk. The fact behind all this was that Mewar kings did not agree to set matrimonial alliences with Mughals, though surrendering to them. They were left poor in comparision to other neighbouring states. Thus, making hand of Krishna Kumari, princess of Mewar most desirable in the country.

In 1810 Amir Khan of Tonk attacked Jodhpur on behalf of Jaipur but later left as he was not given his due . So, after being bribed by Jodhpur he helped Man Singh. He then met Udaipur Maharana and gave him an ultimatum to give the princess hand in marriage to Jodhpur king or kill his daughter to end the war. If Maharana fails to do so, he will himself attack his kingdom. Some say Holkar of indore mediated and suggested that Maharan should marry off his princess to him, instead.

Some say chroniclers and panegyrists tried to write it off as Pathan’s suggestion but in actual, his attack and ultimatum resulted in Bhim Singh himself taking the decision to put his own daughter to death, considering as the trouble.

Mystery Of Her Death

They say how smilingly she drank the posion and chose her death over the dishonour of her clan. Actually she was not left with any other choice but to drink the poison. It is assumed that her mother was standing in the room when her father asked her to drink the poison in the name of saving her people from the disaster. And even when her mother tried to stop her she drank it.

Daulat Singh of Karjali.

Daulat Singh of Karjali was asked by Bhim Singh to accomplish the task of killing the princess but he refused to do so. Then the king gave the duty of the job to be done, to the ladies of the palace. They prepared the princess mentally and physically to drink the poison. And when she was offered the cup she drank it willingly but to their surprise she was not affected. A second cup was offered but nothing happened and the third had the same effect and she stood alive even after drinking three cups of poison. Then in last the ladies with heavy heart laced her cup with opium, the last resort. And the poor girl, drank that too without hesitation and fell asleep never to rise up.

On finding out that thousands of lives were on stake just because of her, the poor sixteen year old Krishna Kumari agreed to scarifice her life and committed suicide. In other words provoked to die and some say she was murdered.

Bhim Singh turned his daughter`s palace into a shrine owing to the memory of her courage. Still you can find that in the city palace Udaipur. A memory of a daughter of Mewar who was thus forced to commit suicide.

India shines

Today is the most proud moment for India and each Indian. Thanks to the scientists who brought successful COVID vaccine and made India proud. Today not only WHO, but the whole world looks towards India.

The praise of WHO and their faith on the scientists is encouraging. The country is moving forward towards the self made status which the Prime Minister gave as motto to his country fellowmen. And hope is genrated for each one to stand upon their own instead of looking towards others. It gives hope that India will become a developed and progressive country soon.

This post can go very long but it will be like boasting self. So here I will close my post once again congratulating India and the Indians.

The Grass walk

Aah! Finally I managed to get out of the busy house life for a few days.

After 9 long months of self quarantine and social distancing I managed to convince my hubby darling to take us out.

The place he selected is my favorite outing spot. Far from the chaos of city life, it’s surrounded by nature and is the country area. The place where we stayed is in mid of the fields. Not far from it, lies forest and hills. There are many historical and mythological sites nearby.

Few of them I will share with you in my posts’ Vikharabad Series’. Today in intro, I will show you merely the place where we stayed and its surroundings.

The resort itself is rustic. Dotted with themed tents, reception area and the decorations. The food is simple yet tasty. It is named as ‘ The Grass Walk’. It is built atop of a Highland, from where you can see the surrounding easily.

In winters its chilling in nights but the camp fire is organised by the owners on your demand. The tent I choose is East facing, so that when I wake up I can see the rising sun, the first thing in the morning. Apart from that, there is a private small patio like space provided with every tent which overlooks nearby fields and has thick trees. The mornings are like lifetime experience. I love drinking my morning coffee sitting there observing the serenity. The calmness and the chirping of the birds takes over your worries. Once you merge with the nature, you will not want to return to your chaotic life, ever again.

The long walks or tracking on the hilly forest takes you to another world. You have some extraordinary experiences. You just can’t explain them in words.

I am sure, when you return from there, you will leave, a part of you, behind. The impressions won’t go away. Just imagine, you waking up to the sound of peacocks, sparrows, tailorbirds, quails and many other kind of birds which are now extinct in the city. Not far from the place, is a stream flowing which you cross everytime you go for a stroll or walk or even for tracking. You can even observe a part of rural life and how the farmers work in their farms.

Dinner was a beautiful experience. Sitting out on the patio, shivering with cold, children covering themselves with blankets and eating our hot dinner, listening to the sound of crickets, and strange sounds of farmers who stayed back to look after their crops from the deers and stags, antelopes etc. which came out from the nearing forest.

Summers are engaging as well. The patio evenings are marvellous. Just sit in the quiet, sipping your cold coffee and observing the nature, people and green hills in the distance. For dinner you can ask them to serve on the scaffolding. They even provide a night stay on it. With transparent roof and transparent curtain in front and the sunrise from there is best with the vast fields visible.

In my next post of this series I will take you on tracking to a view point.

Till then please enjoy this sight.



Fantastic View
African themed tent
View from bed

Night beauty regimen

Hi all, today I am writing something different from my regular writeups. Just because I felt I should share my regime with you all and may be I get someone’s regime in exchange which is more beneficial to me or adds something new to mine. So, just to learn something new I wrote this, hope you all like it.

Wash your face thoroughly or if tour skin is dry, you can use deep cleansing milk or for oily skin use astringent lotion after that apply night cream or your regular moisturizer before sleeping.

This will wake you up in the morning with soft skin and there will be no problem of dryness. Because as we know, the skin repairs itself in the night. So, the application of the night cream promotes the repairing system and rejuvenates the skin and makes it subtle and bouncy.

Whether you are worried about dark circles or not, apply Aloe Vera gel on the undereye area before sleeping. This, will give you relief from wrinkles around the eyes and the problem of dark circles will be solved. If you want, you can also use ghee or clarified butter.

The most important thing is not to keep your hair open at bedtime.

This makes them weak and it breaks easily as we twist and turn our head while sleeping. Always sleep by making a loose ponytail or a plait but no buns. Tight buns may again result in breaking of hair.  Also, massage with Aloe Vera gel on the scalp before going to sleep. This will give you relief from itching and dryness. Twice a week, give a hot oil massage to your hair and scalp in the night. It will relieve your stress and increase the blood circulation, a much needed therapy.This gives the hair a strong finish and strength. It also helps in their growth and your hair becomes long, dark, and thick.

If you have some patience and time in your hands, for a good night’s sleep you can try one more remedy…take half bucket of warm water, mix some Epsom salt or table salt, few drops of any essential oil and dip your feet in it for 10 to 15 minutes. But it will be more effective if you let your legs dip upto the knees, in warm water. This remedy even works as a relaxation therapy when you go for a tracking, long walks, or walking trails. It loses the tensed muscles and the pain and cramps do not occur.

These àre my sure shot tried methods. Hope you are benefited by these. Will share another regime in another post.