Sea is furious. Its sky bears black thundering clouds that hide all the stars and the bright moon. The waves are so high that a ship can be overtaken.

In this thundering sea, a lonely ship is wandering like a lost drunkard, who doesn’t know his way to home.

Only sign of life on the ship is a maiden sitting on the only deck. She is as lost as the ship itself. Her face is white and eyes are lifeless staring into the rumbling sky.

Who is the maiden? Why is she alone and where the mates gone? How long she is been on it? Her destination lost, no one to talk to, can’t imagine the agony of her pain.

Or, is she even human? Wandering in the sea , at her free will, is she a lost soul? A spirit in want of revenge? Once who laughed and giggled with the family and friends, now cursed to mourn them alone. Searching for her part of peace, with her partner in unrest, the ship.