At the time of dusk it was raining hard. She stood all drenched, looking around helpless; in that unknown place. Eyes swollen with crying and her hands busy in wring the hem of her skirt, just in vain to dry it. When with the strike of thunder her eyes were blinded for few seconds and with the return of visibility she could figure out a human form, coming forward in her direction. All dressed up in black suit, face covered under a black hat, if anything that could be distinguished, was a white collar of his shirt over the collar of his well tailored coat. His way of walking didn’t give the motive, neither his standing posture, as he had come to holt a few feet away from her. He shed the water from his face and the tiny droplets made ripple in the puddle of water gathered on the ground. Still, it was raining hard and thunderbolts were striking. She felt an urge to turn and run away. But her feet refused to carry her further. They were aching from running for past one hour. Above all, she didn’t know the way. She realised water tasted salty on her lips. Rubbing her mouth with the back of her palm, she hesitated to look in stranger’s direction. But, when she somehow gathered courage to look up, he was pulling out something from his behind. In her confusion, she realised, she missed the fact that his one hand was behind his back since he appeared. She trembled with fear and was about to collapse when he bent forward and she saw there was something strange in his hand, not atleast a gun or revolver. So, he certainly not one of those who were hunting her to kill. She released a deep sigh of relief before hitting the ground. Within no time she shook herself up. By this time, he had laid down that thing down and was opening it. Now, she could make out that it was an old rusted green trunk. Her eyes widened in despair. To her horror, she saw a whole staircase going down, in that TRUNK!! What was it. Was she dreaming or mind was playing tricks on her. No, may be she could not handle that much of stress, so her sanity may have given way. Yes, that is the only sensible explanation for what she just saw. While she was struggling with her thoughts, he grunted. Startled girl looked in his direction. He had laid the trunk open and signaled her to enter. Finding her not able to make up her mind, he straightened up and pointed towards her back and again signaled to come in.

FWOC with Fandango – Service

Thanks for giving me this opportunity to write about a brave lady whom I admire since my childhood. Not me alone but there are thousands of others who admire her same like me. Her service was not alone to a single person, family or a group but in a way to the whole nation. Though she never thought in this way.

In olden days, in Rajputana the royal princes were not fed by their mothers but their nannies, that too by ladies of a particular community. So this lady I am talking about was named Panna Dhai and was in the service of the then king of Mewar Rana Sangram Singh or fondly known as Rana Sanga the ferocious warrior of his times. Panna was the nanny of his youngest son Udai. Panna had a son of Udai`s age so she used to feed both like a mother.

Rana Sanga was poisoned. After him there was a lot of havoc in the lives of his sons and second wife. Along with them Panna dhai had to travel leaving behind her family. Affter Some time Udai`s mother also died and his elder brother who was made ruler of Mewar was killedand the conspirer was looking for little udai.

When Panna came to know about this, she swapped her son by little prince and when the murder came she showed him her son. Murder stabbed the sleeping boy in front of his mother. But the brave lady made her heart strong and didn’t let even a sigh escape out. She didnt even flinched. They say, she had become the goddess of sacrifice. It is because of her sacrifice for the sake of loyalty, without expecting anything in return her service to the state is considered of highest nature. Its because of her Udai Singh survived to get back his kingdom and we got the legendry king Maharana Pratap.

For many of you it might sound a fictional story but no, she was in actual. My land has given such many bravve ladies who never thought of self but kept the publice welfare and mother land, first.

Now she is worshipped and highly respected. Even the government has created a museum in her memory. And her story is taught in schools. Hope you would all like to know more about her.

Pet parent

Hiiiii everyone.

just peeked in to share that I`ve recently become a pet parent once again after 13 years. Believe me, the experience is as thrilling as ever.

I have named it Coffee Bean and he is two month Siberian Husky pup. I am just in love with him and his naughty activities. This guy is as stubborn as his elder brother, always wanting to do their things their own way. But its amazing to see them playing together though my daughter is bit scared yet loves him a lot.

have a look at him…

Please bless him.

Negative Vibes

Negative vibes travel faster than any other mood vibes. And they tend to linger on longer too.

If in a house hold of 6 members where you have your in laws living with you, the chance of negative vibes are more. If your oldies are orthodox and conservative like mine and on top of it they have bossy nature. So, when they get to face an opposition or something goes against their thinking then, you are surely in for a blast.

This blast may happen specifically between the two oldies because they finally have no one else to fight with as no one listens to them. You can sense the tension even from 10 feet distance or as in my case, we stay on the upper story of the duplex apartment and they stay on the lower one. When I put my fist step on the stairs, I can feel the gloom of hitting me hard. And I get to know that something has happened downstairs between the two. Their negative vibes loom for days and sometimes it grabs me. The side effects are visible in my hubby also in the form of sad or irritated mood. I get depressive feeling due to this and once I am hit by those monstrous feelings, its very hard to get rid of them easily. Thought I try to keep my cool but it literally takes a lot to stay positive. Sometimes the poor children have to face burnt of it all. I fear my poor sun, who is a pre-teen suffers a lot because of my oldies` negative and narrow mindedness. Poor child has so much of frustration for many issues. I try my best to balance and tell him to practice meditation and learn to practice patience. He is sometimes not able to control his anger. I am worried about him.

Sometimes the negative vibes take a toll on our relation too…days pass with the communication stranded. May be there are situations with you also when you too dont want to talk with any one. May be you feel that if you talk your barrier on anger may give away or you might want to tell straight forward to them about their immature behavior. I don't know how many of you relate or agree with my point; but one thing is for sure, that negativity invites sadness which invites doom. May be its bit exaggerated but its true.

Though I suffer the heartache of being at the receiving end I try to come out of it as soon as I can.

My experience

I lay eyes wide open. I could see the fan moving, I could see the night light hanging. The tube light was on, as ever and I could see all the details of the room we are sleeping in since last month. But the thing is I could not shout, I could not move. I felt that I was rising above, nearing the ceiling of the room but then I tried to adjust my vision and found that I was down on my  bed and not above. I tried to shout so that someone (in my mind I wished my hubby) could come to help but the no one came. I tried to see if I was really awake and not dreaming. So I felt for my daughter’s hand which she placed around my neck, while sleeping it was there,   I couldn’t turn my neck around but my eyes  could move so I looked at my son who was sleeping sideways facing the cupboards. Then I could see my own hands crossed at wrists and placed over my forehead.

Again I concentrated on the fan and the night light it was all normal. I was awake. I looked around the room for conforming that I was not sleeping because just before that two times I had the same experience repeated but that was in my dream as there was darkness in the room and the only light coming was from the street light, through partly uncovered window. So, this time I was sure that I was wise awake. I wriggled my toes to break the spell and cew moments later I was ok. I turned sideways, towards my kids and felt that my daughter’s hand was now really tightening round my neck but I did not bother to remove it. I looked once at my sleeping son and closed my eyes just then my mobile rang and my husband who came late from a party, asked me to unlock the main door so he could come in.

I was feeling a bit clumsy, my head dizzy yet went downstairs, unlocked the door came back and slept.This was the least fearing episode of sleep paralysis in my life

Tips and Exercises : for improving Writing

3 years journey in this blogosphere and writing journey since I remember. And after taking it seriously, I have learnt many things about writing.

When I started this blog, I was naive. Still I am not expert and I believe there is no end to the journey of learning and improving, in any field leave apart the wiring. This journey is ever evolving. There is no end to learn something new every time.

In this journey of mine about writing and learning the tricks of trade, I have come across many books, blogs, magazines and what not which have helped me to improve my writing and emerged as a better writer. I now, know the difference between the hobbyist I was and a serious writer I am. 

I want to share the sort of tips and the exercises which have helped me to improve on myself as a writer. Hopefully, you all will like these, too.

Tips are like bonus points to me. I keep looking and for. A single one can make a huge permanent impact. So here I share my ever growing TIPS treasure.

# Ask More Questions.

The more questions we ask, the more likely we are to find out something extra ordinary. Questioning is something very interesting part of finding the facts or gathering the knowledge. The more we ask about are subject the more interesting and vivid answers we find. These answers lead to more questions and the cycle goes on. The deeper we research the more material we collect and this forms a never-ending source of inspiration.

# Take Small Steps.

Only think about the present, this paragraph, this page, this chapter. If you think about the novel as a whole, it will break you down and you will abandon the whole idea of writing easily.

# Imagine Your Reader.

As you start writing our novel post or article or an essay, you should try to imagine your ideal reader. What age are they, what gender, intellectual or someone who is not so highly educated. keeping this in mind you should write according to their taste and understanding.

# Be Willing TO Write Badly.

As a writer it’s your first duty to write. Write without being judgmental and straight from heart. Rather than focusing on tenses, focus on clean, crisp sentence.  Write from your heart, write for yourself when you are writing. Leave the editing part till you have put down everything on the paper. It’s better to have something to make corrections to rather than to stare at a blank page.

# Be A Ruthless Editor.

If something seems chunky to you, the writer – then it probably is. Always prune the sentence. Edit Mercilessly. Don’t fall in the trap of lovely words. They have to go. Be simple, be clear and don’t go for the decorative words. 

# Grab Time.

Don’t wait for finding time but utilize whatever, whenever  and where ever you get time.

# Keep Emotions In Place.

# Respect Words.

Word choices should be conscious. Being lazy makes our writing a failure. Respect words and maintain a curiosity about their shades of meaning.

# Be A Reader, First.

Always remember, to write with the perspective of the reader. See what is interesting, to you as a reader and not as a writer.

Tips From Julia Cameron

  • Be brave. Morning pages make you brave.
  • If you spend three pages cleaning away the rubble of your life, your novel writing will come more easily. You might be writing morning pages because you are clearing out the negativity in your life – bold and can write more freely on your project.
  • What would you love to write? It’s about getting down. It’s like taking dictation. It’s like listening to what’s want to be written and writing that.
  • Abandon the rules. Write from the heart.

Tips From Self – Publishing School.

  • While writing a book ask a few questions to yourself.
  • would you pick it up.
  • Write as often as you can.
  • Learn the craft of storytelling.
  • Focus on new ways to phrase common visuals.
  • Practice writing in your hand.
  • Use strong language.
  • Just write to write. Believe it or not, this frees up a lot of mental space and allows you to write without thinking much, which often helps you to write better.

Writing exercises are very good for many reasons, for instance to put the tips in use and get the creative juices get flowing. Here I will share what writing exercises I have collected and follow.

  • Just write.
  • Writing prompts.
  • Choose a place you know well to write about. In a few words describe the place. Write a poem in any form that describes this place in detail.
  • Ask a question of ` What if? ‘
  • Pick a color of your choice and write 25 sentences starting with it.
  • Free write. It doesn’t require you to write in a linear, logical pattern. Pick a new question, a new thought a new problem and just keep writing. The habit of free writing could transform your life.
  • Describe your love interest’s eyes without using color. you can replace eyes with hair, lips, choice of clothes etc.
  • Describe Same character twice – once to fall in love with and second time, to be repulsed by them.
  • Edit someone else’ post. A person whom you don’t know, choose their post as it will be easier to focus on the editing process. While reading someone else’ post you can be a bit more critical, which trains your eyes to find the same mistakes in yours while you are proofreading.
  • Re-writing with a gap between the draft and editing of being at least two days. The gap gives my mind to absorb upon it and work in unconscious which gives better and improved results the next time.
  • I practice creating headlines or topics without using phone or laptop for help. It’s kind of brain storming on the Topics.
  • Use picture prompts.
  • Character and scene development.
  • I search for interesting news articles and then do research again, then develop them in my style.
  • Pick my favorite book and pick a random page then take a line from that page which is of the same number as of that page and with it, write – some times its the beginning or the ending.
  • Morning Writing
    • Fiction, poem, article, travel tips etc.
      • Write part of a book.
      • Blog
      • Video Script

A Bitch named Sucharitasen.

Hi friends and fellow bloggers. I don’t know whether this post of mine is going to reach the aimed person or not but still I am determined to write it down. I am sorry if my language or grammar is not upto the mark or even the performance of the post is not right, then please excuse me. Because the expired person does require atleast minimum respect out of courtesy stake,if not for real. But there are some people who have forgotten their manners.

How down can a person and specially a lady fall from her character? I don’t understand what motive she had behind abusing a deceased person’s family and that too, his sisters. Apart from her physical and financial needs be fulfilled by her boss. I mean so called boss, actually I should be calling him her master and her, a KEEP. This lady is abusing two ladies purely on the instructions of her so called movie director producer and writer, a bastard himself, who doesn’t know his own origins, accurately.

This bastard has no sense and is deprived of rightful mind. He wished to marry his own daughter. This guy belongs to a mixed community and the movies he makes I mean the types of movies he makes, are really shame on the pious institution of marriage. He, himself married two times and ruined an actress’ life. Now this guy has eyes for another girl who is the age of his third child, say about 25 to 28 and this girl also is a money digger, who along with this bastard and his team, murdered a brilliant star, no I would say, an actor, a brilliant actor.

Now this bitch, Sucharita is covering up new lust of her master, by giving false statements and to divert (what she thinks, she is doing by her actions) the public, she is abusing the actor’s sisters.

May be some people who recognize about whom I am writing, they might think I am a fan of deceased actor, so, I want to clarify, that I am not at all a fan of that pure soul, in fact I am not a fan of any of the lot. Just being a human I am moved by the degraded actions of the bastard team. She is even abusing some YouTube era who are fighting for justice for the actor. This I can see, is a very old and long story. It may have started say about 40 years ago or may be some other points are also there, some drug paddling, mafia and such other communal points which may be unfolded once the case is solved.

What I think is, nepotism in this case is just a small stone. This industry is just a @#$place. It should be boycotted and this bitch’s books too be boycotted.

I am stopping here because this will become long if I keep on writing. And I may bore you. I want to use a photograph of that bitch and bastard here but …

Well I am sorry for this. But until i had not written it down my mind would not be at peace.

If you read the complete post, I am thankful for bearing with me. Please pray with me for the justice for the actor.

Visual memories Photos.

Memories..a single word holds so many emotions.

The single eruption, even for a second, and you are transported back to that time…either of love or of hate and anger. Even of sheer pleasure from your childhood.
But did you ever thought that memories do fade, just like the photographs. No, I am not talking about just the accuracy but the qualitative aspect also. You can compare it to fading of a photo. Say, the vibrancy of it changes just as that of photo and all this takes place over a time period.
Yes, with passing of time the color of our visual memory do changes. Mostly it fades. As if time has changed the values of its color and hues etc. just like we do in photo editing. This is proved by a team from Boston College including Assistant Professor Maureen Ritchey and two other co authors of this study.

This proves that memory as well as memory strength wears away with mere passing of time.

Some may ask why don’t the memories stay long enough. But unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. And so does the memories too come with a short span of life and are destined to fade away with time. At a point, the part of our brain we use in recording them, shuts down completely.

Accuracy is affected but along with it the qualitative shift also takes place. Explains Rose Cooper, co author of the study.

Each time we revisit them, they become flexible again. They reset. The memory can change a little each time we recall it, and it resets stronger and more vividly with every recall. States Medical News Today.

As we age, the neurons which encode our memories are less in numbers, when any or a small number of them fail, our memory is termed to be lost. The results suggest that increasing the number of these neurons, encoding our memory, enable it to stay for longer. Stated on Aug. 23, 2019.