Chincholi, Ooty of Telangana

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This morning, we took a drive to the Chincholi wildlife sanctuary area, which is about 2 hours from Hyderabad in the border region of Telangana State and Karnataka State. Apparently, this region is called as Ooty of Telangana. Name ‘Ooty of Telangana” is a misnomer, as the place is actually in the state of Karnataka

Thanks to awesome weather, the region looked extra awesome this morning. Loved the overcast weather, and passing clouds which are about to shower any moment. There are tons of small roads to drive amidst the fields of all types of plantations in the regions, which gives a feeling of a Konaseema.

We trekked to the bottom of the forest region which gave access to the backwaters of Chandrampally Dam and also stopped briefly at mini waterfalls in the Gottamgutta village.

The entire TS state is super green, and a great time for a weekend drive…

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I consider myself lucky over a coincidence, that I make an acute angle of capital cities. As I was born in the capital of a state largest in my country in past years, it’s my maternal home then my paternal home is again in the capital city of the largest state of the present times. And now for the third point of the angle, I am marries in the capital city of a southern state of my country.

There is one more coincidence, here. The state I was born in got divided into two states and the state I got married into, too, got divided into two. But, people here have love and care for each other, the 2ay they had prior to division. The differences seen are only on the political level.

The capital city, I am married into is one of the metropolitan cities if the country and leads a role in the capital formation of the state.


Bhaba if you have been here between us, you would be celebrating your 100th birthday next year.

We would’ve been lucky people to have you around. Bhaba though you’re no more with us physically, I assume you are present with us in your purest form in the minutest existence possible.

I can sometimes feel your angelic presence whenever I go to my parents’ place.

It was a lovely and lively place then. I now miss you more than ever. Any elderly lady reminds me of you. In their smiles, the way talk and get irritated or irritate(just some times) the way they walk doubled but with self confidence… I see you.

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I am so motivated by your post. I must say, you are a brave parent. May he fullfill all his dreams and brings you lot of happiness.


Aravind and his father

Yesterday Aravind and I were busy filling his application form. He wants to do post-doctoral research. He completed his Phd in English Literature in 2016 from one of the top universities in my country, University of English and Foreign Languages in Hyderabad. I feel very happy and proud of his achievements. He has Retinitis Pigmentosa from birth. I remember those early months when we came to know that he would not be able to see properly. There was anxiety and fear about his future. But once we realized that we had to face what came our way, we decided it was better to be positive about it. I firmly believe that if we are miserable and always complaining, our ‘present’ is an unhappy one and in the future we have equally unhappy memories of the past.

I love reading and I did not want Aravind to…

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At the time of dusk it was raining hard. She stood all drenched, looking around helpless; in that unknown place. Eyes swollen with crying and her hands busy in wring the hem of her skirt, just in vain to dry it. When with the strike of thunder her eyes were blinded for few seconds and with the return of visibility she could figure out a human form, coming forward in her direction. All dressed up in black suit, face covered under a black hat, if anything that could be distinguished, was a white collar of his shirt over the collar of his well tailored coat. His way of walking didn’t give the motive, neither his standing posture, as he had come to holt a few feet away from her. He shed the water from his face and the tiny droplets made ripple in the puddle of water gathered on the ground. Still, it was raining hard and thunderbolts were striking. She felt an urge to turn and run away. But her feet refused to carry her further. They were aching from running for past one hour. Above all, she didn’t know the way. She realised water tasted salty on her lips. Rubbing her mouth with the back of her palm, she hesitated to look in stranger’s direction. But, when she somehow gathered courage to look up, he was pulling out something from his behind. In her confusion, she realised, she missed the fact that his one hand was behind his back since he appeared. She trembled with fear and was about to collapse when he bent forward and she saw there was something strange in his hand, not atleast a gun or revolver. So, he certainly not one of those who were hunting her to kill. She released a deep sigh of relief before hitting the ground. Within no time she shook herself up. By this time, he had laid down that thing down and was opening it. Now, she could make out that it was an old rusted green trunk. Her eyes widened in despair. To her horror, she saw a whole staircase going down, in that TRUNK!! What was it. Was she dreaming or mind was playing tricks on her. No, may be she could not handle that much of stress, so her sanity may have given way. Yes, that is the only sensible explanation for what she just saw. While she was struggling with her thoughts, he grunted. Startled girl looked in his direction. He had laid the trunk open and signaled her to enter. Finding her not able to make up her mind, he straightened up and pointed towards her back and again signaled to come in.

FWOC with Fandango – Service

Thanks for giving me this opportunity to write about a brave lady whom I admire since my childhood. Not me alone but there are thousands of others who admire her same like me. Her service was not alone to a single person, family or a group but in a way to the whole nation. Though she never thought in this way.

In olden days, in Rajputana the royal princes were not fed by their mothers but their nannies, that too by ladies of a particular community. So this lady I am talking about was named Panna Dhai and was in the service of the then king of Mewar Rana Sangram Singh or fondly known as Rana Sanga the ferocious warrior of his times. Panna was the nanny of his youngest son Udai. Panna had a son of Udai`s age so she used to feed both like a mother.

Rana Sanga was poisoned. After him there was a lot of havoc in the lives of his sons and second wife. Along with them Panna dhai had to travel leaving behind her family. Affter Some time Udai`s mother also died and his elder brother who was made ruler of Mewar was killedand the conspirer was looking for little udai.

When Panna came to know about this, she swapped her son by little prince and when the murder came she showed him her son. Murder stabbed the sleeping boy in front of his mother. But the brave lady made her heart strong and didn’t let even a sigh escape out. She didnt even flinched. They say, she had become the goddess of sacrifice. It is because of her sacrifice for the sake of loyalty, without expecting anything in return her service to the state is considered of highest nature. Its because of her Udai Singh survived to get back his kingdom and we got the legendry king Maharana Pratap.

For many of you it might sound a fictional story but no, she was in actual. My land has given such many bravve ladies who never thought of self but kept the publice welfare and mother land, first.

Now she is worshipped and highly respected. Even the government has created a museum in her memory. And her story is taught in schools. Hope you would all like to know more about her.