College canteen. Rhea and two of her friends sitting on a corner table by the window opening towards the college football ground.

He was right there, standing amidst the group of football players, towering all. What an athlete body! But so sad that he never looked towards Rhea. No one knew about her crush on the star player. Not even she allowed herself to acknowledge her true feelings for him.

A big White House.. green lawn with rose hedges lining it. A white wrought iron coffee table and chair sat in mid of the green lawn. A man sipping on his hot brew looking sharply over his shades, at a man standing in uniform in front of him. There was exchange of heated dialogues between them.

Somedays later star player in his father’s office. ‘I have a task for you. You remember that guy, the other day at our home?’father asked. He nodded. Father continued,’ So this man is not agreeing to work on our terms…you know what to do with him.’ The meeting was over without another word.

Back in college. Rhea was standing in her griends group. Her face was tensed. No one knew the reason. The star player passed from there giving her a slant look so no one can notice. Her friend was able to make her speak about her problem. So it was not the boy but her father, who got a threatening call.

Next evening she and her friends followed her father without him knowing. He entered in a cinema hall which was running a flop show, so there was not much public. Rhea and her two friends entered after him and sat just behind her father. There was another guy sitting just next to her father but she could not see him properly in the dark. He was whispering to her father.

She bent forward in an attempt to hear what they were talking but she slipped off of her seat and before anyone could understand anything a sharp pain shot through her head and she fell unconscious. There were tears in her eyes and disbelief.

The moment lights turned on the other guy was gone. Father and her friends somehow managed to take her to the nearby hospital. Somehow player managed to notice them running to the hospital. He followed them back…his heart throbbed out of his chest. The thump was so loud that he thought anyone near him could hear the beat.

The girl took her last breath holding her hand holding an envelope towards her friend. It was addressed to the player. Heartbroken friend took and stared at it. He didn’t know what to do with it now. The player entered the ward and was dumbstruck looking at the lifeless body of the girl, he many times noticed looking at him. The girl who made him feel life.

Rhea’s friend noticed him and gave the envelope. Player was shocked to see his name on it. With trembling hands he opened and took out the letter. He was crying reading it. And in last screamed hard and loud. He shouted why didn’t she tell him earlier this she felt about him. He could have stopped all this nuisance. Life would have been different with her.

He stopped going to college. His life as player smashed. One day there was news that he surrendered for murdering her. All were shocked.

My Home

I know many if you might not believe what I am going to tell you here but it’s TRUE my friends.

So the story goes like this, no actually it’s not a story but true incident from my childhood. So it goes years back or should I say ages back, when this house of mine was built, in the beginning of the Beitish era in India. Oh, I forgot to tell you that I am from India and to be more precise from the western India.

So it goes like this, when the house was built, it was very basic type, with big hall like rooms, open courtyards, arches and verandas. And bathrooms were not attached like these days but were built at quite a distance. To top this the house was surrounded by open land which was basically a frm land. It spread till where one could see. One side big trees were there, as like at the border of the forest. Many wild animals, specially leopards and wolves used to come in the vicinity. They used to carry away our cattle or sometimes killed them at the spot. That was how the atmosphere was in those days.

Jumping back to 40 years back, when we used to live there. Actually we abandoned the place some 20 years ago. The reason being distance from educational institutions, offices and rest of the developing city. So, what I was telling you people was that, there were many secrets in that house. Atleast we believe so. My great great grand father loved the place so much that he never wanted to leave it, so even after his death, people say that he stayed back and many, including my grand mother swears to see some sort of white figure with white hair and beard, very fragile but prominent, roaming on the boundaries of the building at nights.

This is one incident there are many such incidents and believe me all are so freaky. One of them goes like this, the legend, of course of my family, says that there is a lot of wealth hurried in the old part of the house. So my grand pa without telling my great grand ma planned to dig up the place and for this he first sent us mom to their village home and then with the help of people working at his estate, started to dig the place. The other night my great grandmother had a dream where and old man in white robe with white beard and mustache and hair told her to ask her son to stop digging for the wealth which is not intended for him but the third generation from him.. or else he may loose his life. So the very next morning a messenger was sent to this house of mine and my grand pa had to give up digging.

No till date no one has found that wealth, infact every one forgot the legend. The other story goes like this…its moreover kind of ghost story. There are three rooms at the exterior of the main building. One of them was occupied by the person who used to look after the cattle and milk them. This story is about his experience. At night he used to sleep in his room but in the morning he was always found out in the yard below his cot and it actually lying on top of uma as if someone has thrown them out with force. He used to say that every night he fights with someone faintly visible and after he sleeps that someone throws him out of the room. Though that entity never hurt him or anyone in the big house. I have seen this person lying in the courtyard with the cot upside down but never saw or felt the entire, intact no one from the family e or did but people working on the estate and our tenants did mention many things.

This was not the only site but the rooms built below our room…that was the biggest horror. There were 3 rooms below our room and a veranda and a courtyard then a room and a small veranda opposite to those rooms. Beside this room there was a huge indica tree and below it was a bathroom of golden days. And this veranda had a door to the open land surrounding the house. At night it was like we were in jungle. So, as I was telling about the rooms below our room, one of the three rooms was adsigned to mum’s house help. First one was there since my birth then she had to leave due to her family issues the other one was a boy from our village, who came later. What was common in these two was that they felt presence of something but never felt fear and yes there were lot of snakes in that area. Every morning they saw the marking moving from their bed to the door. Now when I think of those days I wonder how they used to sleep in that atmosphere.

Tou won’t believe I never felt afraid or knew the fear until I left that ancestral home. The last but not the least story is very recent. When my cousin was young, he was sleeping near the window which opened in the small garden of jungle berry which was enclosed in one of the courtyards. So that night he felt there is cool breeze coming in so opened his eyes to check but what he saw, gave him high fever. He found someone looking at him from that window, which was at the height of more than 20 feet. He jerked off from the bed and screamed, uncle and aunt came out and saw him lying in sweat and hot with fever, though it was cold. This incident is giving me goose bumps even now.

For now this is enough, rest will continue in next episode of my home.