Loveth hast fallen down

I dreamt, living with thee
Hast the pain not steered up.

I gaveth my heart to thee
Expecting thy loveth to beest me.

Desires lost, dreams swept
At which hour thee gave thy heart to h’r.

Feelings hath lost, trusteth broken
Loveth hast fallen down.

Sunshine after Rainyday

A goodnews for me and for all of you who wished and blessed me. Last two days were very bad and shrouded with gloomyness for me.

But not taking you all through that glommy ride, I will cut short and come to the point. If you remember in my post ‘Desires not wishes’ I talked about my one desire to start my own you tube chennel, so 90% of it is materialsed and if everything goes fine in May, I will start shooting for it.

The shortcomings I was facing or am facing will be taken care of shortly, with the help of a friend and my hubby’s support. So now I can start shooting initial videos and after editing and all, I may post in July.

This day I am full happy and my excitement is overflowing. I am feeling free from some sort of cage. Even my ‘urban photography’ has got approval and I got some gutts to ask for camera and lengthy talk about my passion for photography and shoots to my husband.

One more good news I want to share is that, my photographs are getting good response and I am now trying my hands on streetphotography and urban, too

Getting good response on these is taking me to 7thheaben. TodayI am on cloud 9. Though the sadness is there, it wont go but atleastI can face it with some light. I can keep the dark thoughts at some distance.

Need your all, blessings and good wishes.

Snake of depression climbing up again.

Why are people so admunt sometimes to accept that they are the reason for someone’s depression? They blame it all on patient’s depressive conditions.

Wont try to understand. Don’t wont to.

This depression takes toll on the life of people involved. The relation, the happiness everything. Its so dangerous. It keeps returning, how hard you try to supress or control it, to gulp everything you possess, your peace and sense of belonging, in its one stride.

But one thing I don’t understand why people think its a game of mind, that it can be switched on or off?

Back to dance class.

I am back in dance class after many days. Think months. But still am back. Though it’s hot now a days our here and am going our for summer vacations of children but till then me and children both will have some fresh moments. Coming here literally refreshes me and them out.
It’s like an activity for my mind to relieve the burden off. I just enjoy some me time here and get to see new people who can be characters for my write up. Plus who won’t enjoy the fresh air outside the four walls.
So today there are all new children here apart from my children. My son was feeling shy but his little sister was so enthusiast to enter her zone that she didn’t wait for her brother and just entered and mingled with others.
I hope to continue comming to these classes ignoring the little discomfort of hot weather outside. Plus we, I mean my daughter and me are planning to go for morning walks from tomorrow as my son has school going on. I think there in the garden the cool morning air and new people and new surrounding will give me more inspiration to write, write something new.
Wish me luck that everything goes as planned.

Short horror stories 1

She was standing in front of the mirror , trembling and shaking. Her reflection smiling mercilessly at her.


He kept all his mirrors covered. Fearing his childhood stories to be true, of some soul snatcher comming out of it if you call his name in front of mirror.

One night his friend jokingly removed all the covers from mirrors and in night called the soul wnatcher’s name three times and boom….the lights were off for few seconds and when the light came his friend lay dead in fron of the dressing table and blood dripping out of the mirror’s crack.


Ages ago, he used to sleep in the out house room of an age old mansion. No one ever believed him when he told about his strange encounters. But one thing everybody witnessed every now and then, that he was thrown out of his room into the open with his folding bed atop him. And on checking the room nothing was found, ever.


Whenever she visited her childhood home and stood in front of her bedroom, it used to lure her in and then never let her out without some one’s help and next day she used to suffer from fever.



Life is treating me like a stranger. I dont know how to get out of this situation. It’s strange that I am unknown to myself. The person who grew up and the person whp turned out on growing up are two different people. Its becoming hard day by day to keep abalance between the two, to keep hold on life itself. Everyday I struggle to keep calm. To keep calm in front of my love, my kidos and others, when the tables turn. But don’t know how to get out of this.

I never ever was such a irritating person. But now I am irritating myself. Life has so much to offer but I am not opening up to accept it. How hard I may try but trys are all I do.

Sometimes I hear or see someone elses problems and their struggles with life, for a while I feel blessed but then again my darkness falls on me. I have become like a frog 2ho liv3s in a well and thinos its the whole world. I hate this situation. I want to come out of it, the wrll is a very scary place, it may suffocate me. The darkness down here is very numbing. I am desperate to feel everything again, the way I used to feel. I want to be real me. The originql me. I understand the pain and wait of pupa before it comes out of the cocoon as an enchanting butterfly but the difference here is I don’t know when my cocoon will break.

It is said the night is darkest before the dawn and the turn where we feel enough is enough is where the things take turn. But why can’t anyone tell the time for this long wait which seems infinite.

I lost the one person

I thought I would never loose

And now I am all alone, though

I may not look alone physically

But mentally there is no one in sight

So apt are the words for my present situation. I am too lost that I don’t see any way out. I just hold on to my pen as my rescue. My thoughts wander a lot, but just in my head. My fingers tapping on the keys give the vent to my feelings and thats all I have as my compny.

It’s second for me.

Its my pleasure for the second time that I’ve been awarded the versatile blogger award by my beautiful fellow blogger Squashy Moss. I am still at the begining but here, I am showered by so much appreaciation and faith.

So here come 7 unknown facts about me.

  1. I love watching Hororr movies.
  2. Sometimes I love to try my hand on paintings and crafts.
  3. I am a trained Multimedia Engr.
  4. If it was in my power I would have lived in the world of books and words.
  5. I hate being in kitchen.
  6. Few years back I had a doberman, whose death left such a big space in my life that none other pet is able to fill it.
  7. I am diehard fan of dogs.

The award requires me to nominate few other bloggers so here Ia m with teh list of my nomninations. But believe me it was difficult to choose.


A turbulent flight journey.

Above the sea, over the mountains in the sky, a flight is going towards its destination.

Inside the plane, passangers sitting tight, the crew, all bolted to their seats, givng some instructions and informations to the passangers, who were out of the seats even after the warning signs and instructions of the pilot as some turbulence was going on.

In the first row on the aisle seat, sitting a gentle man, tall, fair and jovial. He for some reason was looking bit tensed and disturbed. A fellow peppssanger asked him if somethings wrong. It took all his guatfs off and and he broke down. Like child he cried and with hiccups and unconsolable sobs he confined that je was afraid of heights and disnt want to die in an air crash.

Looking at his condition the fellow pessanger first got confused how to react. Seeing such a big man crying like a child, he wanted to laugh but the situation of the flight made him panic, too. And then started a scenerio of chaos. By and by every one in the flight started to get panic. And there was a chain of scene of people breaking down.

Within half an hour of first breakdown, the whole aircraft was on chaos. People crying, shouting, arguing with crew. This whole scene continued for another 15 minutes and when the situation was under control announcementbwas made, came to an abrupt end. And soon the flight landed safely.

Everyone onboard was relieved. The moment the flight doors were open the man who first broke down, jumped up from his seat in a hurry to get down of the plane, as if seats were biting him and the seat belt seemes like a loop which was reaching for his neck.

After comming out, on the geound some one asked him why did he get so scared? He innocently replied that it was first time that he was flying and as he was affaraid of heights, already bolted up fear, got outof control with the turbulence and he started crying as he didn’t want to die of felling from such a height.

A crew memeber who was a witness to the whole scene in the plane laughed and said that how hillarious it all seemed now, that the flight has landed safely after facing the problem. But, he adressed the pessanger that how his unintended childish act had turned the whole thing into such a panic scene. That for once the crew too found it out of their control to hide the fear.
After a while the passanger headed straight towrs the washrooms ns vomited and had one more round of nausea. In the lounge where ussualy passangers wait after exiting, there aligned to the railing of the stairs going down, was a relaxing and massage chair setup the fellow pessanger was seen lying with closed eyes relaxing out his own tenssion.

This how the journey ended.


Fishes fishes everywhere in the sea

In the shallow and into the deep

Glittering scales, fins and tails for them to keep

This is haiku on fish, as a school project for my son, i tried my hands on. I dont know what his teacher will say but here it is.