It was 11:00 A.M. when Rehana entered The Central Library as usual. Selected her books from the racks and came back to the reading area.
She looked for a space to sit down. Her usual seat by the window that overlooked the lawn was taken.
She finally settled in a chair empty near the central table. She started to take down her notes and was so engrossed in it that forgot to take her regular breaks. When she got up to leave, she felt a bit breathless and dizzy.
She did not notice that an elderly person was noticing her since the beginning. While Rehana dragged herself out of the building into the lawn, to sit down to take long breaths to ease herself, the grandfatherly figure came out to have his evening tea, in the cafeteria near the lawn. He found her on the verge of passing out.
He got her some water and asked her how she was feeling. ” I am asthmatic and long hours of exertion make me breathless” was Rehana managed to say after sipping some water. The elderly man took out an inhaler from his pocket and offered it to her, ” Here take it. You will feel better”. Rehana looked at him and then at the inhaler and looked away.
“Don’t misunderstand me, I am just an old grandpa trying to help her granddaughter,” he said smilingly.” I am noticing you from the day you joined the library. You remind me of my granddaughter, whom I lost a few months back”. He further continued with tearful eyes ” She too was an asthmatic and that fateful day she left us because…” he trailed off. ” Because what?” Rehana asked inhaling the puff. “….My eyes are blurred from her memories”. After a pause, he continued “…She used to sit at the same spot where you sit…by the window”. He gulped hard on the tear-filled throat… a long pause then he looked at her face and smiled sadly. He continued, ” She had an asthmatic attack that day and no one was there to help her…E-V-E-R-Y One was watching her die”. And he broke into sobs. Rehana was stable by now. She went near the person and kept her palm on his shoulder ” Grandpa, I am sorry to doubt you.” He looked up in silence,
” I must leave now”. He swallowed hard once again and muttered to himself ” To also I will miss my supper”. Started to walk with heavy feet. Rehana stopped him and asked, ” Why do you miss your supper?” ” Since I have joined this library, I have no track of time but these old age home people do not understand anyone’s pain.” The words made tears roll down her cheeks. ” Grandpa, daily you come here to feel closer to your granddaughter? Such an affectionate grandpa you are”, she said with a warm smile on her lips and tears in her eyes.

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  1. Blood bonds are strong but relations of humanity and love are greater your story makes one understand that one must learn from love bonds and make this world better

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