On one dark lonely night I was driving car, through a quiet passage of road. Parallel to road was train track. After driving quietly for about a kilometer a train passed in a high speed. Lights in all the 16 bogies were switched on and not a single passanger was there in it. The screeching sound it was making, was bit scary in the calmness of the night. It disappeared into the thin air as it appeard suddenly from nowhere. I dont know what but there was some gloomyness in the atmosphere. Not a single vehicle on the road other than mine. The chill of the night raised to breath freezing point. It was like cold itself was on hunt that night. I pressed the exilator till the speedometre needle touched 120kmph.

After driving nearly for 45 minutes I reached at a park near my home. And it was 5 in the morning and still dark with not a single star in the sky. I stopped and got down to take a stroll in the park as usual. There were three people standing on the entrance of the park below the lampost, whispering and stealing a look arround once in a while. As I entered the park there was a short heighted and pettied girl in tight tracks excercising under a tree. I noticed there was no one else that day, all was quiet and strange…first reaction was to get back in the car and drive home but I decided to carryon with strolling. In every roumd I crossed her, though I felt bit nervous being alone but then thought of her,who was there before me all alone, and continued to walk.

Say, half an hour later, two men entered the park and as they crossed me, I noticed the girl also has started jogging and maintained certain distance from me, till 6.15 she was noticeable. I heard a typical breathing sound as she used to cross me. As there were more people by now in the park, she was not clearly noticable but the strange thing was that I could feel her just opposite to me on the track and everytime I thought she is gone or felt qurious, she appeared just 10 steps ahead of me,comming over to cross with the same breathing sound. I was feeling strange at her appearences and wondered, is she visible to others or not. Was she even felt by others? By the time, the first ray of sun touched the ground, there were atleast 50 people in the park and this girl was gone. No where to be seen, how hard I tried to spot her but no, she was not there. Another strange thing about her was that she had lot of she was countinuously jogging at the same pace, for 1hour, noone else in the park, not even the athelete type boys, are able to do this.

Now sometimes I think that she was sort of a protactor, who didnt leave me alone and gave me company,till others came and I was safe. I know its my imagination alone but till now I have not seen her again.

Pic. as I understand it.

Photo by Robert Hickerson via Unsplash

Good combination of gold and silver with little darkness that lies between them. The net gives the impression of tangles of life and the spirals of the wire are the remembeerance ofroler coaster situations in life. The blue sky above is the vast scope of hope that drives the life to go on and fight till its all right.