Mental health journal

My TBR Pile

History and historical fiction

Lie on top of all

The books that describe romance

Come next to horror and thrill

Biographies, self help, non-fictions

And travel stories with memoirs

Lie just below them

Or shall I say

They are the first bought books

I have lot to read, a shelf full

But I am still drowning in current book

Everyday, I look at my shelf

And heart swells with love

I swear not to buy new books

Till I finish off all these

But every second Sunday

I can’t stop myself and buy few more

There is no more space

On my TBR shelf

But the pile grows

No matter what my mind says

My heart has its own way

And thus it’s the story

Of my ever-growing TBR Pile

Blogging Insights

Dr. Tanya, this time hosts Blogging Insight prompt this time. She has given me a good opportunity to review my Blogging life and make changes if required for the betterment of my blog, so I thank her a lot for making me think about the future of my blog going through the past strategies.


I dream of getting noticed more. I see my blog trending. The stories and articles I write get more love and understanding. I wish my experiences and my stories help people to find a way out.


6 years back, when I started he blog, I was more active which took me from ground to the place where I am right now. But the ups and downs of my life made me slow and less active which resulted in stagnation of my blog. But now in the new year, I have decided to pull myself up and work on my blog. This is my dream and writing is my second love, after reading. It’s bit hard for me but I will fight and come back.

Hope every one supports and showers love on my blog as ever.