As if she had no idea where did it come from the blue dress girl opened it.

BOOM! the whole hall was filled with smoke. A ruffled skirt, shoved up to the knees with blood streaming down on the floor and a few steps ahead a small palm all smeared with black marks could be seen. It was not a clear vision but whatever was visible was enough to tear his heart.

Sitting in the corner, with head between the knees tightly clutched to his chest, was a teenage boy shivering.

Feeling a caring touch over his head the boy startled and looked up into the eyes smiling with deep compassion. Clueless the boy pulled back.

Sanatan – Eternal.

Only religion or the way of life that accepts Atheism open handed as it’s part..Is Sanatan Dharma…I am lucky and feel proud to be a sanatani Athiest who respects and loves her culture. To do so I am not bound to worship or believe in God or Goddess. The oldest, yes I am calling it the oldest of all Religions. And basically in Bhartiya culture the Religion has totally different meaning…Duty. Religion in Bhartiya language is called Dharma which means duty..of all kinds. It can be towards your parents, children or as a student, as an employee or employer, a Doctor or anything you relate yourself to. But what in actual, Hinduism is, a Sect or what we call as Pant. Which means a way, so Hinduism is a way of living not a Religion or Dhrama. Santan which means the endless or the one prevailing since times unknown, is Dharma or the duty towards society, universe and all living beings. Be through God’s and Goddesses or mysticism or Spritualism even Gurus, teerthankaras and Gautam Buddha, all depends on individual’s choice which path he has to follow and accordingly it falls under that sect. Thus making Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikkism a part of Sanatana. Many may disagree with me about rest of the sects apart from Hinduism, but I again repeat my words that Hinduism is not the religion or Dharma of which I am calling other sects as part but Of Sanatan Dharma. The establishes of all three other sects are or shall I call it were originally the followers of Sanatan and with their own reasons, such as for saving the Sanatan, or to overcome the locking they started their own sects which with time, turned to be believed as religions. There is one big reason why there is so much confusion around these being different and Hinduism is alone Sanatan. And the reason is, the attack of Western and Middle Eastern invaders. Most of the harm or call it the last nail in the coffin, was nailed by the British and their policy of divide and rule. The small crack between the brothers was made like Trench. There are many sects apart from these major four. Which also were used by the invaders to their advantage, thus the touchables- untouchables, upper caste- lower caste, etc. were born. The theory of Aryans and Unaryans or the Dravidians, is also sown by them. The literature on Bharat, written by westerners is filled with such fabricated stories. Yes, I will call that piece of research a story because the writers first off all don’t know our culture nor understood our language, they with their half knowledge speculated everything which they didn’t understand. If now some people say, even our historians and laureates are saying the same thing, then to them I will say, the base of the knowledge is rotten and false so the building over it will be filthy itself. If they look around with open mind and eyes, they will be able to see the truth for themselves. Many have returned to their roots and are embracing their ethnicity and the truth. If the modern world’s cruelest religion, in it’s beginning, had not destroyed and burnt our Nalanda and the temples, where the records had been kept, today there might not have been any confusion and who knows the Script of Sindhu Ghati Sabhyata (Indus Valley Civilization) would have been decoded. BHARAT is not known as the land of intellectuals, just like that. We have that capacity now and it prevailed in the past too. Pura Bhartiya (ancient Indians) had their knowledge decoded in their genes which is transferred to the present generation. The world is witnessing it and the ancient facts are being coming into light now, which were stolen and suppressed by the invaders to put forward their names by re-researching the already established facts by Bhartiya. If I hurt someone, please accept my apology as it was not intentional. And if you read the article till end I am really grateful to you. Do leave a comment, what you feel?

Below I am giving some citings to clarify my point. Courtesy Google.

The term is a Sanskrit compound of the words sanātana, meaning “eternal, everlasting,” and dharma, meaning “law, righteousness, duty.” Sanātanadharma is often translated as “eternal religion,” “eternal law,” and “ancient and continuing guideline,” to mention a few examples.

Sanatana-dharma is the oldest religion in the world. … Sanatana-dharma is pre-historic and absolute in nature. On the other hand the term Hindu or Hindu dharma is a term given by Persians only a few centuries ago, to mean the people living beside the river Sindhu. Sindhu is the original name of River Indus. Persians didn’t have ‘s’ pronunciation instead ‘h’ was used. To same ‘h’ Megasthenes gave ‘i’ pronunciation in his book Indica.