My inspiration


Strange is the feeling
I see you wandering for your mom
I know you miss her
Baby, I will do all I have in my power
Don’t you feel lonely
I am going g to love you as my own
Sit, enjoy and love
The society is not worth your pain
I wish all the happiness
And find you a loving and caring home


Lying on the grass, feeling breeze on face

No worries and nothing to think of

This is what I find in lap of mother nature

Sun shining above head and hair glitter

I raise my hands to universe in prayer

Peace at heart and mind is what I get

This is the beauty of nature

And thus I smile and embrace happiness

Love story of Tycoon

It gives the feel of very intense romantic setting.

The master of this bedroom seems to be strong person with powerful personality. Fithy rich and personality of few words but believer of action. The world turns and changes on the mere raise of his eyebrow. A slight movement of his finger is enough to turn someone’s world upside down.

And this person handsomely smart god of starting features and good physique has fallen hard for some fragile and sweet soul. But is not able to confess and is doing all in his power to make her realise his feelings. Thus passed his restless night trying to sleep then waking up to sit on his laptop to divert his mind but failed.

The development of the story might result in his success to confess and win over her love or may be he turned into a beautiful diamond with his roughness polished to shine intact with the original sharpness, tough nature and dangerous personality but laced with softness to understand others, to control his anger and warmth for his love. Basically, a lethal weapon whose moves cannot be guessed. More deep more intense.