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Fiction is something that I dread he most…its not that I am bad at it but I am too slow at it. I mean it takes me long enough to build a character and define it. Sometimes I go so deep that it bores me and sometimes I am in such a hurry that it takes away the thrill out of it. When I was a school going teenager, I used to tell lot of stories to my bus mates and they nick named me “Story Girl” but now it’s little different from those times. Me and my stories are evolving and shaping up even better but the process has become bit slow. I keep honing my skills now and then but I don’t know where I have reached. So mostly I stick to poetry or to non fictional things.
Recently I wrote in fact would say tried my hand…

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I wrote today…

Hey friends want to share my happiness with you all.

First is that one of my poems got selected and published in poetry section of the newspaper.

Second is that today I re-read and made amends to the second chapter of my book, the first draft been proof read for the first time and wrote the third chapter, but it took bit long to complete it as I kept editing on the go…and will proof read it either tomorrow or … no not tomorrow but soon.

I know for many of you its not a big deal but for me its really something. Because whenever I sit to write, I get scared and sad as I have to go through all the heartbreaking experience and relive the moments. Sometimes it triggers my depressive mood which prolongs for days. Even editing takes a toll on my emotions and you will not believe me when I say I even cry for hours while and after writing. So thats the reason its an accomplishment for me and I want to share with you all and that too without crying, atleast not as much I normally do.

Sorry for embarrassing you.


It was a beautiful spring morning, everyone gathered arround the tea table in the morning parlor in the manor.

Waiting for the tea after breakfast. The parlor had blue colored walls and the window panes were white. Out of the window, looking over the green spring garden, yellow buttercups were patting on the windowsill as if asking permission to join the tea party. The yellow of the buttercups was a bright contrast against the lush greens of lawn outside.

There came Miss Marry with tea trolley, filled with freshly baked tea cakes and cookies, one of her speciality. But then iy was th3 celbration of her golden jubilee association with the family, as a care taker. She was now more of a family member rather then acquired help, who came to my grand ma 50 yers back.


I was going through my whatsapp contacts when suddenly got shocked!

At first I thought it might be some graphic or may be some downloaded image which is used as DP. But when I was able to see it properly, I was shocked. I meam really scared, sacares as in horror movies! I saw and then saw it again and then again.

No, I am not exaggerating, but when you see someone more or less on daily basis doing their job and even interact with them once or twice and suddenly this horrible DP jumps out in front of you, which has their hand scribbled in bloody bold capitals ” I HATE MY LIFE”, it surely will give you goose bumps. Atleast it did to me. I am not accustomed to such dreadful sightings.

Its ironic that a person who deals in flowers is so depressed that he does this. Its so obvious now a days that people who appear to be smiling and distributing happiness, amongst them are the most depressive and lonely people.

I pray for peace , for all those who are fighting their demons.

Rail of my thoughts.

My words, my passion…everything started with you. I looked everywhere for you. Since the time I started knowing my surroundings, I only searched for you. Infact whole my life untill I found you…I was confused what actually I was searching for.

When I found you, it was like beautiful splash of colours blasting suddenly into my life. It was like my soul speaking to me, telling me that I have found the one I was looking for and then to your soul my soul spoke the same thing. You didnt realise but the truth is souls find their halves without physical plane knowing it. Because its said souls have the same hiding place. Wherever we go we will meet in the end. I met you and was like now I have no more soul searching to do. I was relexed and and felt at ease.

My life has taken a different turn since our lives are mingled. For better or worst, we are togather in this run of life, to uplift eachother. May be sometimes we do not agree or even come to the verge but we dont break, because its all is in process for our higher upliftment. Every action we take, help us learn our lessons and move forward in the path of our learning.

I have never thought of leaving your side in any situation, no matter what happens between us. But I dont know why I am feeling from sometime now, that I am not doing my job properly, even I sometimes feel that may be I was not supposed to meet you in this life or may be I came too early, before my time, in yourlife. I dont know why sometimes you make me feel worthless.

I sometimes wonder how can I still love you the way I do. But then I know no matter what or who comes in between us you are and wilp me my soulmate. I will love you same like this and even more now and every life yet to come. Because there is no other love destined for you rather then mine. Blossoms come and go with seasons but spring remains eternal.

For daily prompt:

Share your world, 5th March 2018

Hi there… this is my first time to share my world with tou all people. Hope I dont disappoint you…

What did you or did not like about the first place you lived without your parents?

First place which I libed without my parents was my maternal uncle’s home. Basically it was not all on my own but still far from mum and pa I was free to do what and how I liked things in my way. And that was a special feeling of its own kind. Servents waiting upon me, just to imply whatever I asked them to do. Bwfore I opened my mouth my wish was granted, you can say I was spoiled by my uncle and aunt. I really miss them.

What is your most favorite smell/scent?

All that is earthy. Specially the scent of wet mud in the rains and the fresh smell of green leaves in my garden or in any garden.

Would you prefer snowy winters, or not, and why?

I would prefer snowy winters as I love the feel of coolness on my face and I just hate warm weather. Its my childhood dream to play in the natutal snow.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week? Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination.

There is lot that made me smile past week. I attended family functions and had enjoyed dance with my love in a party ane yesterday had my friends comeoverbwith their families. To one of them I met after 4 or 5 years later and the other after a year, so yest past week was awesome.

Typical Relationship.

Typical is our relationship. Where you are perfect and I am the looser…but no! Wait, I am Typical in my own way. If you are unique I am different too. I am different from others…no other piece universe has created like me.

They say opposites attract eachother but here also our relation is typical, the opposites repel too! It’s also said that opposites also complete eachother but here my faults are always highlighted.

Still my love is such that wirh all your shortcomings all your temper and anger and you disliking me as bitter as it can be, I love you more and more dy by day. How deep you hurt me the deeper my love grows.

But this time I am going to stay away and watch you from some distance, loving and caring for others. Drowning in her love. I know there will be one day when you will realise whta I was for you and what I did for you. My prayers were and will always be for you. In my wishes i will ask for your happiness…but by the time you realise I will be gone far away, how loud and long you call my name my reply wont come…as where I will go there are no communications not two ways atleast.

Confessional #3: Obstacles and Hope

It seemed like reading about myself….

This Bipolar Brat

What those of us with a mental illness never discuss is the constant obstacles we’ve grown accustomed to jumping. With every goal in life and each step we take towards those goals, those of us with mental illness have enormous hurdles. Some days, we have more hurdles than those who are of healthy mind and body.

Situations and decision making doesn’t come easy, depending on your medication, therapy, or if you are using any of these outlets. We are not handed things, despite what the media presents.

We put a lot of effort into everything we do because it takes an inner strength battling our inner demons while doing normal, average things. I battle these inner demons while doing the dishes and fight these demons while I write. There isn’t a moment that I’m not dealing with inter turmoil.

I have two constant hurdles I’m jumping, mental illness and chronic…

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You always …above

I kept you above all my dreams

You were what I desired above all desires

I looked at you and found

Our relation is above other relations

The beat I hear in your chest

Is above the breath I take.

I kept you above all my dreams

You were what I desired above all desires

Kept you knitted in my throbs

Above my wishes to live

You were the dream I lived

Above all expectations.

I kept you above all my dreams

You were what I desired above all desires

Yet you broke me and shattered into pieces

Above all the love I bestowed upon you

Though I am looking for my lost self

Above every tryst I have not found the Old Me.

I kept you above all mu dreams

You were what I desired above all desires

Daily post : Above

With my first love…

Me and my first love share a bond from very early age. Say when I was merely 5 or 6 years old, but as usual we were not allowed to have eachother’s company. Even if I used to ask for one glance also, I was scolded saying that its not good for me at such a tender age.

The height of torture and my patience was that, my parents and family memebers gathered in our room to enjoy relish the company of my love. Me sitting at the corner of my bed and gazing with craving in my eyes. Once or twice I was allowed to touch for a brief second. These gatherings grew more in numbers during winters. With a cozy corner reserved for them all and not allowing me even a single glimpse.

May be this is the reason when I grew up and once again seeked the permission from parents to bestow us, I am unseprable. In my early 20s I was once again scolded to either discontinue our relation or control the same.I became so crazy that I started to look for new reasons or say excuses to meet my love, sometimes in my house or sometimes outside, even on the cafes on road side! Sometimes it could be on the pretezt of low BP or headache or even for the night studies for exams. The moment I see or smell my love near by or in my kitchen the whole scene of those bygone gatherings come into my mind and I can smell the fresh aroma of freshly beaten coffee coming from the piping hot mugs of coffee. And that is the moment I can’t stop myself from making one for me. There were times when even a plain decotion made in electric kettle would quench my craving for it. For the love of coffee I have learnt many styles to brew and some easy homely hacks for making a relishing cuppa!

I dont know how these few days I managed to stay away from it as being on medication, but from day before yesterday the crqving started again. Actually in our verandah, where there are host of plants some new were added so my hubby darling wanted to cover the plave with a shed so that the hatsh sunlight may not harm the plants, we tied a shed of green net, so the feel i get there is really cozy, in night the moonlight creates a dreamy pattern, so I thought of having a cup of coffee there sometimes. Today finally I made one for me…a Latte! Though didnt have the time to enjoy it under that shed but sat in our living room with my sister in law and sipped the brown beauty. I can say I am satisfied and relaxed completely, whenever, wherever we are togather,so is the magic of my first and forever love. It never leaves me and nor I intend to do so. This is the eternal love relation thats going to continue even after ages and wont loose the charm, infact will grow more edict to eachother.