Word of the day – Healing

What is visible can be cured can be treated but what is hidden inside us, buried deep inside our mind and heart and is hurting can not be understood by all but some.

Thus, the healing of such things which are abstract and can be felt but not seen require heartfelt prayers and emotional touches to heal.

Every person is unique and requires different techniques to heal their mental peace and emotions. But prayers are something special and when sent from a heart to another, work miracles. I don’t say that it will cure you but it surely will strengthen you and motivate you to come victorious out of the darkness.

Here I am sharing a picture I found on net which gave me immense peace in time of anxiety and along with I pray, for all those who read or see this post of mine, to have peace and calm in their hearts.

Image source : wallpaper.com

Imagine you are present there, lying down on that soft green grass, surrounded by the lush green trees. The breeze is cool and slow filled with the scent of wild flowers.

I pray to the vast universe that surrounds us, to mother nature. With my open arms I request you to embrace us. To show us the serene views, to let us feel the gentle love of mother nature and let us absorb the nothingness and quiet surrounding to let our throbbing brains clamdown and anxious minds relax. Let us, oh mother nature, breathe in the purity and realise that nothing is out of reach, we just have to ask for with whole heart and true belief that our prayers are heard and answered by the universe and that miracles do happen.

And believe me it does work. May some other words for you, but it does. I am thankful to word of the day challenge to give me this opportunity to share my prayer with all.

Best advice giving authors.

For me the week winners are two not one. First is Alexa Donne and the other is Jenna Moreci. They are established authors and author tubers. I will share the links to their channels below for you all to have a look.

Now, for why I call them this week’s winners. There are so many writing advices all over the Internet that they confuse you or even demotivate an aspiring writer. But for these two people I would say that, they are different and simple. In other words, their advices are more approachable and practical. It’s easy to follow and apply what they say. Even they burst the myths of many superfluous advices making round on the net.

They made my writing journey very easy. After listening to them I realised that it is what I always wanted writing to be. They are saying what I always wanted to hear but no one told me.

Now, I have started again to write and trying to complete my short story collection and editing of my novel. Hopefully, I will finish my work soon and get to see my words printed in black and white.

The links to pretty ladies, the saviours of my writing journey.



The Girl on the Classroom Door.

he was sitting all alone in classroom all puzzled up. 
the paper was lying in front of him…blank spaces staring at him. he rested his elbows on the desk and held his face at forehead. now sweat was shining on his temples and on brows.
he again looked up towards the class door.
She was still there, leaning against the wall. smiling. he shook his head and tried to concentrate on his paper but every now and then his gaze stopped on her.
he was now biting his nails, shaking his head vigorously.
one last time he looked at the door and then threw away the paper and holding his head, his fingers now fondling his hair, started to pull at them hard. his helplessness rolled down his cheeks, with pain the the lips stretched back showing his clenched teeth.
‘ what’s the matter with you?’ placig the paper back in front of him, Mrs. James, the teacher asked.
he pointed towards the door without looking up. ‘ yes the door but what?’ Mrs. James asked again. ‘ ask her …t-to LEAVE.’ he said. ‘ Ask whom? ‘ asked Mrs. James and after a brief pause released a sigh, ‘ Enough! You are wasting time’ Mrs. James continued.
He looked up from teacher’s face to girl’s still grinning face, who was now chewing a gum and appeared very careless, for a couple of times open mouthed and wide eyed.
he all of a sudden banged his head on the desk and there was darkness all around as if someone has switched off all the lights and blind folded him.
with a loud and fast paced hammering in his head, he opened his eyes surrounded by medical equipments and with his mother sitting on the bed near his feet covering her face with handkerchief. yet the sobs escaped.

My experience

I lay eyes wide open. I could see the fan moving, I could see the night light hanging. The tube light was on, as ever and I could see all the details of the room we are sleeping in since last month. But the thing is I could not shout, I could not move. I felt that I was rising above, nearing the ceiling of the room but then I tried to adjust my vision and found that I was down on my  bed and not above. I tried to shout so that someone (in my mind I wished my hubby) could come to help but the no one came. I tried to see if I was really awake and not dreaming. So I felt for my daughter’s hand which she placed around my neck, while sleeping it was there,   I couldn’t turn my neck around but my eyes  could move so I looked at my son who was sleeping sideways facing the cupboards. Then I could see my own hands crossed at wrists and placed over my forehead.

Again I concentrated on the fan and the night light it was all normal. I was awake. I looked around the room for conforming that I was not sleeping because just before that two times I had the same experience repeated but that was in my dream as there was darkness in the room and the only light coming was from the street light, through partly uncovered window. So, this time I was sure that I was wise awake. I wriggled my toes to break the spell and cew moments later I was ok. I turned sideways, towards my kids and felt that my daughter’s hand was now really tightening round my neck but I did not bother to remove it. I looked once at my sleeping son and closed my eyes just then my mobile rang and my husband who came late from a party, asked me to unlock the main door so he could come in.

I was feeling a bit clumsy, my head dizzy yet went downstairs, unlocked the door came back and slept.This was the least fearing episode of sleep paralysis in my life

Short story completed.

I can’t believe that I completed 4, 872 words in 10 days. With full day work of a house maker and a family of 8 members. Attending to their needs now and then, dealing with the trying in-laws.

Above all the trying conditions of COVID -19 taking toll on me and peace of my mind. But still I managed to complete one short story. A murder mystery. Its about a daughter in law and mother in law. Where daughter in law warns her mother in law to stop her affair with the math teacher of her daughter. On the day of her first wedding anniversary she is found dead.

From here the quest of her mysterious death starts. Everyone is under suspicion. The math teacher and Mother in law are prime suspects. Her husband, his business partner, a long lost childhood friend who was business rival, were also suspected. Each of them had a motive to kill her but its a challenge to find out who did it and how? In the end the case has to be closed as suicide.

Hope to complete another short story soon. Outlined it already now have to start working upon it. This is about a young girl interviewing a killer as her own assassin. The girl is depressed about loosing a friend who died saving her, from a car accident. Feeling her pain for a person who actually never was, one of the best assassin falls for her. And offers to kill her in a bid to save her from doing something stupid. This has to be developed a little more.

I am trying to accomplish a collection of short stories which I can publish. Hope I am able to do it with all your best wishes and support.

Introducing little womders – 3

In the series, this is the third installment and it’s done by my 8 year old daughter. She is improving on her skill as I have noticed. But want all your support to encourage her.

Someday I will share her writings, too. She writes stories good for her age. But she needs support, encouragement and guidance from experienced people like you. Hope to hear from you.

Few dreams and few goals left behind.

Image credit- Elena Mozhvilo- Unsplash

Some dreams some goals left unfulfilled.

There was so much in your life to be achieved.

But you were forced to leave your family and true friends, behind.

And one fateful night, they said, you’re gone leaving all to mourn.

I believe you never wanted to go, but they gave no option.

Your deeds will never let us forget you. Till we’re there the fight of justice will go on.

Commonplace book

Recently found out about commonplace book and was confused about what it was and on researching about it got even more confused! Why? Because it is so similar to writers notebook.

May be not exactly, but so much similarities are present, one such similarity is, commonplace book is not a diary or a travelogue, alike the writers notebook. After this I searched even more about it and found out, that there is one for writers, called writer’s commonplace book. And here I go again. When looking into what one can write in it, I was surprised to see the same topics as writers notebook. Where I was keen, on first finding it, to start my own commonplace book but after knowing what all goes in there, I finally dropped the idea of starting it. Now, further talking about it, I found out where there is commonplace journal also where notes and quotes from our readings are kept.

One more thing which is cleared to me now, after searching about commonplace book is that you make or write notes about the book or whatever you are reading so that you might utilise it when needed so going by the definition, I am already doing this commonplace book thing before coming to know about it. But the Idea as a whole is very fascinating. I may start it in near future when one of my writers notebook is over. On the second thoughts I might start one for reading and recording my development as I have to start reading more extensively again.

Please, you all out there, my friends whoever has any idea about this commonplace book please do share with me so that I can get more elaborated knowledge on it.

Tips and Exercises : for improving Writing

3 years journey in this blogosphere and writing journey since I remember. And after taking it seriously, I have learnt many things about writing.

When I started this blog, I was naive. Still I am not expert and I believe there is no end to the journey of learning and improving, in any field leave apart the wiring. This journey is ever evolving. There is no end to learn something new every time.

In this journey of mine about writing and learning the tricks of trade, I have come across many books, blogs, magazines and what not which have helped me to improve my writing and emerged as a better writer. I now, know the difference between the hobbyist I was and a serious writer I am. 

I want to share the sort of tips and the exercises which have helped me to improve on myself as a writer. Hopefully, you all will like these, too.

Tips are like bonus points to me. I keep looking and for. A single one can make a huge permanent impact. So here I share my ever growing TIPS treasure.

# Ask More Questions.

The more questions we ask, the more likely we are to find out something extra ordinary. Questioning is something very interesting part of finding the facts or gathering the knowledge. The more we ask about are subject the more interesting and vivid answers we find. These answers lead to more questions and the cycle goes on. The deeper we research the more material we collect and this forms a never-ending source of inspiration.

# Take Small Steps.

Only think about the present, this paragraph, this page, this chapter. If you think about the novel as a whole, it will break you down and you will abandon the whole idea of writing easily.

# Imagine Your Reader.

As you start writing our novel post or article or an essay, you should try to imagine your ideal reader. What age are they, what gender, intellectual or someone who is not so highly educated. keeping this in mind you should write according to their taste and understanding.

# Be Willing TO Write Badly.

As a writer it’s your first duty to write. Write without being judgmental and straight from heart. Rather than focusing on tenses, focus on clean, crisp sentence.  Write from your heart, write for yourself when you are writing. Leave the editing part till you have put down everything on the paper. It’s better to have something to make corrections to rather than to stare at a blank page.

# Be A Ruthless Editor.

If something seems chunky to you, the writer – then it probably is. Always prune the sentence. Edit Mercilessly. Don’t fall in the trap of lovely words. They have to go. Be simple, be clear and don’t go for the decorative words. 

# Grab Time.

Don’t wait for finding time but utilize whatever, whenever  and where ever you get time.

# Keep Emotions In Place.

# Respect Words.

Word choices should be conscious. Being lazy makes our writing a failure. Respect words and maintain a curiosity about their shades of meaning.

# Be A Reader, First.

Always remember, to write with the perspective of the reader. See what is interesting, to you as a reader and not as a writer.

Tips From Julia Cameron

  • Be brave. Morning pages make you brave.
  • If you spend three pages cleaning away the rubble of your life, your novel writing will come more easily. You might be writing morning pages because you are clearing out the negativity in your life – bold and can write more freely on your project.
  • What would you love to write? It’s about getting down. It’s like taking dictation. It’s like listening to what’s want to be written and writing that.
  • Abandon the rules. Write from the heart.

Tips From Self – Publishing School.

  • While writing a book ask a few questions to yourself.
  • would you pick it up.
  • Write as often as you can.
  • Learn the craft of storytelling.
  • Focus on new ways to phrase common visuals.
  • Practice writing in your hand.
  • Use strong language.
  • Just write to write. Believe it or not, this frees up a lot of mental space and allows you to write without thinking much, which often helps you to write better.

Writing exercises are very good for many reasons, for instance to put the tips in use and get the creative juices get flowing. Here I will share what writing exercises I have collected and follow.

  • Just write.
  • Writing prompts.
  • Choose a place you know well to write about. In a few words describe the place. Write a poem in any form that describes this place in detail.
  • Ask a question of ` What if? ‘
  • Pick a color of your choice and write 25 sentences starting with it.
  • Free write. It doesn’t require you to write in a linear, logical pattern. Pick a new question, a new thought a new problem and just keep writing. The habit of free writing could transform your life.
  • Describe your love interest’s eyes without using color. you can replace eyes with hair, lips, choice of clothes etc.
  • Describe Same character twice – once to fall in love with and second time, to be repulsed by them.
  • Edit someone else’ post. A person whom you don’t know, choose their post as it will be easier to focus on the editing process. While reading someone else’ post you can be a bit more critical, which trains your eyes to find the same mistakes in yours while you are proofreading.
  • Re-writing with a gap between the draft and editing of being at least two days. The gap gives my mind to absorb upon it and work in unconscious which gives better and improved results the next time.
  • I practice creating headlines or topics without using phone or laptop for help. It’s kind of brain storming on the Topics.
  • Use picture prompts.
  • Character and scene development.
  • I search for interesting news articles and then do research again, then develop them in my style.
  • Pick my favorite book and pick a random page then take a line from that page which is of the same number as of that page and with it, write – some times its the beginning or the ending.
  • Morning Writing
    • Fiction, poem, article, travel tips etc.
      • Write part of a book.
      • Blog
      • Video Script