It’s never too late to…

Life…! A beautiful journey. Full of new experiences, lessons, views and all.
One should not stop the process of learning all through the life
‘coz it may hinder the growth in many ways. ..may that be spiritually, emotionally,physically or mentally. Learning something new every day is the way of life’s journey.

I once read a story long back ago, about a lady who was a maiden and wanted to stay so. She was a teacher and used to visit her brother, who was a family man, on a regular basis. But her sister in law always shied away from her and niece and nephew also were on some distance. The reason was she never used to appreciate them, their choice, or never encouraged them.
One day she was talking about the attitude of her sister in law and her children, with her colleague, who in return told her that it was not their fault but hers. She should appreciate and encourage them.
Lady thought about the advice of her friend and decided to change herself from then. The next visit to her brother’s house was overwhelming experience for her. The moment she reached there, her sister in law just returned from shopping. Lady asked her what shopping has she done and when she showed her, she praised and said your choice is really nice, can you take me shopping next time, I also want so beautiful clothes. Listening this the sister in law felt so happy and satisfied that she forgot all her resistances against her and sat chatting to her, made tea for her and asked her to stay for dinner, similarly the children seeing affectionate side of their aunt were amazed. Since then the life of the lady turned, she never felt lonely or out of family.

So as far as I am concerned it’s never too late to learn humanity, to show affection and appreciation to save the relationships and maintain love in them. Being humble is all required to nurture the relations.

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A celebrity’s wife

So much show going on outer front

The inner self is unheard and silent

The loneliness no one can understand

The irony is, she only chose the status


Unheard desires, unsung love songs

Too much to handle, but nothing allowed to say

What she gets is bonus of her own deeds

Time is the only thing she hurdles for… the We time!


All chores, children and family, she will laugh with

But her own self longing the company of her beloved

Only that but everything she gets…the name, fame, money

Not what she actually wants, the actual point the journey started with!


All you see is her smiles not the tears, she brink

Lashes flap and take it away with a beaming smile

Oh! Why she chose this loneliness and filth of life

May she rest in peace! after she is gone.

IBMC #10: The Happiness Challenge

Oh! Finally I made it to the last challenge. It was a good learning experience.

Happiness is….

Mom’s lap to sleep , father’s chest to hide your face when you are worried, or them both to hide behind them when feel danger.

Happiness is also looking into your be love’s eye and see the future to gather,  it’s when you see your child smile for the first time or call you mamma papa for the first time.

When you get your dream job or when your parents agree to your choice of life partner. When your first dream comes true and everyone is applause g for you.

To see a creased face smiling through dull color but bright eyes. Sun rays falling on your face and giving a light hue to your eyes. The morning or evening in garden between green grass and beautiful flowers. A good book in hand to read and coffee with sandwiches to eat.

This life is too short so for me happiness is everything that makes me smile heartily.


IBMC #09: The Be a Baby Challenge

For me writing the being baby challenge is very heartbreaking and going through all the pains again. Very tedious task. But still wanna give it a try.

After many years of marriage I mean a love marriage, where you trust your better half more than yourself (for me trusting someone more than myself is the biggest thing even more than trusting ones parents, may be that’s the reason I am suffering or being punished) and suddenly at point of time you come to know that your better half has cheated you and when you try to digest that peace of news you come face to face with one more heart breaking fact that they in actual words betrayed you and crushed your feelings and self respect under their feet.

At this point of time I was so much broken and lost that till now I am stumbling to stand up from the ground. I am learning to have faith and confidence in myself. Like a baby I am trying to hold on for support to fightback and learn that I can do it. But it is very hard because I always fall down. All the environment around me is so different. Everyday I am struggling to trust what they say and doubting them at the same time. When I am out, sometimes it freaks me out that what if my better half leave or forget me. These days I am trying to learn how to laugh or smile or how to react to different situations in my life post this truth that I am not alone in my better half’s life. As a child tries to attract the attention I am trying to attract my better half’s attention or so I feel. I took classes just to learn how to live normally. Everyday of my life since then I am getting to know something new about them and my tryst is always how to cope with it. I am redefining myself. For me the biggest throwback is my own self!  I never knew I could be so calm on such a matter, because I’ve always been on front foot to tackle any such  unjust to my friends. Now every new day I am learning to confront myself. Every single day I am trying to face my depressive thoughts without harm. At least my first step I’ve taken correct and kept firm, that I came out of severe depression. I don’t know whether I will ever be cured from self harming situation or not because I am still in learning process, every day every situation.

In nutshell I am learning to live and trust again. Trying to regain lost self confidence.



When it pains in the heart

You just sit quiet in the corner

Seeing them kissing and mingling

Forgetting you like

For them it never existed

One day suddenly they wake up

And realise you never were

When they see you silently leaving

It fumes them and they shout

You are in pains

To them it never occurs

Suddenly as they forgot you

They come with open hands for you

Expecting you forgive and forget

But never leaving the other

If you cry or complain

The whole blame is on you

Can you do what they ask?

Will you accept division of love?

No not me, but may be I am wrong

Will you help me to find my answer.





Night at a high level party venue.

What a gathering! Who’s who of the society and the glamour world in attendance. Everyone enjoying and chatting. The whole place was lighted and decorated like a bride.

In a farthest corner of the garden by the pool side, where the light was little dim, was the dullest corner of the party.

There sat a couple of last four years. Holding hands, and her head rested on his shoulder. Distress was visible on her face.

Shadow and light played a pattern on her face making it more deep.

A glittering drop of tear rolls down her cheek and a sob escaped.

Then he kept his hand around her shoulder and pressed lightly, understanding the pain, both were going through. After sometime they stood up to leave, when an ounce mentioned was made. And everyone started to sing happy birthday for the baby.

The couple was dreading the moment which has arrived, now it was obvious that it was non avoidable. Slowly dragging the feet they moved towards the area.

As she approached to bless the baby with him behind, someone from the gathering whispered,” Oh! how can she attend such a function!. So many years and still not a single birthday celebrated in their home.”

They hurriedly went on the stage and fearing the reaction of baby’s parents, kissed it and got down. And were passing the gathering when they heard some mixed whispers. Some sympathised, some pitied and very few understood their pain.

In the car parking she broke out.  Some how he sobered her up, controlling his own feelings and drove back home. None spoke or even flickered eyes. Only some flashbacks going on, in their mind.

Four years back when they married, a dream of small sweet family twinkled in their eyes. After one year when she was expecting they mat with an accident.

When her eyes opened in the hospital she was surrounded by him and all the family members. Long gloomy faces told her what she didn’t want to hear. Then came the doctor with worst news ever.

The delivery they were expecting was cancelled naturally. But there were more chances to come. And since then they were waiting for that delivery of gift. With a jersey the car came to holt and with that they came to reality.

Later in the bedroom with dim night light, both were talking of the ruthlessness of the comments and wondering, that still in such a high class society this evil mentality existed.

The next morning came with a beautiful decision. They visited an orphanage and decided to adopt a baby girl as a bundle of joy to be delivered at their home.

2 years have passed since then, he was sitting in a waiting lounge of a hospital with their little angel hovering around him, shouting and shrieking  with joy and exciment at the news that she was going to have a sibling.

Finally the doctor came out with a smile on his face and he was allowed to see his wife and the baby. In the room four of them were beaming with happiness and the girl was clutching on to the baby, all smiles and both parents were clutching her tightly, thanking her stars that brought this unexpected delightful delivery in their life.

IBMC #08: The Nursery Rhyme Challenge

Pussycat, pussycat

Where have you been?


I’ve been up to London

To visit the Queen.


Pussycat, pussycat

What did you there?


I frightened a little mouse

Under her chair.


For a housewife in middle class Indian family, though she might be well educated and we’ll qualified yet what she does is hides behind her daily chores, looking after family…etc. Even going on tours or places is sometimes a dream for her.This might go like this…its my perception if I hurt feelings please pardon me.


Mrs. xyz,  Mrs. xyz

Where have you been?


I’ve been up to kitchen,

To cook the day’s last meal.


Mrs. xyz, Mrs. xyz

What did you do there?


I ended up cleaning utensils

For next day keeping everything clear.








IBMC #07: The News and Paper Challenge


The article I’ve taken from Times of India/Telangana/A.P. dated 11/08/17

This topic I picked up to showcase my thoughts on one of the most burning topic…the girl child…beti bachao, beti padhao.


This article brought goosebumps to me. I mean really it’s so inspiring to see girls encouraged so much, in the times when there is so much going on against them. The new born child is thrown wrapped up in a plastic bag, left to die either by suffocation or by starving and some cases are seen where the stray dogs or rats bite them to death.

In my opinion one should empower their daughter as much, so that she can face the world proudly. There is nothing that a girl can’t do and a boy can. Every field is conquered by them. Daughters do make us proud similarly. Educating one girl is like educating coming generations. Many social evils can be eliminated. Many lives can be saved. If a daughter is educated, loved and respected she will grow into a more responsible and disciplined mother who can educate her child to resiprocate her values towards the other members of the society, specially the female members.

In my view, loving, caring, respecting and educating a girl can make a lot of difference to the society, if not big then at least a significant change can come.


India- A country marching forward.

India as we all know is divergent country. Since beginning it has given shelter to all oddities and diversities, may be of human race, flora or fauna. We find all type of weathers, geographical diversities, similarly we find all sorts of human races well mingled in Indian culture and that too since the history is known. This has given us the variety in languages and dielects. All this has given people of this land  vast opportunities to grow n develop and prosper. The trades have flourished here in the previous historic times as well, making it rich not only in culture but also wealth wise giving it the name of ‘Sone ki Chiriya’. That really was a golden period for our country, the likewise examples of prosperity and growth are not seen anywhere in the then world.Which attracted more attention towards our nation and it was rampaged by foreign and known neighbours alike.

Then came a period when the ‘Golden Bird’ tag was brutally crushed under the feet of invaders. Everything that was beautiful and elegant, was destroyed by the them. But the beauty of the soul could not be destroyed, thus the invaders made it their home and contributed in its rich cultural heritage, along with the nation which again stood up on its feet after the rampant. Giving world a message that you can injure a body but you cannot hurt the soul. Who ever and whatever came to this beautiful country was amalgamated as part of its own. The nature’s gift to the country was and is to accommodate whatever comes it’s way, and hopefully it will remain so. As I, being a proud Indian! believe that it is the strength of the nation, this is how it fights back the all oddities. And that’s the reason when the country was being ruined by Europeans and British specially, it could face the nightmarish situations and hell with such a courage. And stood victorious finally with some fatal wounds.


If we take the present day scenerio, it’s the same fighting spirit that has shown up from time to time, whenever required. All the people of India have worked hard to bring it the name and fame it has today. The diversity in all the walks of life has given us better opportunities for all round development. Today where we stand as Nation, not an individual identity is seen but Indians as single community are visible. Today there is nothing which is not India can do. To name a few, ISARO ‘s success, Indians heading  most of the top most multinationals, a country which western world used to call third world country has paced forward as one of the biggest economy, Indians have set up companies with which world wants to trade and feels proud to be part of. India has marched forward from a country of snake charmers and magicians in the eyes of Western world to a well advanced, highly qualified, well educated, advanced technology and technique equipped nation. Today the world believes in the methodology of our country. For education they refer to us. Many computer applications, tools, and what not have been developed by Indians.Today India is advancing in the technologies related to farming, and development of the villages. Mostly India is electricity enabled. Technology has reached each and every nook n corner of the country. Even the far away villages are on e – governance, e – seva, online banking etc. These are the few things to name. But there is lot that India has achieved as a nation. Humanity and humbleness are the qualities which every Indian possess. No matter what, they do not forget their roots and the brotherhood they share. In a family where some members might have querals but at the end of the day come to gather to have dinner and share and discuss their experiences, same goes with the citizens of India too. They March forward to the development and betterment of the country as a single person.


In a nut she’ll,  what makes me proud about my country is its ability to stand affirm and arise to sky from the ground against all the adversities.


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IBMC #06: The Mass Media Challenge

task-6 Such a beautiful picture to look at but gives chilling spine to me. I have very spooky experience related to it.

This place is situated somewhere down south. Some couple of years ago we went for family vacation and on the back waters we got a resort to stay at. Initially it was as beautiful as it’s looking here, but on the second day of the vacation we met some locals in the flee market,an attraction of the place, who told us some notorious stories about the lodge we were staying in. First we rubbished the whole thing as negative publicity stint but after passing of two more days, something happened, something very scary.

It was 7 in the night and everyone was sitting around a campfire outside our cottage when the telephone in the sitting area of our cottage rang. I went to pick it up, thinking it’s a routine call from the reception to remind us of dinner time. But as I picked up the receiver I could hear only grumble like someone was clearing his throat before speaking. When I said hello again I could hear in a very grumpy unclear voice, a poem sort of warning….


search of skin,

color no matter,

brighter or darker,

tell no one,

I will take someone,


–  ghost, me!

And the recipe fell of from my hand with a thudding sound on the ground and I shrieked so loudly that everyone came running in to see what the matter was. I turned into pale yellow as if someone suck the blood out of me. And I fainted. Next day when I came to my conscious I was still frantic and wanted to leave at once. I didn’t want to stay in that spooky scary resort anymore, actually I wanted to go back home. Later on way back to airport I told everybody what I heard on the phone.

Still the investigation is on about the crank calls in that resort. Many have come up to complain same  sort of calls.