Returning to the long forgotten skill…

I’ve been busy with regaining control on graphics these days. I love doing it so much that I am pending my all other works. Its like giving paints and colors, papers, pencils to a child and he will forget the world.

Everyday i think I will write today and every single day I postpone it fir another day. I know am giving excuse and being lazy but believe me the joy of it is nonetheless then what I get in writing.

As I can lose myself in writing equally i can drown in graphic designing too. In either case I dont want to be found. But just keep on reach deeper and deeper and find my self, in there.

As reading and writing is addiction to me, graphic designing is intoxicating too. Loving my this side again….


It’s not the boquet of roses that I hold near to my heart,

But its full of flowers that bloom in life, called experience.

I have bright sunflowers of smiles, red roses of loving moments,

daffodils of achievements, water lilies of my trials, golden tulips of my love,

Failures are depicted by decaying greens which I carefully detach

Making way for new and soft leaves to be replaced.

I lay it in fresh sunlight of life to keep it alive and fresh,

I sprinkle water of new ideas and approach to keep it vivid and lively.

Flowers gathered everyday….

Sleep Paralysis and Hallucinations : Back 2 Back appearence.

I had two back to back episodes of sleep paralysis and hallucinations.

It was starange that in the wee hours of morning it occured and when i was not even sleeping. I woke up at 5.15 am and drank water and returned to bed and before closing my eyes i watched time in my phone…it read 5.20 am and just closed my eyes and felt the feeling comming over so sttetched my hand towards my son and hold him and still i felt that someone is pressuring me from side and i couldn’t move but I tried to move my toes and fingers and curled up my noes, then suddenly could open my eyes but still was not able to move so staryed blinking my eyes fast and aftet gew seconds I was awake. I sat up on the bed, took a couple of deep breaths and then slept sideways, though first also i was lying sideways but not completely so this time completely turned sideways and closed my eyes. I could hear a laughing sound immidiately and some presure on my back as if some one was intentionally doing it. Whispering, first time you were saved but now caught ya! And then I could feel something touching my right palm behind my back so tried to grab it but nothing happened only the laughter increased and suddenly I remembered my daughter was there so it might be her leg i was feeling than i tried to turn aside but xouldnt so startef to laugh my self but only a little squeak came out or a whisper to match that laugh then suddenly flattering my palms and toes I came back to my senses. The time was 5.35 am. Since then I didnt sleep.

The other reason for calling it strange is, though I am considering it since long back but couldnot bring myself to mention about it, that iys said when you sleep on your back it occurs but I never sleep that way, o ly tirned to my left is my sleeping position, still I get these episodes since my childhood. Thirdly, sometimes due to work I donot sleep whole night and when I try to take rest at any given time, just like today, it occurs. My question is that when I am not sleeping how can it happen, on just closing your eyes?! Is it possible? It is too horrible. That too twice back to back. Though now I am not that afraid as firstly I know what it is and secondly most of the time I am in full sense of my surroundings.

I don’t know what to say? Still sharing my experience wirh you all. If you know something please do tell.