Am I going crazy?

Am I going crazy? Getting the feel of reading MB novels from watching K Drama.

What I mean ro say is, since my marriage I left the love of novels. But now deriving same satisfaction from K Drama. Each chapter is equivalent to each episode. Getting hold over me in the same intensity of one more chapter just one more, before putting down the book. Here I am like one more episode just one more before taking a break.

Finishing one drama after another, keeping other in que and yet searching for another.

Just like I did for novels. Now a days it’s replaced by non fiction books.

So, just was qurious, am I really going crazy? Considering my age…as of now I am mother two teenager and a preteenager.

My Secret Romance

This poem is soul dedicated to the emotion of love. There is a K Drama by this name which I saw yesterday night. And my heart was wrenched to iys core. I was desperately waiting for them to meet and when again she left him in the night, this is, what his state of being as I understood.

Still I am in the hangover of it. I am scared what if he couldn’t find her, when he found her. No it’s painful for me…so this is what, the aftermath of the film is. For me ofcourse.


Believe me guys, now a days I am on K-Dram watching spree. These days they are too much in. I just can’t have more of them. Out of 10 best I already have seen nearly 3- 4.

The scenario is such that in your 40s you will have goose bumps and butterflies. The storyline, the plot is all of old school love. And minus vulgarity.

Recent dramas whatever dramas I have seen are having touch of MnB novels. One of their old time drama is fantasy but not like Harry Potter. Still it had the strongest effect on my heart.

Over all these Korean websiries, dramas and movies are making you fall in love once again. They have the power to make you crave for that pious and true love, the innocent one.

Out of 12 days I’ve seen 7 days in a row and now 5 more days to go. I am afraid of becoming adict of these. Yesterday night I was so much smitten by these, that massaged my friend, urging her to watch. Its another matter that she has fractured her leg and lying in bed. Hope she gets well soon.

Then again, Today, in the early hours I was tempted to call her and share my feelings with her but decided better of it. Because, 3.30 AM is not a time to call anyone.

Then, while drinking Hot Mocha, I decided to share my feelings with you all, thus the name ‘K-Drama – Tales with Hot Mocha.’

Basically, watching it takes you through emotional journey. And gives you nostalgia. It compells you to wish for re experiencing those cute romantic, coozy coo feelings. When half of the time was wasted in just deciding, whether to express or not our feelings. Out of the remaining time was wasted in deciding how to and when to express. Remaining time whatever, was left was over in being shy, in trying to impress the other. Finding the courage to talk.

And by the time one conquered all these hurdles, that innocence was lost or the other person was either booked someone else or lost interest. So, to relive those golden moments, these Korean things are best.

Now, the coffee is over so the story too. Will catch you in ‘Tales with Hot…’ series with a new story or an experience.