Self Care Sunday

How To Have A Self-Care Sunday?   

So, here we are, today talking about Self – Care. But why do we need it? Why am I even talking about it all of a sudden? Well, its not a new topic and none of you is unknown to it but the problem is, we keep ignoring our own health. We are too busy realising our dreams, taking care of others that we tend to be lazy when it comes about our personal care.

I don`t say that we should ignore everything else and be selfish but at least we should give one chance to ourselves too. My Mum used to say `if you are not healthy, how are you going to look after others. Leave others aside how are you going to concentrate on your work, your projects. What about your dreams?’ So, in a nutshell, what I want to say is that our own health is equally important. Be it physical or mental.


Now a days mental health is equally important. Because the lifestyle in present scenario is very stressful. Along with physical ailments, the mental health has also deteriorated. The cases of depression, anxiety, stress, ocds, suicidal nature, self harm etc. have increased a lot. The main problem here is that in most of the cases it`s not detected or not thought as an ailment. It goes unnoticed, which is very harmful.     

It still, is a Taboo. People do not discuss about it openly. The biggest harm is done by those who ignorantly say that it`s nothing. It will be cured once you stop thinking or its nothing but all in your head. The worst is when you are adviced to sleep and expected to wake up afresh.


You know what, I hate it when some one says, no big deal. Be happy. It will be gone in a snap. Because I know, in fact we all know that it won`t go. It stays there for the lifetime. But what we all require is a Self Love, believe on ourselves. We are as important to the world as any one else.



I know what I am going to say is not easy but atleast we can try.. And what I am going to suggest, is not alone for the sufferers but also for those who think they are on the verge of loosing it. People who feel tired, stressed out, monotony has become synonym for the life.

I am not asking a lot but to take small steps. These will  lessen the mental burden. Change your routine every now and then. Go on vacations, with family, friends or partners. Try to indulge in new hobbies, be the student of any sort of class, learn something new. Break the monotony. Keep you mind busy in creative ways. Be active, go out, spend time with kids and furry companions. Talk to friends. Above all give time to yourself.

I know doing everything at once is not that easy, but its not impossible also What has to be done is that take small steps, one at a time. Be consistent. Keep yourself motivated. Drink lot of fluids and for that matter start with at least one glass in the morning and feel the bubbles of joy gulping down your throat. This will give positive vibes and fill your heart with happiness. Resulting your whole day filled with positivity.

Self – Care Sunday      

Start with Sunday as your care giving day to your self. Why Sunday? Good uestion. 6 days a week we are busy no matter working or non working. Directly – indirectly we are busy for si days. It may be with children, our daily chores, office job, bread earning routine, preparing food for partner who might be working, or taking care of elders at home. There is lot we do without be credited for.            

Sunday is only day when we dont have life not running from hand to hand of a clock. That day everyone has holiday. So why cannt we have one day assigned to our selves? There is no russhing business, no appointments, no calls, no schedules, no hurry.

I follow a self care system on Sunday, which I am sharing with you all.. You can find one for yourselves. Mine is just a guide.. Hope you all have a happy Self Care Sunday. Please Don`t Forget that you are eually important.  To keep the whole machinery going.

How to have a self care Sunday.

1.       Sleep in a little.

On sundays forget about your alarms. Infact do not put any alarm for Sundayy morning. Sleep little bit extra as you wake up early in the morning, rest of the days..

2.      Practice Hair Care.

Take care of your hair. Have message, oil your hair, have hair mask.

3.      Practice Skin care.

Go for facial or have it at home. Scrub your face, put mask.  At home the home products available with us are the best.

4.      Rejuvenating Bath.

Take some time longer than your usual baths. Today no shower, take proper bath. Even better if you can manage for home spa. Feel relaxed. Play some music which soothes your mood. Have some good smelling incense lighted up or diffuse some aromatic oil.

5.      Eat out or order something.

It`s Sunday. Plan some outing for lunch. Or plan a date for just you two. And if outing is not possible, order from online app. Start from breakfast and go till dinner. Meal planning is a big stress giver so avoiding it just for a day gives relaxation.

6.      Relax.

On this day don`t do anything except  relaxing. Try to do nothing, literally. Just spend time cozying up and looking after yourself.  Cater to your personal need this one day.  Lie down read, sleep, better sleep when you get time.

7.      Call your friends.

use your free time to call your friends, whom you haven`t talked to since long. Talking about my experience, I keep in touch with family but recently got to talk to my cousin after a long time it released much pain. Remembering those days made me laugh like hell and after one hour of talking I felt so light headed and relieved. I didn’t know this much loneliness strived in me.

8.      Me Day.

It is your day so own it completely. Do whatever makes you happy. Look after yourself. Be with yourself and enjoy your company.

9.      Do something Unexpected.

As topic suggests, do that which is not expected from you. Plan a party and call friends, go for a late night movie or anything.

10.  Creative.

Make something. Bake something or paint, write a story or poem, a song. Dance or sing. If you love, knit or crotchet, paint, draw or paper craft.  The ideas are limitless. Look for your interest or better develop a new one, it will engage you.

11.  Watch your favourite Movie or show.

You can catch up your favourite  movie or show on TV or web app. Catch that concert or theater.

12.  Go to Dogo Park

Take your Dogo along for a recreational activity. Spend from an hour to two. Socialise and staying between different people will uplift your spirits.

13.  Book Haul.

Go for a book haul. Buy all kinds of books. All genres. Books that uplift your mood, motivate you. Give you ideas to be happy. Anything. Reading is a very good habbit. It takes you to different places from the comfort of your home. Releases a happiness chemical.

14.  Exhibition.

Look for exhibitions in your city or town. It`s normal that on Sundays there is one or the other exhibition going on. Just unwind. Let yourself loose. Don’t buy anything if you don’t need but just checking different stalls gives you high level satisfaction.

15.  Parlour Appointment.

Make an appointment with beauty parlour. Have a pedicure, spa, head message.

16.  Explore.

Go to places you find intresting. Explore known unknown places in your town. Go to that newly opened restaurant or cafe, any shop or the picnic spots. Find some new places to enjoy your time.

17.  Spend time with Kids.

They are bundles of energy. Power packed little beings. Even the young adults are surprise bombs. Make something special for them and involve them too, in the process. They love to interact listen to them. You will learn a lot. This will help you to keep an eye on your teens, too. You will know what`s going in your child’s life and mind.

18.  Drink that extra cup of coffee.

Coffee is a booster to take you high. The energy level shoots up, mood lifts. Coffee is a only beverage that gives a solution to every problem that is giving tension.

This is not all. Add your own ideas and ways of self care. Mention in the comment section, so that I can try too. Do share your experiences, it will benefit one and all.


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She slowly turned her gaze over his shoulder, towards the table he was directing and saw two guys sitting with mobile back camera in her direction. Puzzled she looked at him, her brows drawn in closer.
” They take the pics of lonely girls who come here and God knows what they do but I’ve been told to look for a pir of boys who are regular here.”
” So, you are a cop or some sort of social worker then.” She said.
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Moms should raise their boys like this, she thought to herself.