Once upon a Time….

Once upon a time

Sitting in my garden

Hanging in the hammock

I realised my life is so short

The stars and the flowers

Are far better than what I have

Only smiles and miles count

Rest is story untold

Let me sing and dance

For am alive

Dunno when I close my eyes

2019-2020 SoCS Badge by Shelley

Unexpected love

He sneered, ‘ Be careful with your last words,’ holding pistol.

Lying in puddle of blood, whimpering in pain, eyes losing the shine,’I love you,’ she whispered.

That was the rarest of moments when an angel was dying and the devil was looking at her face with eyes widened and heart sinking. Tears rolled down his cheeks.

Read a new book month.

As December is national read a new book month, I have embarked on a reading spree.

I have started ‘Ring in a Teacup’ by Betty Neels. As we all know jer stories are all set in and around London and Netherlands. This one is not a different. Again like other story characters of her’s in this also the ML is a Doctor and FL is a Nurse.

I have liked her all the novels that I have read till now. My favourite one is ‘Tulips for Augsta’. I like it so much that I dream to make a movie on it. Hope with the well wishes of Universe and everybody here, one day I will be able to fulfil all the formalities related to it.

For now, I am drowning myself in the sea of her books. Loving the moment.

Am I going crazy?

Am I going crazy? Getting the feel of reading MB novels from watching K Drama.

What I mean ro say is, since my marriage I left the love of novels. But now deriving same satisfaction from K Drama. Each chapter is equivalent to each episode. Getting hold over me in the same intensity of one more chapter just one more, before putting down the book. Here I am like one more episode just one more before taking a break.

Finishing one drama after another, keeping other in que and yet searching for another.

Just like I did for novels. Now a days it’s replaced by non fiction books.

So, just was qurious, am I really going crazy? Considering my age…as of now I am mother two teenager and a preteenager.

My Secret Romance

This poem is soul dedicated to the emotion of love. There is a K Drama by this name which I saw yesterday night. And my heart was wrenched to iys core. I was desperately waiting for them to meet and when again she left him in the night, this is, what his state of being as I understood.

Still I am in the hangover of it. I am scared what if he couldn’t find her, when he found her. No it’s painful for me…so this is what, the aftermath of the film is. For me ofcourse.