A request…

No one knows from where this pain comes out which is hidden so cleverly behind the smiles. The smiles which are stuck upon the lips so that no tear can fell. But suddenly the fake smile is ushered aside and the sadness covers the mind and face. The tears brink up the eyes, just below the eyelashes, ready to flow down the very moment they are blinked but the strength possessed is so much that it never let those weary tears come down. Sometimes the pain is too much that how much the strength is put down to stop them,the pain finds other ways to show it’s presence. Sometimes it comes down into pen and forms the words of poetry or something else that is written. These words and their deaths are understood by only those who suffer them or have suffered at any point of time in their life. There are people who do try to understand but at some point either they give up or just have had enough of it so stop caring or trying to understand.  And when such people are our dearest ones it hurts the most. Even more than the pain itself. People suffering from this heartache face the problem of sharing their feelings accounting to unacceptance,  laughed upon or Un- understand -ability, may be social phobia, when they try to vent. Because their mind keeps on telling them otherwise. They fight hard against their mind and try to sush…it down to give words to their inner ongoing fight, not hurting anyone or their feelings, just to breathe and have one more successful moment of their survival without giving in to their
Succumbing mind. At this point when they are suspected or doubted upon it just breaks the heart. They don’t need you to appreciate their work, or applaud them , just need others to understand them, try to look deeply into their feelings without blaming them, love and trust them unconditionally. I emphasise on last words love and trust them unconditionally. That’s all they need from their nearest and dearest ones. And especially from their partners or spouses.
I pray for peace…in mind in life and relations.

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