Aksar kahaniya dhoondni parti hain/Sometimes stories are to be looked for.

Aksar kahaniya dhoondni parti hain

Shabdo ka jaal bunna parta hai,

shabdo ko pirona padta hai

fir kuchh hansi kuchh aansoo,

chand taaro se tankne parte hain

Tab kahin banti hai kahani, ek achhi kahani.


Sometimes stories are to be looked for

The words are to be weaved in

Some emotions are to be beaded

Then some smile and tears along with fears

Like moon and stars are to be tucked in

Then you have a story turned into a good story.

Catering hope.

When I am at my lowest I just want to get  and spring to the top most level possible but somehow there is this feeling that keeps nagging me and pulling me down to the dark pot hole where I can see nothing but my loneliness. I want to put some doors and windows in that room where there is nothing but a hollowness and vacuum and I keep floating g and banging here and there in my trials of getting our of there. But I and sure one day I will be and mile to drill a hole in that wall and get some fresh air and life. 

There are some days out there when some miracle happens and I find myself standing out of that  pithole feeling the fresh air on my face. Seeing all the colors of rainbow and smell all the scent of flowers in the garden. I see the butterflies and bees suckling nectar from the flowers, breeze making the trees dance and bow. Everything that nature has to offer to show it’s grandeur, I experience 3 very thing.  I feel life and the live wire running through my veins. I become alive. I forget or keep aside the cause for sadness and don’t even think about it when I am out of the pit. It’s th mere mention of it that my clear blue sky with rainbow turns to grey and becomes stormy.
I have no control over it  as I don’t have over sunny days but I am hopeful that one day I am gonna stay out of it for always, won’t have to return there ever, or will be able to put it behind and dance to my own tunes. I know it won’t ever go, it is there to stay and show up some how here and there, now and then but then also I might gain power to put it behind my mind and keep myself busy with so many otherthings such as happiness in small virtues, laughter in every second, hope in every thing I do, love in every word I write.

Excitement and enthusiasm I put from my side now, but then it will come from nowhere and will pull me towards it and will keep me on my toes. I am waiting for those days. I know prick of the pain will always be there but I will be able to cover it with smile and ignore it. I have started to confront pain with happiness so I keep my fingers crossed…

dard/ enough

Zindagi yahi tham jaaye ab bas

Dard se luka chhupi ka ye khel

Bahut hua

Ladiyaan ye saanso k motiyon ki

Bikhar jaayein sanjone ka khel

Bahut hua

Thak gayi hoon sab sambhale huye

Kho jaane do waqt ย ummeedein rakhna

Bahut hua.

Toot jaana chahati hoon main ek bar

Kabhi to tum bhi aansoo bahao mera rona

Bahut hua


Let this life end

Enough of hide and seek of

love and pain

Let the breath behold

Enough the game

of emotions

I am tired of being strong

Enough of hopes let the time

be bygone now

For once I wanna let myself loose

Enough of the tears I’ve shed now let

Me smile in your tears.

Cappuccino on flight.

Again just after one month, Iam in flight back to my brother’s place, for my children’s summer breaks.

As you all know I am a coffee buff, here also when I saw its on the menu, couldn’t stop myself from ordering one. The taste is awesome and its served piping hot. To tell you that why I am writing this post because that Iam ordering it for the first time on flight.

The combination of three things is deadly. Oh! You may think what three things then I must clear myself here that my love for coffe is first thing, finding it here onboard is second thing and the joy of meeting my brother and his family is third thing. Thus the combination is giving me high. The relaxation I am deriving from it is unexplainable. The aroma of coffee,and the scene out of the flight window…that is something requires admiration. In the crystal blue sky, white cottony wool clouds floating like little boats in the wide sea give me the feel that I am out there in the sky sitting on one of the soft cloud and sipping my hot cappuccino, looking arround the vast endless blue, which surrounds me and engulfs me into a deep serenity. This is filling my heart with calmness.

I wish this feeling to continue as it is making me forget all the worries and relxing my mind so much that I want to close my eyes and loose myself but doing so will make me doze off which means I will miss the chance to enjoy the beauty and wont be able to give the first hand description of what I am feeling and enjoying.

A mug of coffee can do so much. It boosts my spirit, gives my imagination a push, uplifts my mood and doubles the joy of the moment.

I love coffee, I really do and wont get bored of it anytime. Even the meremention of it makes me crave for a cuppa. Then rest is taken care of by its magic. Even the aroma of coffee is so magical that it carries me to places, gives me thoughts, even words and stories are inspired by it. I can go on writing about coffee or something imspired by it, but in half an hour flight is about to land soIhave to come out of my imagination and finish off my coffee and get ready to land.