Waiting lounge of dance class.

Again at the dance class, sitting in the waiting lounge, I am thinking what have I to write today so that can be posted tomorrow and should be worthy. Anything that is scribbled down is not worthy of reading. But the mind is not cutting down to one single point which I can talk about. But many topics are just popping up in my head.
While my mind track down to one I choose to observe the other patents in the lounge, waiting for their children. All of them are new faces, the old ones did not turn up as their children have become habituated to the new environment of the class.
These parents mostly are mothers including me. Sitting here is their body, mind is left behind at home, where they have lot of unfinished work to be attended after returning from here. Two or three ladies are continously on phone getting or giving instructions to the ones who are back home. Two ladies are engaged in either you tube or in whatsapp. One of the ladies who is bit on the heavier side is trying to sit quietly but is very agitated. Why? No one except her knows. She is constantly going in and out of the lounge, standing at the door looking out of the window, then coming back to chairs with a fleeting look on every occupants face and finally she goes our of the lounge to peep on her child from the outer window.
One lady who was busy on phone, constantly keeps coming and going out of the lounge in order to not to disturb the others through her calls. Finally she also stayed out, now in the lounge only two of us are left, both busy on our phones too but quietly, not disturbing others. She on her social media and me in writing my experience. The class inside is going on, the song can be heard outside, it’s too loud. A foot taping song. It’s very melodious number, a remixed version of some 25 yrs old song. Another lady has also chosen to stand out and watch her children from the window, a teenager boy has entered the lounge, may be elder brother of one of the children. Now I think it’s time for me too to leave the lounge as my son is dancing and I wanna watch him doing so. Just to encourage him, if in case he needs that.

4 thoughts on “Waiting lounge of dance class.

  1. How fun it is to people watch. What type of dance does your son learn? All types? That sounds so fun. Maybe it would be cool to participate in a mother-son or father-son dance class, right? So cool!

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    1. Ya…basically they are teaching little bit of this and that in the begining then according to the intrest of child they will take that further. And yes its really fun to watch people. Sometimes you get some peculiar characters in them.

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      1. People really behave strangely in public when they think they’re not being watched 😂 My mother and I will sometimes make up extravagant stories about people’s lives as they walk by us 😂

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