The Mystery Box

Rubbing her eyes she pushed her blanket aside, flung her legs off the bed and turned towards the Teddy still sleeping on her pillow. Got down and yawning she tucked the Teddy under her arms then dragged her little feet out of the room.

She reached for the knob on the entrance door. At the foot of the door laid a box wrapped in red satin and tied with a delicate white lace. She looked around for the person who delivered it but there was no sign of anyone. Underneath the box there was a familiar envelope. A letter from a mystery person. She picked up the letter and hugged the box.

Running through the corridor she came out in the backyard. There in a corner, was a small wooden doll house big enough to accommodate a little girl. All painted and decorated in dreamy stuff. She put down the box on a small table by the window of the hall and opened the letter. It read “Last clue”. The girl started to tug at the wrapping. In a few seconds all the decorations were lying on the floor of doll house and the girl was now opening the box. In a couple of minutes she was holding a photograph of a beautiful young woman holding a baby. She ran to the decorative almirah in the doll’s bedroom and opened it. She collected all the letters and placed them daywise. The message read, “Baby, I love you. I’m always with you no matter what. When you miss me, have a look at our picture.”

With tears in her eyes she went back to her father who was sitting quietly on the dinning table, lost in his own thoughts. She threw her hands around his neck and kissed him on the forehead.”You kept promise to both of us, Mom and me.” Looking at her moistened eyes and the photo in her hands he understood that her questioned about her mom has been answered without breaking the promise made to his wife on her death bed.

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