The Mystery Box

Rubbing her eyes she pushed her blanket aside, flung her legs off the bed and turned towards the Teddy still sleeping on her pillow. Got down and yawning she tucked the Teddy under her arms then dragged her little feet out of the room.

She reached for the knob on the entrance door. At the foot of the door laid a box wrapped in red satin and tied with a delicate white lace. She looked around for the person who delivered it but there was no sign of anyone. Underneath the box there was a familiar envelope. A letter from a mystery person. She picked up the letter and hugged the box.

Running through the corridor she came out in the backyard. There in a corner, was a small wooden doll house big enough to accommodate a little girl. All painted and decorated in dreamy stuff. She put down the box on a small table by the window of the hall and opened the letter. It read “Last clue”. The girl started to tug at the wrapping. In a few seconds all the decorations were lying on the floor of doll house and the girl was now opening the box. In a couple of minutes she was holding a photograph of a beautiful young woman holding a baby. She ran to the decorative almirah in the doll’s bedroom and opened it. She collected all the letters and placed them daywise. The message read, “Baby, I love you. I’m always with you no matter what. When you miss me, have a look at our picture.”

With tears in her eyes she went back to her father who was sitting quietly on the dinning table, lost in his own thoughts. She threw her hands around his neck and kissed him on the forehead.”You kept promise to both of us, Mom and me.” Looking at her moistened eyes and the photo in her hands he understood that her questioned about her mom has been answered without breaking the promise made to his wife on her death bed.


As if she had no idea where did it come from the blue dress girl opened it.

BOOM! the whole hall was filled with smoke. A ruffled skirt, shoved up to the knees with blood streaming down on the floor and a few steps ahead a small palm all smeared with black marks could be seen. It was not a clear vision but whatever was visible was enough to tear his heart.

Sitting in the corner, with head between the knees tightly clutched to his chest, was a teenage boy shivering.

Feeling a caring touch over his head the boy startled and looked up into the eyes smiling with deep compassion. Clueless the boy pulled back.

A Scene

‘But if only my parents were alive, I would have gone back to them…’ she suppressed a sob to control her tears. ‘…The first time you told me to.’ She gasped for breath and continued, ‘You were not required to repeat time and again.’ She turned away from him to hide her face covered in tears.

He didn’t even bother to listen what she said and was fast asleep, before she completed her sentence in a voice chocked with tears.

The room was dark apart from the dancing shadows of the leaves which made patterns on the jlank wall opposite to the window, the curtains of which were moved away a bit, to let in the corridor light as she was afraid of dark. But, tonight, these dancing leaves’ patterns were scaring her far more than the darkness itself. The silence in the room was more deafening than the raging thoughts in her mind.

Short story completed.

I can’t believe that I completed 4, 872 words in 10 days. With full day work of a house maker and a family of 8 members. Attending to their needs now and then, dealing with the trying in-laws.

Above all the trying conditions of COVID -19 taking toll on me and peace of my mind. But still I managed to complete one short story. A murder mystery. Its about a daughter in law and mother in law. Where daughter in law warns her mother in law to stop her affair with the math teacher of her daughter. On the day of her first wedding anniversary she is found dead.

From here the quest of her mysterious death starts. Everyone is under suspicion. The math teacher and Mother in law are prime suspects. Her husband, his business partner, a long lost childhood friend who was business rival, were also suspected. Each of them had a motive to kill her but its a challenge to find out who did it and how? In the end the case has to be closed as suicide.

Hope to complete another short story soon. Outlined it already now have to start working upon it. This is about a young girl interviewing a killer as her own assassin. The girl is depressed about loosing a friend who died saving her, from a car accident. Feeling her pain for a person who actually never was, one of the best assassin falls for her. And offers to kill her in a bid to save her from doing something stupid. This has to be developed a little more.

I am trying to accomplish a collection of short stories which I can publish. Hope I am able to do it with all your best wishes and support.

5 seconds count!

Only five seconds to ten! She started to run to reach the bus stand. She could see the bus coming and still five hundred meters to go. It was her first day to her dream job and she had planned so much around it. What if she misses the bus? No, she cannot afford it because she was already warned that the job was given to her, bypassing seven other suitable candidates. If she wants to carve niche for her in this field, she has to crush others and reach the top of ladder but if she loses, the company was not ready to pay for her mistakes and will throw her out of the job the next moment.

Now, breathing was heavy. Chest felt bit tight and congested. Still, she tried little hard to run faster. The home loan documents of her new home, her new car and mother’s health, all swung before her eyes.

She stretched her hand to signal the bus to wait and saw the seconds hand to tick ten. She took one more decisive step when her vision went black and her hand swung in air. She took a deep breath almost a sigh and with a thudding sound fell down. People on the road and stand gathered around. Her head banged on road and eyes closed.


The image above is from Lhairton Kelvin Costa at Pexels.

He lay still like a stone, with palms open and the ancient key lying in it. The question is, did he find the lock or the curse found him first? Seeing him for the first time hinted that he might be not so lucky that his death found him at the crucial moment of the discovery. The ancient lock is said to be hiding a large precious treasure of the then warrior clan, in a hidden temple of Durian, the lost city. He used to say that only a true Durian can find and unlock the temple’s treasure. He found the rusty key somewhere unexpected, thus believed he was true descendant of the long lost clan and would unearth the treasure for the benefit of his other brothers and sisters. The shocking fact is, that he was not one of them but only the bearer of the key. Which he was supposed to deliver to the rightful person. All this was written clearly in the old manuscript he clenched in his another hand which lay across his chest. May be he realised it too late. But now the question is, who is the rightful owner or does the person actually exist. The common knowledge says, the Durians are long extinct clan. But the finding of key, says something else and the key bearer according to the manuscript, suggests there is some truth in the legend. There must be a true Durian. The right time is come for them to raise and shine. But the question still remains unanswered, ‘ who is or where is? ‘

There is no second chance, always.

McDonald’s opened at the regular timings. It was less crowded then evening timings, when youngsters flooded the place. The door opened and a sophistic man entered. The air round him, said about his arrogance. He looked around. There on the corner table; their usual pick in this McD, since their courting days, she was sitting. He strolled towards her. On reaching her, he stood like a tower behind her. For a couple of seconds he gazed her then putting his hand into his coat pockets, juggled the car keys. She looked up and with her eyes pointed towards the chair opposite to her. Releasing a sigh while sitting down, he asked, ” What do you want me to say? ” and waited for her to answer. She started ” You remember when we first met, it w…” He interrupted in middle ” Living with you, drama queen was like having my own personal tv reality show.” He continued, ” I can’t. I don’t want to go through this again.” She lost her control and a sob escaped her mouth. With teary voice she said, ” How many times do you think a heart can break?” His reply was immediate, ” When are you going to realise that I don’t care.” “You are the reason I am on medication.” and with this a tear welling up in the eye rolled down her cheeks and kissing her lips fell onto her open palm, placed on table. ” This is all your fault.” He said looking round him to find service boy waiting for their order. ” I hope so.” She said dabbing her face with a handkerchief. Before she could say anything he declared, ” This isn’t the right time.” ” Will it ever be?” She asked and jerked her chair back to get up and go. She opened the door and stepped outside. There was no going back now she knew. ” Where are you going?” He asked. ” Somewhere that isn’t here.” She said.

Found the missing link.


Sorry everyone I keep missing my every day post to WP but there is a reason behind. I am working on my book and a short story.

So, first thing first, I already completed my book and now working on second edit. Secondly, I am working on a short story and was stuck on missing link between the first part and the middle one which drives the story towards it climax.

But finally I stroked on point today. I am feeling so light that wanted to share my happiness with you all.

Will give you a glimpse of my story. So my girl is a urban dweller and is a schizophrenic whose parents died in a car accident recently along with her childhood friend who was trying to save her. She is so depressed that she tries to commit suicide failing which she interviews three contract killers who subsequently fail to do their job. Her friend tries to talk her out of the madness to kill herself and that there was no childhood friend who died saving her. Their argument was overheard by Death in personification, who presents himself to do the job and finally ends falling on love with her.

After the story is ready to be published will share the link. Hope you all like the summery and give me your valuable inputs.

Sunny Day

Putting her hand over her face to cover her eyes from discomfort of bright light, she tried to remember where she was.

Her vision was blurred. She turned her head trying recognize the place. But a sharp pain stuck her head. Rubbing and trying to adjust her eyes to the light she tried to sit up. How long I have been here and why? The thought was knocking off her newly gained conscious. She managed to sit up with support of the soft pillow. Now she could feel that she lay on a grand soft bed with silk to cover herself and soft linen to cover the fluffy cotton mattress.

She looked towards the source of light. It was a big French window near her bed overlooking the beautiful garden below. It was a beginning of bright and beautiful sunny day.

‘I see you are up.’ A tall and handsome guy in finest black suit stood beside her. ‘G-good-morning’ and before she could ask something, he placed a cup of hot coco in her hands. She took a couple of sips and said,’ W-where am I?’ ‘Strange. You didn’t ask ‘how’ he sneered. ‘Yes- yes I- was about to- but why?’ She paused to take one more sip ‘ Where am I?’