Thin or thick

Fat or flat

Curved or straight

Fair or dark

Girls, love your body

The way you’ve been given

Respect gift of love by the parents

Self love and Care

Is all what it requires to grow

Girls, beam with happiness

And the success will be yours

In the world of light and colors

Don’t give a chance to the darkness

Deny the definition

Of beauty by others

Create own standards, take a leap

And look around

All will bow down at your feet

5 thoughts on “FOWC – BODY

  1. A great piece with a wonderful method. In the end girls, people in general hate themselves because of what others say and do not just to them but in advertising and such too. We must all love ourselves for who we are and what we have. Only then can we be confident, happy and strong going forward.

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      1. It is. I’ve lived in darkness and let people screw me over because I feel ugly, worthless and useless. I’ve given up all hope of a good future and any success. I just exist through each day as it comes. But I let myself like me now and remember all the bad stuff bit those who did it worst. Now they never get to read my novels.

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      2. I am happy that you have understood the importance of loving your self. The far most important thing in the field of letting others love, accept and respect us as we are. I wish you luck and best wishes for your even brighter future as a writer and author.

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