A Scene

‘But if only my parents were alive, I would have gone back to them…’ she suppressed a sob to control her tears. ‘…The first time you told me to.’ She gasped for breath and continued, ‘You were not required to repeat time and again.’ She turned away from him to hide her face covered in tears.

He didn’t even bother to listen what she said and was fast asleep, before she completed her sentence in a voice chocked with tears.

The room was dark apart from the dancing shadows of the leaves which made patterns on the jlank wall opposite to the window, the curtains of which were moved away a bit, to let in the corridor light as she was afraid of dark. But, tonight, these dancing leaves’ patterns were scaring her far more than the darkness itself. The silence in the room was more deafening than the raging thoughts in her mind.

What goes in my writing planner?

These days BUJO is a hap thing. But for me it never worked. As I am a person of many words. I love to elaborate my feelings. So, normal Journaling is what I prefer.

It doesn’t mean I never use BUJO. I do and it comes handy in planning my writing, of any kind.

My Writing Planner

In here, go many things related to my writing schedule. From blog writing to book writing to scheduling their posting and when to write what.
In it I plan for my social media presence ( which are very few) and about my reading plan also. I also plan the check list, a week ahead.

Weekly Planner

.point wise plan
.day wise detailing

Point wise

Last Week

Each last week of the month is dedicated to some other activities for which I don’t get the time in the first three weeks of the month. Like Monday is for lesser known historical facts, Tuesday for podcasts, Wednesday for thoughts, Thursday is a gap, Friday is for preparing videos, Saturday for character sketch, scene development, etc.

My Blog’s weekly Check List

In it goes the one week in advance planning related to my blog. Such as, emails to be mailed, social media posts, blog posts for the coming week, Vlog and Podcast content and planning for engagement with fellow bloggers and writers.


I have made a page for keys so that I can track the development if my ongoing work.

May be your writing Planner is different from mine. I would love to know what else you all include in your writing Planner and is it a, Bujo or descriptive.

My situation

I am sorry for being so irregular. Actually, this past month was very confusing and lost. Turmoil is the word that describes best my mental condition from last couple of months. I start something and eventhough I put my best of interest in it, I can not continue.

I just keep it aside and sit lost and exhausted. Month of January, I assigned to reading and in 2 weeks were ok. I complete 3 1/2 books but after that the concentration started wandering. I am able to complete hardly 2 books in past months.

Whenever, I sit down to write there is something which I cannot describe and it doesn’t let me continue more than one day at maximum. I am bit tensed.

So, I have decided to take a leave of my present surrounding and go to my brother’s place for 2 months and leave all my tensions and worries here. May be it will give me some time to write and read.

Hope, it goes well.

Night beauty regimen

Hi all, today I am writing something different from my regular writeups. Just because I felt I should share my regime with you all and may be I get someone’s regime in exchange which is more beneficial to me or adds something new to mine. So, just to learn something new I wrote this, hope you all like it.

Wash your face thoroughly or if tour skin is dry, you can use deep cleansing milk or for oily skin use astringent lotion after that apply night cream or your regular moisturizer before sleeping.

This will wake you up in the morning with soft skin and there will be no problem of dryness. Because as we know, the skin repairs itself in the night. So, the application of the night cream promotes the repairing system and rejuvenates the skin and makes it subtle and bouncy.

Whether you are worried about dark circles or not, apply Aloe Vera gel on the undereye area before sleeping. This, will give you relief from wrinkles around the eyes and the problem of dark circles will be solved. If you want, you can also use ghee or clarified butter.

The most important thing is not to keep your hair open at bedtime.

This makes them weak and it breaks easily as we twist and turn our head while sleeping. Always sleep by making a loose ponytail or a plait but no buns. Tight buns may again result in breaking of hair.  Also, massage with Aloe Vera gel on the scalp before going to sleep. This will give you relief from itching and dryness. Twice a week, give a hot oil massage to your hair and scalp in the night. It will relieve your stress and increase the blood circulation, a much needed therapy.This gives the hair a strong finish and strength. It also helps in their growth and your hair becomes long, dark, and thick.

If you have some patience and time in your hands, for a good night’s sleep you can try one more remedy…take half bucket of warm water, mix some Epsom salt or table salt, few drops of any essential oil and dip your feet in it for 10 to 15 minutes. But it will be more effective if you let your legs dip upto the knees, in warm water. This remedy even works as a relaxation therapy when you go for a tracking, long walks, or walking trails. It loses the tensed muscles and the pain and cramps do not occur.

These àre my sure shot tried methods. Hope you are benefited by these. Will share another regime in another post.


Thin or thick

Fat or flat

Curved or straight

Fair or dark

Girls, love your body

The way you’ve been given

Respect gift of love by the parents

Self love and Care

Is all what it requires to grow

Girls, beam with happiness

And the success will be yours

In the world of light and colors

Don’t give a chance to the darkness

Deny the definition

Of beauty by others

Create own standards, take a leap

And look around

All will bow down at your feet

Best advice giving authors.

For me the week winners are two not one. First is Alexa Donne and the other is Jenna Moreci. They are established authors and author tubers. I will share the links to their channels below for you all to have a look.

Now, for why I call them this week’s winners. There are so many writing advices all over the Internet that they confuse you or even demotivate an aspiring writer. But for these two people I would say that, they are different and simple. In other words, their advices are more approachable and practical. It’s easy to follow and apply what they say. Even they burst the myths of many superfluous advices making round on the net.

They made my writing journey very easy. After listening to them I realised that it is what I always wanted writing to be. They are saying what I always wanted to hear but no one told me.

Now, I have started again to write and trying to complete my short story collection and editing of my novel. Hopefully, I will finish my work soon and get to see my words printed in black and white.

The links to pretty ladies, the saviours of my writing journey.