Ofcourse, you can….After all it’s a public place. Right?” Raising her eyebrows she said.
“No, I didn’t mean that.” Taking a deep breath he continued,” I saw you from there.” H3 pointed towards door. ” and I -I -ammm..”
“You what? Haan, you what?”
Licking his lips and swallowing with difficulty he replied ” You looked like my…”
” Actually, you didn’t want to miss the opportunity. The problem with guys today is that, they think a lonely girl who is sitting alone in the cafe, holding a phone or is working person, is available to all.” She babbled in one breath,.her face red, eyes glowing.
He handed her a glass of chilled water and slowly sat down,”Sorry. First for sitting down without permission secondly, I didn’t know You were in so much agony.” Gasping for air, he placed his hand on her head, his eyes softened, ” You looked like my sister who is may be couple of years younger to you and faces similar situations like you described.” He paused and looked around the again resting his gaze on a table near the window, said, “See there.those guys have exact intention which you described.”
She slowly turned her gaze over his shoulder, towards the table he was directing and saw two guys sitting with mobile back camera in her direction. Puzzled she looked at him, her brows drawn in closer.
” They take the pics of lonely girls who come here and God knows what they do but I’ve been told to look for a pir of boys who are regular here.”
” So, you are a cop or some sort of social worker then.” She said.
” No, I just wanted to save the repo of the cafe and you. As you are the Only girl present right now.” He signalled some one with his two right hand fingers and before she could ask anything else, “I am the humble owner of this little cafe, madam.” He stood up and walked away with an air of Superiorty towards the group holding the two guys and she shut her mouth in a snap.
Moms should raise their boys like this, she thought to herself.


Love yourself as long as you can

There will be no more time

Gone will be the days

Tomorrow only memories remain

Collect as much experiences

Not the regrets for what could’ve been done

Life gives you only one chance

But opportunities keep knocking

Until you grab them

Don’t miss upon the chance

To live to be happy to be You.

Way to go…

A long, long way to go. For me atleast, to be a writer..a good one I mean. But I am struggling with what it takes to be One! My biggest drawback is Procrastination. Why I have become like this I don’t know. It’s not a writer’s block, I must say. But whatever it is I am trying to overcome it.

Not alone in the field of writing but also in every field of life, I am legging behind. Being a fighter, I cannot accept myself like that…so I am using all the ways I can, to overcome this monster called procrastination.

One of the ways I am using is…Bullet Journaling and sticky notes. But still I have a long way to go…which I will, with the cooperation of the blogging community and the love of my family.

Addition to my TBR

Hi people who all love to read…..😇

On last Sunday I got to fill my space with some more books.🥰. I am just so happy that I couldn’t stop myself feom sharing my books with you all…

Though, being busy last week I could take out some time and manage to get some books. I love reading anything under the sun. I don’t limit myself to any particular gener so there is mix of everything in my addition to the TBR pile this time also.

One, for sure, is many times recommend book The Alchemist. Others are also the taste of non fiction, fantasy, children books etc. This time for History I got The Origin Of Species.

To start with, I have completed 1st chapter of The Alchemist and let’s see when I get over the top of my TBR or again there is any addition to it.

Yeah, one more thing I wanted to share…that my Lovely Daughter, who is 10 now, picked up the reading and writing habit from me. So, she has her own TBR! Next I will be sharing her’s and what all she has read up till now.