High standards of beauty industry have gone beyond realistic measures. The ‘zero’ figure lable has taken the society in a tight grip that it is near to impossible to come out of it.

The girls in today’s generation have taken it to the heart and it’s not their fault alone but as a society, we are equally responsible for the deteriorating health condition of young girls.

The beauty industry has set such unrealistic standards that are not achievable by every one. Moreover, the girls are expected to follow the trend from the early ages. Not all, but majority of families do want their girls to be more attractive than their relatives’ or friends’ daughters. Specially, this mentality is observed in the upper middle and middle class families.

The result is nothing but negative in any case. Either the girls suffer from eating disorders or depression, anxiety and other mental issues. These problems give rise to many health issues.

I’ve seen couple of girls loosing their lives in the process. One of my classmate’s sister got divorced on the same issue. You know, what the reason was? The girl had dusky complexion. It hardly matters what complexion the husband was but he wanted a fair complexion, slim wife, to show off in his circle. This is not all, one girl in my aquaintance had to go through a big loss, she had a miscarriage. No, here no one else was responsible but herself or indirectly the beauty Standards set by the society.

Some days back, I was going through some random pictures, and believe me, some of those were not for sane mind. To achieve the figure, complexion height, skin, hair, eye color what not, they have gone under the knife. And one shocking piece of news I would like to share with you all, this standard now is not limited to girls alone but has gripped the young boys too.

Couple of months ago, me and my hubby were discussing some line to develop into a story when suddenly he saw a news scroll on his phone and was taken aback. He told me that a teen ager, not more that 17 years of age decided to undergo the knife to increase his height. The first sitting was over and second surgery was being planned, but before it could take place, the boy developed some infection, where bones in his legs were cut and extra bones were fitted, to increase his height.

What do you think, could have happened? The boy could not survive the night. Within a week from the surgery, all was over. A thriving life was sacrificed for the unrealistic beauty standards.

Such stories and images are disturbing. It’s hard to understand why this is so important and why do we run blindly behind such things.


Thin or thick

Fat or flat

Curved or straight

Fair or dark

Girls, love your body

The way you’ve been given

Respect gift of love by the parents

Self love and Care

Is all what it requires to grow

Girls, beam with happiness

And the success will be yours

In the world of light and colors

Don’t give a chance to the darkness

Deny the definition

Of beauty by others

Create own standards, take a leap

And look around

All will bow down at your feet

Something that scares me sometimes.

Paranormal – one of my favoriteacan’t say completely that I believe in it nor I can say that I don’t believe but it amuses me. I mean the topic.

Well leaving behind all the debate of I believe or I don’t, let me tell you a story. A story which occured years ago in my ancestral home.

It goes like this, one of the men working at our mansion, had always trouble sleeping in his quarter. As I mentioned it was ancestral so was centuries old. And being so, it had it’s own share of spooky stories. But,now don’t let me embrangle you from the main story. Well,I think I should not call it a story but true incident. So, this guy, who worked for my grandfather was given a quarter in the outer portion of the mansion. There were others also in his neighbouring quarters but they never said a thing about some sort of disturbances.

This guy alone had a problem, so we all thought either he is imagining things or hallucinating under the influence of cheap alcohol. But every morning he used to wake up with sores on his face and shoulders. In the evenings when he used to come up with cowmilk for the household, we used to surround him to tell us the story of his ‘brave’ encounters. May be from there my interest in paranormal and horror genre started.

Well, coming back to my experience, yes my experience as now I can own the incident bravely. One day he was supposed to go to his village and return by the night. That evening another house help who was assisting him, came to deliver milk and gave the keys to his quarter, saying sorry as he couldnot stay in there. First we thought this guy is influenced by the stories but then he showed a slap mark on his left cheek, which he had covered from a cloth, used to tie on head to save from heat.

Next day, we children planned to go and see in the quarter, what the mystery was? So, without telling elders and the nannies and specially the governess, we sneaked out. Six of us, a whole bunch of screaming and shouting children, full of excitement, reached the outer garden and then crossed the garage areas and there was the outer line of the house helps’ quarters.

The keys were with the eldest cousin. At time he used to be very weak hearted. And I was the bravest one. All the others in the group encouraged me to take the keys and open the door. And being a good loving elder cousin to rest of them, I did what they wanted me to. We entered in and to my surprise, the bulb which one of us switched on, went off with a blast. And imagine who was the first to escape? No, it was not my eldest cousin, but me! Yes me. Because I have acoustic startle reflex. May be some of you might be laughing at me or questioning me over the claim of being bravest of the bunch, but believe me I know what the hell I deal with when I say ASR. Enough of my side story, I will tell you what happened next.

The moment I jumped out of the room, everyone followed the suit. I gathered my wit and entered again followed by rest. We stayed in there for about half an hour but nothing happened. Apart from one of my younger cousin, who actually was scared, felt cold and heard something. Looking at his condition we left the room and locked it again. Kept the keys back in place and didn’t utter a word about our expedition.

The guy returned in the evening instead of previous night. And we were eager to see if he notices something in room. He stayed the whole time out of it and after dinner retired to his room. We were watching him from the main gate to the main mansion.

Next day it was sunday, yet we woke up soon and gathered in the common verandah. Before elders could question us, we all ran from there towards the quarters and what we saw was unbelievable. The guy with his bed and bedding, was lying outside with the bed atop him. Rest of the men and their families had come out and surrounded him. He woke up and took all his belongings back in the room, came out shutting the door behind him. We asked him what had happened to which he shrugged his shoulders and told us that it was nothing new as every night someone threw him off his bed, only this time it’s out of the room with his bed. Then he went back to his work and we came back inside.

We didn’t say anything about our expedition and never spoke about this experience with anyone. Today, decades have passed but this is the second time I am mentioning this incident. Prior to this time I mentioned it to my hubby some two years ago, I think.

For now this is all. May be in next post I will share some other such experiences from my home and other places, that too if you like. Thank you for reading till end and if you didn’t then also for bearing with me.

Opening of Schools

The decision to open the schools in this pandemic situation is not at all right on part of the government. They are making the children, lab rats. They want to test the severity of the situation on the children. As a parent, I want to know why don’t they open their assemblies and the Parliament, before opening the schools. Don’t they know that children are the future of a nation and not alone the family. May be the government is under some kind of pressure by the school management and their stakeholders but we the parents are the final decision makers in case of our children. Let them decide to open the schools but we will not let them fill their pockets at the price of our children. Strongly we oppose this and maintain the idea ‘ no vaccine no school’. Let them take as long as they want but no means a stern no for children going to school. They are easy prey to the virus.

The leaders of our nation are well Paid, have all the facility and arrangements to pull them out of the dire situation. They are in best position to get all the medical facilities and aids required if something happens to them or their family but we the general public are not.

For the sake of money to fill their pockets and to maintain the bank balances of their foes, they cannot play with the life and future of our children.

Their idea is to open the high school and senior high school classes for now and some particular colleges. But they and the ones who are supporting their idea, don’t they know the children of this age are equally vulnerable. Their is no age criteria as seen in many new and recent cases. They cannot be used as testing materials. The children are not safe to go to school or college in any arrangement as no one knows who is a asymptomatic carrier or who is hiding the condition on purpose.Even five to ten minutes of contact with such person is enough to set us back. Not only the students but the teachers are as much in danger. Children cannot be kept in control for a long period because as they see their friends and classmates they will keep aside the norms of social or physical distancing, whether they are in 33% capacity or more. The mentality of children is to break the norms or to find the ways to do so and once the teacher turns their back the children will gather and make mischief which is very dangerous in the present situation.  Even this goes for the young adults too. Their ideology is ‘let’s try what’s the harm in once?’. 

I don’t care whether it is central or state government’s descion my opinion is hard farmed that no school till zero case and a perfect vaccine. May be it sounds like a ramble of a concerned mother but think once and opine.

A house on the next Block

` Now it’s my turn to tell a story.` She said. ` Raveena, my friend, it is about her.` She continued. They all were sitting in her cubical, a team of four. It was their night shift and the long hours have exhausted them, so, they took a small break to freshen up their minds and were telling stories.

She took a sip of water and said,` Raveena had a colleague who tried to woo her. He was so desperate that he started to stalk her … on her way home, in the market anywhere she went he followed.` `So why didn’t  she complained?` Naveen asked. `may be she enjoyed the attention.` Mariya cut in between. `In the beginning she did but later it became scary.` She agreed. and then said,` One day he appeared at her home with his throat bleeding and said he loves her. She shrieked and ran inside. Her parents had to drive him out.` She paused for a moment and looked at her colleagues` face. They were all hooked to her story, she then continued, `Next day when she entered the office, Raju, their peon was bleeding from the forehead. She went instantly to him with a first aid box which she kept in her desk. But Raju jerked her hand and looked at her with painful eyes.`

 At this moment their peon entered with a tray of coffee mugs. He too stayed back to listen her story. She carried on,` Madam this cut is more than enough, as your gift, Raju said and left. But no one told her the reason behind all this. In the lunch hour he came to her and whispered, I will carve my name on your hand so that everyone knows that you’re mine.` She sipped her coffee and looked into the void as if trying to remember something. ` He was a monster. Take my words.` this time the peon said. Everyone looked at him in surprise. There was certain pain an d horror on his face, he continued, ` The man was Rakesh and he did similar things to anyone who even tried to come near Raveena Ma`am. Once he stopped her in the gallery and said that she has not seen what actual jealousy is and this all was a trailer. But Raveena Ma`am was not the first girl to face this but yes the last one.` Everyone looked at her, `Yes his name was Rakesh and Raveena got him behind the bars and from there he was sent to the asylum. But rest of what he is saying I don’t have idea.` She said and looked at peon with a questioning look. ` My name is Raju.` he said lifting his long hair off from his forehead. All were shocked. `If you know anything else please continue  with the story` five of them said at once. ` There were number of instances like once he sent her a friend request, of course she didn’t know who it was as he didn`t mention his real name. Slowly he made friends with her on the Facebook then took ids of her all the social media accounts. One day when she noticed there was no one else in her friends list in any of the accounts, she was suspicious and blocked `him`; to which he reacted violently.` Raju said. He picked up the empty coffee mugs and was about to leave when Naveen asked him to tell them what else he knew. ` Sir, I don`t know much as I left after some days.` Raju said in a low voice. `I can tell you one thing for sure that he could go to any length for Raveena Ma`am. One day I saw him in the gallery connecting coffee lounge to their work station. He was holding Raveena Ma`am by her throat and saying that she should not test his patience and that he could kill her that very moment.` He said and left from there.

` There was a marriage proposal for her and the guy with his family was sitting in her home when she got a call from an unknown number. The man on the other side said if she won`t say no, he will kill her father on the way to his work. She put the phone on speaker and looked at he suitor with pleading eyes.` She said.

 `Of course the guy would have understood her position and helped her.` Mariya again jumped in between. `No. I mean before he could do any such thing, this man killed him in an obvious looking accident.` She continued and further said,` He came to her home that day, as her parents were at guys funeral. He said that she should not cry but be happy to get rid of bad match.`  ` One day mom told me a man living in the house on the next block  had killed his wife. The family was always under suspicion because no one had ever seen any family, friend or relatives coming to their home.` She said and stopped to watch everyone`s face then continued, ` You know what? The twist in the story is that Rakesh was allegedly married to some girl he eloped with and this was his house.`

` You mean he killed his wife whom he may have tortured in the same way and finally married, for Raveena? ` It was time for Manjeet to get shocked who was listening the story quietly, whole time. ` Yes. I was there with Raveena that day when he came running to her home, blood stained.` She inhaled deep and then continued,` his condition was telling that he might have hid somewhere waiting for the right time to come and meet Raveena. Who was all confused to see him. I was too terrified to see a psycho murderer in front of me.` She said and took another deep breath and continued,` He appeared when  I was telling Raveena about him. He looked from her to me and back to her, and said that he killed her for Raveena, can`t she see. Whole thing what he did was for Raveena.` Uncle and one of his friend who was there at the time inside their study, came out and got hold of him and Aunt made the call to police who took him away. At last she got freedom from him.` She said and smiled.

Anant who was sitting quiet for the whole time was now uneasy, `may be people get poisoned but not their mindset` he said at length. Everyone looked at him, he bowed his head and murmured, `Always girls are not at the receiving end.` and walked away.