Star gazing campaign

I had a dream of going to a camp then I wanted to spend a night in a tent and wanted to gaze at stars in open and feel the cool breeze. I also had promised my son to take him to the planetarium.

On Saturday all this came true. My husband planned to join a astronomy camp along with children, held in a far away village. And we were to spend the night in a camp.

My all wishes were answered in one go and I could fulfill my promise to my son but in a much better way. Instead of taking him to planetarium I could show him the real planets and stars in natural surroundings.

Along with my son and daughter we took along other children of the family and it was a good decision as they all had a beautiful time there after 8 1/2 months of lock down and self quarantine. They enjoyed a lot and were again chirping like birds in the garden. The natural surroundings and open area brought back their liveliness.

It was so amazing and exciting to watch the actual planets from our own eyes instead of watching them on tv, movies and photos on internet.

I personally was so mesmerized by the moon and Saturn. Three of the 13 moons of Jupiter were so shiny, I never thought in my wildest imagination that it could be this way. Jupiter was massive and the storms going on it were slightly visible too. Venus was mesmerizing when I arose early in the morning. It was brightest then the brightest star of night.

We were even able to see Andromeda galaxy just like a cotton wool spread in oval shape but our happiness to look at it was at another level.

I was shocked to know that some of the stars, that we thought were stars, were actually planets :Mars, Saturn and Jupiter, which we normally see with nacked eyes and learnt the difference between them and stars which is they don’t twinkle where as stars do. That is the basic point to differentiate between the stars and planets shining like stars is that they do not twinkle like stars. We learnt how to find the directions, time and season’s progress through the stars. And lot more.

The sun through filters is not bad to look at. It does attract you like a magnet. Once you start looking at it you won’t want to tear your eyes off. The orange color it has is so calming. May be it’s not that way for all but I found it so relaxing to look at it. If I get the chance, I would love to watch again the Sun and get that calm feeling. Even now when I am thinking of it, its relaxing me.

The rising of the moon on the horizon was of another level. I saw it for the first time and took a shot but it was not for a long time. It looked red like huge strawberry. Even the morning star, Venus was red on the horizon and when it came up, it was bright shiny like a glass marble in golden color. This reminds me we learnt why do we see different colors of the Sun at sunrise and sun set, the Moon and Venus at horizon.

The night was chilly and stay in the tent was painful but still an experience for lifetime. Even the kids were sporty and enjoyed the night.

Moon rising on the horizon
Venue of the camp
Saturn movement
Moon on the horizon

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