Extreme Lengths.

He asked for her permission to borrow a kiss. Promising that he will return it.
One fine evening she was sitting under a blossom tree, when he came and this time stole a kiss. She was annoyed by the act but before she could react, he was gone. The whole night she kept on thinking about the incident. At midnight she got a message from him, saying, he will return the kiss he had stolen.
Next day and another day and the day after another day she waited for him under the blossom tree, but he did not return. So she went to the place where he asked for borrowing. But he did not appear there also. She became sad day by day, remembering him. Night and day only one thing came to her mind, his act of stolen kiss.
One night she slept remembering his promise to return her kiss. That night she dreamt of the boy, asking her, why was she sad? When she told him that she was expecting her stolen kiss back, the boy became dull for a second then with a smile he said that he would return her kiss the very next evening under the same blossom tree where he stole it.
Next evening again she went there and waited for him. She sat under the tree and closed her eyes and thought about him. She felt a familiar sensation near her face and opened her eyes. But there was no one to be seen. She felt strange and again closed her eyes. This time she felt a little pressure of soft and moist lips on her forehead. Slowly she opened her eyes and saw him bending over her. Looking into her eyes he smiled with twinkling eyes.
She asked him that where was he from past one week? But he didn’t answer and kept looking lovingly at her sweet and small face. She again asked him and this time he pointed towards a small church across the road, whose pathway was laden with blossoms, roses, jasmines and green grass on the ground. She looked in the direction and gave a quizzical look.
They sat there with hands in hands without speaking another word, for hours. She got up to leave and turned to him saying that she will come again tomorrow at the same time and same place. He relieved a sigh and shrugged his shoulders. And before she could turn to go, he lifted her hand to his lips and pressed a light kiss on the back of her palm. She said bye to him and went her way. After walking half way from the spot, she turned back and looked at him, who was, at this time standing at the church gate.
That night she could not sleep properly. Whole night she thought of him and his sweet smile. Next day she went to the church but could not find him. That evening she went to the church again and this time dared to ask the father about the boy. To her amazement, father took her to the back of the church where the garden was more beautiful than the front one. Here trees were covered with climbers falling down like curtains of natural leaves, bushes were laden with beautiful flowers and grass was lush green. The scent in the air was very sweet. In between all this was hidden a graveyard and in this graveyard there was a beautiful white marble grave, freshly made. Father took her in front of it and gave her a paper.
In the paper it was written that till I don’t return your kiss I wont be able to sleep peacefully. With trembling hands she crumbled the paper and kept it in her pocket. And with tearful eyes staring at his grave stood there for a long time.
She scolded herself for being so impatient for the return of her kiss that he had to come back from beyond the life. She kissed the grave stone and promised to meet him in the eternity to be by his side, as she loved his thought so much. She wiped her cheeks and felt comfort knowing that now at least he must be at peace that he has returned what he had stolen.

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