With my first love…

Me and my first love share a bond from very early age. Say when I was merely 5 or 6 years old, but as usual we were not allowed to have eachother’s company. Even if I used to ask for one glance also, I was scolded saying that its not good for me at such a tender age.

The height of torture and my patience was that, my parents and family memebers gathered in our room to enjoy relish the company of my love. Me sitting at the corner of my bed and gazing with craving in my eyes. Once or twice I was allowed to touch for a brief second. These gatherings grew more in numbers during winters. With a cozy corner reserved for them all and not allowing me even a single glimpse.

May be this is the reason when I grew up and once again seeked the permission from parents to bestow us, I am unseprable. In my early 20s I was once again scolded to either discontinue our relation or control the same.I became so crazy that I started to look for new reasons or say excuses to meet my love, sometimes in my house or sometimes outside, even on the cafes on road side! Sometimes it could be on the pretezt of low BP or headache or even for the night studies for exams. The moment I see or smell my love near by or in my kitchen the whole scene of those bygone gatherings come into my mind and I can smell the fresh aroma of freshly beaten coffee coming from the piping hot mugs of coffee. And that is the moment I can’t stop myself from making one for me. There were times when even a plain decotion made in electric kettle would quench my craving for it. For the love of coffee I have learnt many styles to brew and some easy homely hacks for making a relishing cuppa!

I dont know how these few days I managed to stay away from it as being on medication, but from day before yesterday the crqving started again. Actually in our verandah, where there are host of plants some new were added so my hubby darling wanted to cover the plave with a shed so that the hatsh sunlight may not harm the plants, we tied a shed of green net, so the feel i get there is really cozy, in night the moonlight creates a dreamy pattern, so I thought of having a cup of coffee there sometimes. Today finally I made one for me…a Latte! Though didnt have the time to enjoy it under that shed but sat in our living room with my sister in law and sipped the brown beauty. I can say I am satisfied and relaxed completely, whenever, wherever we are togather,so is the magic of my first and forever love. It never leaves me and nor I intend to do so. This is the eternal love relation thats going to continue even after ages and wont loose the charm, infact will grow more edict to eachother.

10 thoughts on “With my first love…

    1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚elders! All are same…me and my bestie used to say in our school days, do our mummies go to same school, as they have same set of scolding and threats for children…πŸ˜€ I am afraid am I growing in the same direction too…πŸ˜‰

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