Give me coffee, any number of times as topic, I will write fullest to my heart’s content. Give me any type of coffee, be it a macchiato, latte, simple brew, cappuccino, mocha or super filyet coffee of southern India, which actually I have right now in my hand or anything in the name of coffee I will gratefully accept it and will be humbled.

In fact I will tell you one secret of mine or rather a weakness of mine…give me coffee as a gift and I am tou friend for ever. Even if you buy me a coffee whether hot, cold or iced I still will be your great fan. Anything related to coffee can be a heart opener for me.

The smell of coffee plays a big role as its effect is so soothing and relaxing that any can loose self in the comfort zone it provides. And the biggest plus point for me is that a mug of liquid gold in my hand opens my thought process and a pen and paper comes automatically in my other hand. Right now this screen and keypad are working as pen and paper.

I wanted to jot down first thought which came in my mind with the smell of hot filter coffee but now I cannot stop myself from elaborating it and see how long it has become. I would like to apologize for taking your so much of time. This coffee thing knows I love to write and so it keeps pushing and pulling the thoughts on to the paper which otherwise get lost in the chaos of life.

Thanks for baring with me and reading what I blabbed under the effect of coffee.

Small Cafeteria

She, sitting in a cozy chair by the window, watching out side the raindrops falling from the tree branch over the little coffee shoppe. Inside it was dimly lighted with warm color spreading on the walls and corners all dark. Small yellow bulbs of less watt were lighted over each sitting arrangement. Though it was day time, yet it looked late in the evening due to the weather oitside.

“Your hot Mocca with Choclate”. As she turned towards the sound, the waiter was moving away from the table. “Excuse me! Can I have a cheese sandwich? With extra cheese and a pinch of black pepper?” The waiter nodded with a smile.” Thank you.” Was her short and curt reply.

She was enjying her coffee when her attention wandered to a car which was parked just opposite to the caffe. As she was wondering what he might be doing here at this time, a tear rolled down her cheek and before she could wipe it off with her cold fingers on a pale palm, a scented white handkerchief swiped it off and a warm deep voice said ” If you don’t mind, I would like to treasure it. And hope am not the reason behind it?” She startlingly looked towards him. Now he was sitting opposite to her and signalling the waiter for coffee.

Waiter kept the piping hot brew and moved away. Slowly he covered her palm placed on table beside her coffee mug, with his own. ” Why don’t you just leave me alone?”She whispered. ” I just can’t. Without you there is no meaning to my life and you know that very well, don’t you?” “Now don’t say you don’t believe me.” Without giving her a chance to speak he completed his sentence. “No actually I was thinking instead of lingering on to you if I gather courage to move out of your life, it would be better for all of us.” She looked away from his face to hide tears welling up in her eyes again. Now he pulled her hand little towards him and holded it between his hands. And in a very soft requesting voice said ” Please never ever think of leaving me. I know what I did to you is unforgivable but I love you the most. You are my better half, mother to my children and the amazing lady after my mother.” “But day by day the fact that you not only cheated me, but also married that girl secretly and above all that you live her… Love her! That is the most painful part. I am not able to understand how? How did it all happen?” Silience prevailed, she expected the same old explanation from him ir few words here and there, new but not this silience.

” When you say I cannot leave her or when you put conditions for me on fulfilling which you might stop talking to her or seeing her, kills me daily. Knowing that my husband is not only mine, I have a sharing partner kills me.” Crying bitterly she spoke all at once, in a very low voice trying to control herself. He clasped her hand more tightly and bend over a little more in an attempt to rest his head on her already bend head. But he could not say anything, he knew there was no answer to her questions. But he could not ket her go….from his life for ever. How could he? She was his true love. What if he was not her’s but she was someone he couldnot find in whole lifetime. She happened to him and anotherone, he brought her in. Compared to this sober and forgiving lady, that younger beautiful business partner,whom he had married was nothing. This lady sitting in front of him with all her glory and abundant love in her heart for him, never doubted him once, had blindly trusted and another one never trusted him even with her open eyes though she sweared her love for him. “What the hell have I done? To you…to us?!” With throat full of tears he whispered. “I cannot live without you cannot leave her either. Won’t ever be happy if I let you go.” Was all he managed to say before a big silience again leapt.

“I cannot make my castle of love and happiness on someone’s tears and cursings. Its better that I leave you people and stay away…so that you can overcome your sense of guilt and be happy. My heart will always love you and only you. Because I believe you’re my soulmate, my twin and my only lovein every life, if there is such thing, but this time we are mistakenly born togather in wrong lifetime. This is the only explaination I can give to console myself and my aching heart. I know it may sound foolish but I need something to lean on.” She spoke soberly after composing herself.

“Dont say that please….how many times do I have to prove that you are my first priority, that I love you….the most.” First he pleaded then got bit irritated.

“Sob”…..”let me have the kids. They are my only reason to live and above all memoir of you…” He shut her mouth with his warm passionate kiss that was brief one. Tears rolled down her cheeks and this time none tried to wipe them. The rain outside had stopped and their coffees were cold and the cheese sandwich was half eaten and forgotten too, with the coffee.

She looked arround if anybody was looking at them but no one was free to eardrop plus the next table was at a distance which gave privacy to people sitting there and talking in normal pitch. He signalled for the bill.


Oh I know its not a new topic here on my blog as I already did 2 before this one. Or may be 3. But as the matter of fact , I am obsessed with the word coffee and the liquid itself, I can’t stop writing about it or getting inspired by it. It basically gives me a high feel. I mean when I am with my best pal, my coffee mug…I feel on top of the world. It makes me feel so content and satisfied that there is nothing in the world that can make me so fulfilled. Apart from my family ofcourse, but then living beings have a tendency to turn you down sometimes or the other no matter how close they are, but this darling of mine is just the same everytime i meet her. It wont complain of meeting after a long time or not meeting at all….or such things but will make me feel possitive everytime I am in the company. It always fills me with positive thoughts and make feel light hearted.

Today 8 habe two things to share with you, one, that my hubby got me two varieties of coffee from the coffee plantation estate he went to, for his work and bought me a coffee plunget, I was dreaming to get from quite a some time now. And the overwhelming reaction of mine hasn’t stopped till now, though coupl of days have passed snce I first hold in my hands. The mere thought of it makes me bubble with joy and the smioe starts to curve my lips. The amazing thing is that with these two new addition in coffee stack I have 5 varieties at my disposal to cater my mood. I am so happy with this knowladge that its just making me write about coffee on the verge of making others fright(because I dont think anyone might be writing that much on a go or so many posts on s8ngoe subject with same old feeling, of happiness ofcourse.­čść). I made coffee the whole day tomorrow for everyone and even was looking forward to guests who might turn up or should I invite them, was my quetion to my Mom in Law, over a coffee party…to which she was frightened and tried to pulled a hold on my edginess, lovingly petting on my shoulder and making fun of me. She too enjoyed the varieties of coffee I made.

The second thing which I want to share is an inspiration from Youtube video which showed an old British lady may be 80 years or so, doing salsa with a jaw dropping performance. All the judges were so dumbstruck by her performance that they couldn’t utter a word while she was in action. And when at last she told her story that how she had to give up her passion which she nurtured since she was a tod, after marriage and sattle in another country and her beloved husband passed away in just 18 months of them moving there and how she had look after her 4 children and take care of everything that when after years her children grew up she asked them if she can persue her career in dance and they all, as they are adorable children f adorable parents, encouraged their mother who once uad giben up all her dreams to upbring them. Now it was her time and there she stood in front of the judges and the audience of Britain Got Talent stage with the golden buzzer press3d for jer without a second thougt or even and further comments. This lady there has become my inspiration. I love her and adore her for being so courageous and not letting her dreams and hopes go away even after such a long time. I will stick to my dream and my hopes go. I will certainly do that onething I dreamt of, at any age…now onwards I wont think or feel disheartened by the fact that my age may not let me do or won’t suit to me after I am older…necause dreams dont have age limit they live long enough to be fulfilled. Its us who give up hope putting forth many excuses to hide our holessness. So from now on I am going to cling harder to my dream and will keep nudgging myself whenever I start loosing hope.

Hat’s off to you grand maa and my dearest coffee to keep smiling and believing that there is always a sunshine no matter how dark is the night.

With my first love…

Me and my first love share a bond from very early age. Say when I was merely 5 or 6 years old, but as usual we were not allowed to have eachother’s company. Even if I used to ask for one glance also, I was scolded saying that its not good for me at such a tender age.

The height of torture and my patience was that, my parents and family memebers gathered in our room to enjoy relish the company of my love. Me sitting at the corner of my bed and gazing with craving in my eyes. Once or twice I was allowed to touch for a brief second. These gatherings grew more in numbers during winters. With a cozy corner reserved for them all and not allowing me even a single glimpse.

May be this is the reason when I grew up and once again seeked the permission from parents to bestow us, I am unseprable. In my early 20s I was once again scolded to either discontinue our relation or control the same.I became so crazy that I started to look for new reasons or say excuses to meet my love, sometimes in my house or sometimes outside, even on the cafes on road side! Sometimes it could be on the pretezt of low BP or headache or even for the night studies for exams. The moment I see or smell my love near by or in my kitchen the whole scene of those bygone gatherings come into my mind and I can smell the fresh aroma of freshly beaten coffee coming from the piping hot mugs of coffee. And that is the moment I can’t stop myself from making one for me. There were times when even a plain decotion made in electric kettle would quench my craving for it. For the love of coffee I have learnt many styles to brew and some easy homely hacks for making a relishing cuppa!

I dont know how these few days I managed to stay away from it as being on medication, but from day before yesterday the crqving started again. Actually in our verandah, where there are host of plants some new were added so my hubby darling wanted to cover the plave with a shed so that the hatsh sunlight may not harm the plants, we tied a shed of green net, so the feel i get there is really cozy, in night the moonlight creates a dreamy pattern, so I thought of having a cup of coffee there sometimes. Today finally I made one for me…a Latte! Though didnt have the time to enjoy it under that shed but sat in our living room with my sister in law and sipped the brown beauty. I can say I am satisfied and relaxed completely, whenever, wherever we are togather,so is the magic of my first and forever love. It never leaves me and nor I intend to do so. This is the eternal love relation thats going to continue even after ages and wont loose the charm, infact will grow more edict to eachother.

Romancing Coffee

Coffee…Hmmmm. ..aah what a smell! I just love that aroma and once it enters my nostrils I just can’t resist the urge to gulp down at least one cup then and there. Sometimes even more!
Today was preparing breakfast for kids in the the kitchen when saw the coffee jar on the upper shelf of the kitchen cupboard hidden behind sugar and tea jars, between mouth fresher and milk flavour jars. Took it out from there and in my favourite coffee mug added sugar and coffee and kept beating it untill it was frothy and then added the hot steaming milk. It really was a treat to my taste buds and soul food to my mind and while making it some memories from recent vacations were brewed too. 
As I was beating the coffee the sweet but strong aroma, swirled the moments of my coffee date with my lovely husband and I could really smell that cuppa in my kitchen! It was really soo…soo romantic with all that coffee brewing around and that coffee museum’s little caf├ę with its embracing atmosphere. The decoration was so engaging. We were sitting in sort of veranda from where the well sculpted lawn was visible and the sunlight on the fresh green plants and grass on that cold day was more than inviting. We took our time to sip on our favourites. 

The robusta and the cold coffee mix the customized one were so tasty and refreshing that their taste and the smell just settled in my mind’s memory corner so deep that whenever I will smell coffee from now on, will be able to recollect the moment like it occured some moments ago. 

The time flew away like a second, but can feel his hand’s warmth on mine still and his eyes smiling into mine with sparkle. The rays of the sun falling on his face made his eyes little lighter in colour but there was something in that gaze giving depth to the pair of almond eyes. Now thinking about it all, I think I am not wrong on hanging on, may be little more strength or may be more support that I will need and one day I may laugh through my soul and feel happy at heart, putting everything else behind. may be!

There was so much to discover togather about the magic we both love, the history of it from around from the world, and how it came to that particular part of our country. Then there we some antique articles on display which were traditionally used in coffee trade. From the seed drying to brewing to powdering to espresso to instant coffee and what not of the modern world coffee trends. 

There was something called vortex ride and that really was amazing! Though I’ve been to one earlier but with my son alone but this time we all were togather and my hubby was more enthusiastic then rest three of us to go for that. When I tried to avoid it (I am a vertigo patient, these days attacks on high) he urged me and said he will be there to hold an support me if needed and inside when it started he said to avoid looking around instead hold my gaze with his. I thought it would be more intense if I could hold his hand then, but were holding our kiddos,that was more exciting.
Unfortunately I have only few pics,of the place but that doesn’t mean it is not worth being pictured about…There is much to explore about the coffee and the handicraft of the local place.

The place from outside where we were relaxing and enjoying our coffee at its best.

The decor…a coffee plantation worker.

The giant kettles.

The giant filters!

Sort of coffee bean thresher.

I think I cannot come out of that experience soon and may keep boring everyone with my child like excitement, but please bear with me as these memories are my life line to keep sadness and all those evils at bay.

What is your dream, then?

Actually during our trip to Araku valley, in the south eastern part of AP near the Orissa border, in the Coffee Museum while talking to the owner who also happens to be the owner of Caff├Ę and bakery in the same premises, my husband mentioned something regarding his offer to me about opening a Caff├Ę of my own, which I declined or say did t take seriously. To his comment I replied saying I am made for doing something big not this. He jokingly said everyone is not KFC owner who succeeds after 60, when will you start? At that time I merely mentioned about my passion for writing and that I am already doing my bit for it, I mean no one reaches the top in first step. He shrugged his shoulders and the matter was dismissed. 

Today morning when we were returning from there back to Vizag, he once again took the topic and asked what I was doing to perceive my dream, am I writing or not? I replied to him seriously yes I am writing, at least I have started. His next question was, what I wanted to write I mean how did I want myself to be known as? A poet or something else? I said I want to write poems, and stories & something that fascinates me. But now lying in my hotel bed, I am really thinking hard what I want to be? I mean what I want to write? One thing for sure poetry, songs and everything related to it, is on my first preference as other comes naturally to me. Then as I mentioned in my post on TPIB…ONE OBSESSION THAT MADE YOU BETTER about my dreams of writing a novel and a script of a movie I am longing to write since my teenage, I want to persuade that. But how to materialise these dreams and how to get them published online and what is the procedure of submitting the same online.

Now I am really serious to start it but only confusion is how to publish… but keeping aside the publishing matter I think I can start working on the book.  Later will see what to do. Will write first then compile it, hope it works. Need blessings of you all.

Cappuccino on flight.

Again just after one month, Iam in flight back to my brother’s place, for my children’s summer breaks.

As you all know I am a coffee buff, here also when I saw its on the menu, couldn’t stop myself from ordering one. The taste is awesome and its served piping hot. To tell you that why I am writing this post because that Iam ordering it for the first time on flight.

The combination of three things is deadly. Oh! You may think what three things then I must clear myself here that my love for coffe is first thing, finding it here onboard is second thing and the joy of meeting my brother and his family is third thing. Thus the combination is giving me high. The relaxation I am deriving from it is unexplainable. The aroma of coffee,and the scene out of the flight window…that is something requires admiration. In the crystal blue sky, white cottony wool clouds floating like little boats in the wide sea give me the feel that I am out there in the sky sitting on one of the soft cloud and sipping my hot cappuccino, looking arround the vast endless blue, which surrounds me and engulfs me into a deep serenity. This is filling my heart with calmness.

I wish this feeling to continue as it is making me forget all the worries and relxing my mind so much that I want to close my eyes and loose myself but doing so will make me doze off which means I will miss the chance to enjoy the beauty and wont be able to give the first hand description of what I am feeling and enjoying.

A mug of coffee can do so much. It boosts my spirit, gives my imagination a push, uplifts my mood and doubles the joy of the moment.

I love coffee, I really do and wont get bored of it anytime. Even the meremention of it makes me crave for a cuppa. Then rest is taken care of by its magic. Even the aroma of coffee is so magical that it carries me to places, gives me thoughts, even words and stories are inspired by it. I can go on writing about coffee or something imspired by it, but in half an hour flight is about to land soIhave to come out of my imagination and finish off my coffee and get ready to land.