Beauty of the relations lie in the understanding between people. And here I mean any relation, which is being pursued. Even with animals, birds and your pillow also counts in it at least for me.

I don’t know how many feelings and emotions have gone in there and been absorbed. It’s like secrets buried with a best friend. The understanding of the two goes here as well, mine for it and it’s for mine. No one gets same comfort as I. And on my part, I just can’t get proper sleep if I have to use other.

That brings to a question, do I travel with my pillow every where? Then the answer is most of the time no, I don’t but some times I do. The reason behind is again the understanding. Being a mother of two, hubby with busy schedules and living far from my Parnts place gives me very little time to travel to various places. So I steal all the time I get, to go to my parent’s house and there my old buddy (pillow of my teenage) awaits me. For rest of the travels if we go some where, it’s hardly for two days or maximum four, so I can manage with little sleep as I don’t have a hectic routine to follow after waking.

Then comes the understanding with my room which shares the same feelings as that with pillow.

So, see the understanding works well with everything not only between living things.

_________________________________________ for daily prompt from Nox, The Daily Spur.

4 thoughts on “Understanding

  1. There’s no place like home gathered & built up by fond memory, – go home to yourself -, this understanding is like comfort food. The food is not what comforts? but your recollection of eating many times in the safety of home?

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