FOWC with Fandango – Rately

I am always in a hurry when writing something or drawing and even painting. Why? I had no idea but it made my hand writing and written work look awful.
Once my friend told me to alow down my thought process so that the ideas have time get processed and be refined. And when I tried this it did make change in both, my work and handwriting.
Today when I was looking for an image for my post I found out why I face that problem. May be I am not alone and all the creative people suffer with the mess building up in their mind and are afraid of loosing the idea, for which they apply various methods to hold on. So, the fact that creative minds are rarely tidy is true to its core.
So many ideas keep on jumping up and down in my mind to come out on the paper, that I get confused. The problem with me is that I tend to forget some of the points running in my mind. I am not able to hold on to them, even though I keep repeating them and finally when I jot them down I notice it’s slightly different from my original idea or thought. The final product then is different from what I initially had in mind.
Sometimes I feel so hochpoch in there that just don’t wanna tread in my mind. The mix soup of my thoughts starts boiling at a point and then I can’t help but let it out of the pot. The mess of my mind looks beautiful or thoughtful on the paper.