IBMC #08: The Nursery Rhyme Challenge

Pussycat, pussycat

Where have you been?


I’ve been up to London

To visit the Queen.


Pussycat, pussycat

What did you there?


I frightened a little mouse

Under her chair.


For a housewife in middle class Indian family, though she might be well educated and we’ll qualified yet what she does is hides behind her daily chores, looking after family…etc. Even going on tours or places is sometimes a dream for her.This might go like this…its my perception if I hurt feelings please pardon me.


Mrs. xyz,  Mrs. xyz

Where have you been?


I’ve been up to kitchen,

To cook the day’s last meal.


Mrs. xyz, Mrs. xyz

What did you do there?


I ended up cleaning utensils

For next day keeping everything clear.








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