IBMC #07: The News and Paper Challenge


The article I’ve taken from Times of India/Telangana/A.P. dated 11/08/17

This topic I picked up to showcase my thoughts on one of the most burning topic…the girl child…beti bachao, beti padhao.


This article brought goosebumps to me. I mean really it’s so inspiring to see girls encouraged so much, in the times when there is so much going on against them. The new born child is thrown wrapped up in a plastic bag, left to die either by suffocation or by starving and some cases are seen where the stray dogs or rats bite them to death.

In my opinion one should empower their daughter as much, so that she can face the world proudly. There is nothing that a girl can’t do and a boy can. Every field is conquered by them. Daughters do make us proud similarly. Educating one girl is like educating coming generations. Many social evils can be eliminated. Many lives can be saved. If a daughter is educated, loved and respected she will grow into a more responsible and disciplined mother who can educate her child to resiprocate her values towards the other members of the society, specially the female members.

In my view, loving, caring, respecting and educating a girl can make a lot of difference to the society, if not big then at least a significant change can come.


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