Night at a high level party venue.

What a gathering! Who’s who of the society and the glamour world in attendance. Everyone enjoying and chatting. The whole place was lighted and decorated like a bride.

In a farthest corner of the garden by the pool side, where the light was little dim, was the dullest corner of the party.

There sat a couple of last four years. Holding hands, and her head rested on his shoulder. Distress was visible on her face.

Shadow and light played a pattern on her face making it more deep.

A glittering drop of tear rolls down her cheek and a sob escaped.

Then he kept his hand around her shoulder and pressed lightly, understanding the pain, both were going through. After sometime they stood up to leave, when an ounce mentioned was made. And everyone started to sing happy birthday for the baby.

The couple was dreading the moment which has arrived, now it was obvious that it was non avoidable. Slowly dragging the feet they moved towards the area.

As she approached to bless the baby with him behind, someone from the gathering whispered,” Oh! how can she attend such a function!. So many years and still not a single birthday celebrated in their home.”

They hurriedly went on the stage and fearing the reaction of baby’s parents, kissed it and got down. And were passing the gathering when they heard some mixed whispers. Some sympathised, some pitied and very few understood their pain.

In the car parking she broke out.  Some how he sobered her up, controlling his own feelings and drove back home. None spoke or even flickered eyes. Only some flashbacks going on, in their mind.

Four years back when they married, a dream of small sweet family twinkled in their eyes. After one year when she was expecting they mat with an accident.

When her eyes opened in the hospital she was surrounded by him and all the family members. Long gloomy faces told her what she didn’t want to hear. Then came the doctor with worst news ever.

The delivery they were expecting was cancelled naturally. But there were more chances to come. And since then they were waiting for that delivery of gift. With a jersey the car came to holt and with that they came to reality.

Later in the bedroom with dim night light, both were talking of the ruthlessness of the comments and wondering, that still in such a high class society this evil mentality existed.

The next morning came with a beautiful decision. They visited an orphanage and decided to adopt a baby girl as a bundle of joy to be delivered at their home.

2 years have passed since then, he was sitting in a waiting lounge of a hospital with their little angel hovering around him, shouting and shrieking  with joy and exciment at the news that she was going to have a sibling.

Finally the doctor came out with a smile on his face and he was allowed to see his wife and the baby. In the room four of them were beaming with happiness and the girl was clutching on to the baby, all smiles and both parents were clutching her tightly, thanking her stars that brought this unexpected delightful delivery in their life.

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