Pic. as I understand it.

Photo by Robert Hickerson via Unsplash

Good combination of gold and silver with little darkness that lies between them. The net gives the impression of tangles of life and the spirals of the wire are the remembeerance ofroler coaster situations in life. The blue sky above is the vast scope of hope that drives the life to go on and fight till its all right.

8 thoughts on “Pic. as I understand it.

    1. No its not intended but what i felt i wrote. And happy to know we have something somewhere in common and thankyou for liking my profile pic. Its somewhat discribes me and my ideology.

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      1. He is famous by the name of Sai Baba from Shirdi. I dont believe in anyother form of higher authority but him, oh i ve been overhelmed by his power. You have to just trust him and nothing else, leave everything on him and see whatever you want is yours in no matter of time. From smallest of thi gs to marry my love of life , i have got cuz of him. Even my kidos they are his blessings. Thereis lot to say abouthim but wont bore you much by it

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      2. Completely get that, the devotion and the surrender. HE will be there with you forever! Stay blessed. By the way, my cousin was a devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba. He, his son and three friends who were all devotees, were trvelling to some Shirdi temple in South India, had met with an accident, all passed away. So it is different experience for different people. We all have to experience our Karmas, anyway.

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      3. I am sorry to hear that….may their families have the courage to cope with the loss. Yes Karma is farmost important in his preachings too. I did pooja for my mom when she was very ill, suffering from multiple organ cancer, i had full hope she will recover but as you said karma plays a big role.

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