Blogging Insights

Dr. Tanya, this time hosts Blogging Insight prompt this time. She has given me a good opportunity to review my Blogging life and make changes if required for the betterment of my blog, so I thank her a lot for making me think about the future of my blog going through the past strategies.


I dream of getting noticed more. I see my blog trending. The stories and articles I write get more love and understanding. I wish my experiences and my stories help people to find a way out.


6 years back, when I started he blog, I was more active which took me from ground to the place where I am right now. But the ups and downs of my life made me slow and less active which resulted in stagnation of my blog. But now in the new year, I have decided to pull myself up and work on my blog. This is my dream and writing is my second love, after reading. It’s bit hard for me but I will fight and come back.

Hope every one supports and showers love on my blog as ever.

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