A Bitch named Sucharitasen.

Hi friends and fellow bloggers. I don’t know whether this post of mine is going to reach the aimed person or not but still I am determined to write it down. I am sorry if my language or grammar is not upto the mark or even the performance of the post is not right, then please excuse me. Because the expired person does require atleast minimum respect out of courtesy stake,if not for real. But there are some people who have forgotten their manners.

How down can a person and specially a lady fall from her character? I don’t understand what motive she had behind abusing a deceased person’s family and that too, his sisters. Apart from her physical and financial needs be fulfilled by her boss. I mean so called boss, actually I should be calling him her master and her, a KEEP. This lady is abusing two ladies purely on the instructions of her so called movie director producer and writer, a bastard himself, who doesn’t know his own origins, accurately.

This bastard has no sense and is deprived of rightful mind. He wished to marry his own daughter. This guy belongs to a mixed community and the movies he makes I mean the types of movies he makes, are really shame on the pious institution of marriage. He, himself married two times and ruined an actress’ life. Now this guy has eyes for another girl who is the age of his third child, say about 25 to 28 and this girl also is a money digger, who along with this bastard and his team, murdered a brilliant star, no I would say, an actor, a brilliant actor.

Now this bitch, Sucharita is covering up new lust of her master, by giving false statements and to divert (what she thinks, she is doing by her actions) the public, she is abusing the actor’s sisters.

May be some people who recognize about whom I am writing, they might think I am a fan of deceased actor, so, I want to clarify, that I am not at all a fan of that pure soul, in fact I am not a fan of any of the lot. Just being a human I am moved by the degraded actions of the bastard team. She is even abusing some YouTube era who are fighting for justice for the actor. This I can see, is a very old and long story. It may have started say about 40 years ago or may be some other points are also there, some drug paddling, mafia and such other communal points which may be unfolded once the case is solved.

What I think is, nepotism in this case is just a small stone. This industry is just a @#$place. It should be boycotted and this bitch’s books too be boycotted.

I am stopping here because this will become long if I keep on writing. And I may bore you. I want to use a photograph of that bitch and bastard here but …

Well I am sorry for this. But until i had not written it down my mind would not be at peace.

If you read the complete post, I am thankful for bearing with me. Please pray with me for the justice for the actor.


Rose is my favourite flower apart from the Tulips, Daisies and Dahlias. In fact rose is my all time favorite, not the English rose but the Indian red rose with sweetest of all smells. The smell has a mystic power to enchant you. It’s all around you once you come in contact whether in a party, a marriage or any gathering. The best thing about it is that, a rose is preferred to be used in happiness or in gloom. It looks as enchanted in a marriage, a birthday or as a gift and as elegant for last goodbye to the beloved. Without roses every occasion seems incomplete.

I have my obsessions with these flowers. I planted one of each variety at home on my terrace garden. But my bad luck that one by one except all dried off except rose. It bears such a mesmerising bunch every time that I feel disheartened when they shed off or my mother in law plucks them off to offer in her prayers. I tried many times indirectly to stop her but all in vain.

I look after the plant like my own baby. Time to time attending to it, talking or playing music to it. I prefer organic manure and home made decomposit for it, so I make everything by myself without caring for the hours of labour it takes. After finishing my daily chores when I get time to myself I spend that in looking after them. Early morning I first water them then only I think of preparing breakfast for the other family members.

When it’s hot and sunny I cover them up with a removable shade which is removed in the evening and again put up when it starts getting hot. My whole day routine goes round them, I mean I make time for them as I make for writing, depriving myself of luxury of rest.

It just makes me feel crying when I see them adressed to such a cruel behaviour, hope you understand the pain I go through and the anger I feel but cannot display.

My Heaven

I don’t know whether it’s TRUE or not but I have heard that they say heaven is here itself where our heart is. After dying we don’t ho anywhere but find our heaven in the place where our heart is.

I’ve even read and saw in movies that souls go to a place, they are fond of. It can be any place they set their heart on, when they were alive. Even their physical condition becomes perfect and they can acquire any look from their past life. This brings me to my point of writing this post. I don’t know why but from some days I am feeling that my dead parents and grandparents, even great grandparents along with my cousin are all having a gala time at our ancestral home. They are waiting for me.

It feels like that if I go there to just have a look at my childhood home, they might give me a sign of their presence. May be my parents didn’t go any where but are just their in that home, living like they used to and watching over us. They are ready to welcome us when it’s our time to leave this body and carry on with our real self.

Even a thought of this gives me a visual that I am missing from years. Infact I am jealous that they all are reunited there and having a beautiful time together. Making all the memories again as in their life time they did. I strongly wish to visit that home once to see them or say, to feel them. Even that house is calling me. I don’t know whether you all get the vibes or not from your child home or ancestral home but I am getting it and it’s like an strong pull from it. An attraction which can not be defined but just felt. I sometimes feel like crying because I am not able to go there.

May be some of you might thi k that iys a call of age that I am feeling this way or that I might be lonely and depressed. Or may be just missing my people badly but I would like to tell you all that it’s not like this. I cannot explain the feeling but when the thought occurs, I am like transported to another level of feeling which, for me is beyond explaining in words. It just can be felt. A vision is created where I can see all of them in same time, when I was a kid with all grandeur of the place.

I feel an urge to go there and smell the time I have spent and meet my family members who are missing from this plane but existing in another. May be some of you infact all of you might think of me as a person who has lost her mind. But frankly speaking I feel this way very strongly from past few days and planning a visit there soon, next year. Bless me all and please pray that I find my peace.

My book is available online now.

Hi everyone.

I actually want to shout loudly, like crazy at this moment as my book is finally online. It is published. Like actually published. From past three years I’ve been working on it and you all are witness of my growth. Today is the day for which I prayed and you all blessed me.

Here I am sharing the links…if any one is generois enough to provide me with the review…or any sort of interaction I would love it.


Fighting With My Inner Demons



His eyes rose to meet mine,

as I believed I was the

only one, I asked

” You Love me and

only me, and are mine

alone; right?”

He could just stare into

my direction just above

my head. Then

a long silience followed.

Random Thoughts

I have stopped touching my evergreen wound in order to let it heal. It’s okay untill I don’t wander in its direction and every thing goes back to ground zero. How hartd I may try, it attacks, or shall I say my minddoes not want me to heal. It has become unhealing sore.

Learning to ignore things is one of the great paths to inner peace…..I have recently learnt and believe it thoroughly. When negative thoughts arise or feelings tend to sadden me, I just simply ignore them. The thoughts which create havoc in my heart and mind, I shift my focusfrom them to the more happy thougths. Sometimes just out of the mere need to speak something to avoid the regretfull events that may follow, I speak totally different from what is going on in my mind, shocking myself and mind both. But believe me, it does pay.

Silence is not empty, it’s full of … Answers!

In my case the silence is full of destructive, negative and sad thoughts. So I don’t sit silent instead I chat with my mind about my book, blog or channel.

I look for answers not in silence but in the chaos of my mind. It (chaotic mind) has lot to offer, from wide range of emotions. I never found anything from silence apart from provoking thoughts of negativity. So, I never keep that ghostly silence creep into my space. I keep chattering or giving exercise to my mind when I find moments of peace. It has helped a lot to pull up my life togather once again after my encounter with the ugly truth of me not being only one for my love.

Believe me your mind can play fatal tricks upon you once it has gone through some dentful events, so keeping your self bisy even in the moments of silence is good rather than let it drool over the random topics, which for sure are dark unlike healthy minds which find answers in silence.


I don’t have much knowladge about meditation but do love doing it in my way. Though people have their own ways of indulging in it but mine is simple, I meditate on reading.  I forget everything while doing so. When I am in library the peace and serenity there absorbs the negetivity and depressive feelings, giving me fresh feeling and light headedness. I feel refreshed once I am in library and love loosing myself in the magical land of books.

This is what I feel about meditation and library. What about you, my friends?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments.