My rants

This year is going to end with a sad note yet with hope, hope for new beginning. I am looking forward to 2021 with many dreams bubbling inside of me.

This year has showed that nothing is stable and that nature is very powerful and knows how to balance itself. This year has even taught me not to trust tomorrows anymore and not to put your dreams and wishes on postponing list. What you have is just now so enjoy life and fulfil all your wishes and dreams. Work for now and enjoy the company of your beloveds. Keep in touch with near and dear ones, maintaining all the precautions. Then only we can call it a perfect ‘ the end and the beginning’ that too is beyond perfection.

Written for:

Stine Writing :- Simply 6 minutes word count 128.

Go Dog Go Cafe :- Tuesday Word Prompt

Last week of senior school

On our knees,

We went down,

For the last time,

All four of us,

Kneeling down,

Out of the class,

The last week,

From tomorrow,

We will miss us,

The life will take turns,

Swirl and tumble,

But friends,

Promise me,

We will be at call’s distance.

First meet.

You sneaked up in my room, my heart missed a beat,

You smiled and I gasped, you threw open your arms and I was in,

While in the que of temple, you called my name and I was all lost,

We walked the length and breadth of the market hand in hand,

You looked in my eyes, promised me a lifetime of togetherness,

I hold your hand tight, widen my eyes to stop pain from pouring,

We smiled like we had eternity in our hands to be together,

You had to go, nothing I could do to stop you though I wanted to,

The moment you started on your journey I turned away to leave,

Not turning behind to wave, I had flood of emotions in my eyes,

This moment still holds my heart and the memory stops my beat.

What do you see?…Ray of Hope.

A ray of hope amid the darkness of mind and racing thoughts is just like the thunderbolt amid the stormy and thunderous sky. When appear, make great sound but instantly lighten up the sky even for a small while similarly the hope appears and lightens up the mind and mood instantly. Brightening the chances of betterment. At that moment  normal people appear so common infront of the enthusiasm and energy it fills in us. The showers after that are the talent and ability hidden behind the darkness we never chose to overcome us. But one hope is enough to linger on to prove our worth.


A voice in my head…

“Stop, right there!” a whisper and I just turn my head to look over my shoulder, to find no one behind.

I complete my rounds and slump down on the bench below a tree. It’s cool and breezy morning but I feel sudden rush of heat raising and goose bumps on my body, hair on my neck rise.

“You must die.” a clear whisper this time but more urging in a voice between teeth. I just jerk up and look if someone was hiding behind and playing prank over me. But no, this time too no one.

I start walking towards the gates and realise that I’ve been listening this voice from a few days now. This time, only very clear.

Lately, I’ve been feeling very drastic. This voice continuously trying to control me, becoming more and more clearly audible whisper and compelling me to die!

I cannot run from it. Wherever I go it follows me. Its now becoming more and more irritating, I don’t know what to do? Even when I talked to my friend about this, she asked me to just ignore it as its nothing more than my imagination. But its not the case, I know real it is and how compelling.

One night i woke up to sharp pain in my head and I notice same gruelling voice asking to smash my head with something heavy or just thrash my head into the wall. It just wants me to die. I don’t know what to do? I am tired of it, tired of running from it, ignoring it. But it seems to be more determined everytime it’s heard.