Last week of senior school

On our knees,

We went down,

For the last time,

All four of us,

Kneeling down,

Out of the class,

The last week,

From tomorrow,

We will miss us,

The life will take turns,

Swirl and tumble,

But friends,

Promise me,

We will be at call’s distance.

Twpc…I never knew.

I never knew, I will betray myself by loving you so much.

I never knew, I will be the reason behind your heart ache.

I never knew, unknowingly I will move you away from your happiness.

I never knew, I will be one of those whom I hate.

I never knew, I will be able to fight my demons and defeat…but…

I never knew, these demons were not defeated but lurking behind my smiles and will leap up hold me under their sharp claws.