Wanderer soul trapped

I have always loved the journeys and not the destination. Since childhood I’ve been travelling, though to and fro from my native place to my grandparents town in summer vacations.

The lust for travelling has been since instilled and even after forty years is not quenched.

The journeys I took in my childhood and early teens have a strong effect on my memories. My comparisons, if any, in a scene or specially in the poems, comes from those memories.

I love reliving those light moments when everything felt like rejuvenating. Each movement, each step filled me with thrill. A destination gave me hope of new journey. Reaching at a place filled me with anticipation for the journey either return or continued one to another stop. This used to be a cycle.

In childhood days, I never wanted to reach the destination because all the enjoyment, excitement and new experiences laid in the journey itself and not the place. I mean for a while it’s ok but then your heart starts longing for the journey to another place, to new experiences and all.

For me the transit period is best. Stationary means dead, to me at least it seems so.

I had no mobile phone or digital camera when we traveled to show now, the journeys I have taken, to the places which are engraved in my heart but the photos are still tucked in the albums and kept safely. The memories live behind eyelids. So fresh, so lively.

These days I am not able to travel a lot, at least as much I desire to thus the pain of missing the roads is building up in my heart.

Whenever I hear or see someone on the go, I long to be a free soul of the wanderer. I want to be a nomad, stopping at a place where no one has been or very few have known. I want to mingle with the people and their culture, to be one with the nature. I don’t want to stay for long, just understand the place and it’s life then leave for new place to quench thirst of my eyes and soul, to see the nature’s and beauty.

I know that I am not here for forever so, whatever time I have left, I want to witness the nature’s creation. To feel it in first hand. To be out there in the nature and experience the creating force passing through me, giving me a new lease of life and unfolding the truth of our existence, the whole purpose of our being.

The Grass walk

Aah! Finally I managed to get out of the busy house life for a few days.

After 9 long months of self quarantine and social distancing I managed to convince my hubby darling to take us out.

The place he selected is my favorite outing spot. Far from the chaos of city life, it’s surrounded by nature and is the country area. The place where we stayed is in mid of the fields. Not far from it, lies forest and hills. There are many historical and mythological sites nearby.

Few of them I will share with you in my posts’ Vikharabad Series’. Today in intro, I will show you merely the place where we stayed and its surroundings.

The resort itself is rustic. Dotted with themed tents, reception area and the decorations. The food is simple yet tasty. It is named as ‘ The Grass Walk’. It is built atop of a Highland, from where you can see the surrounding easily.

In winters its chilling in nights but the camp fire is organised by the owners on your demand. The tent I choose is East facing, so that when I wake up I can see the rising sun, the first thing in the morning. Apart from that, there is a private small patio like space provided with every tent which overlooks nearby fields and has thick trees. The mornings are like lifetime experience. I love drinking my morning coffee sitting there observing the serenity. The calmness and the chirping of the birds takes over your worries. Once you merge with the nature, you will not want to return to your chaotic life, ever again.

The long walks or tracking on the hilly forest takes you to another world. You have some extraordinary experiences. You just can’t explain them in words.

I am sure, when you return from there, you will leave, a part of you, behind. The impressions won’t go away. Just imagine, you waking up to the sound of peacocks, sparrows, tailorbirds, quails and many other kind of birds which are now extinct in the city. Not far from the place, is a stream flowing which you cross everytime you go for a stroll or walk or even for tracking. You can even observe a part of rural life and how the farmers work in their farms.

Dinner was a beautiful experience. Sitting out on the patio, shivering with cold, children covering themselves with blankets and eating our hot dinner, listening to the sound of crickets, and strange sounds of farmers who stayed back to look after their crops from the deers and stags, antelopes etc. which came out from the nearing forest.

Summers are engaging as well. The patio evenings are marvellous. Just sit in the quiet, sipping your cold coffee and observing the nature, people and green hills in the distance. For dinner you can ask them to serve on the scaffolding. They even provide a night stay on it. With transparent roof and transparent curtain in front and the sunrise from there is best with the vast fields visible.

In my next post of this series I will take you on tracking to a view point.

Till then please enjoy this sight.



Fantastic View
African themed tent
View from bed