Wriring prompt.

A week or so ago, I was going through my pinterest account where in my writing prompt board a found an idea and ainve then it got stuck in my mind. From day one I am thinking about it,what and how ro write. Finally wrote down few lines yeaterday and told my son. After few hours, was searching the web again for some reference when I found that what I am writing about is a serious and rare disease in reality. Its called bilingual aphisa which affects the Broca, situated in the front lobe of the brain and is equally divided into the languages spoken by a person.

When further researching about it, I found only 6 or 7 people are affeted by it. Watching their videos I felt one might feel excited to speak anorher language fluently without taking pains, but for them who forgot how to return to their normal tone and mother tongue, accent is the trouble and suffering is beyond explaination. Their pain, hurt and loneliness was seen in their eyes and painful smiles. One od them is a little girl who has to take help of a translator to talk to her parents, similarly a young man has to try again to learn his mother tongue. Two of them have completely forgotten their original identity.

Since I have seen those vodeos, I am so moved and my mind has stuck. I can’t get it out of thoughts. Though I am not an experienced writer but how earnestly I wont to show their agony and pain in my story. Their situation is like to struck back in a nightmare or sweet dream which turned into ghoulish situation after somedays.

All are not that unlucky, and have recovered partially or touched the boundary of hell and returned. But these are very few in number.

My prayers and wishes go to all of them.