Designing Your Life

“There’s a science to planning

Your life well.”    

          The most Important lesson of the life now a days is to design our lives which highlights the need of concern for our personal being rather then materialistic desires. All we need is a right approach to design our lives. We should be living the lives with as much little stress as possible to start designing our future. All the specific variables of our goals should be aligned so that they fit in properly. And our motive should be intentional rather then ideas of instable mind because we cannot change anything which has been done but of course our future is something we can make according to our choice and that’s where the beauty of planning lies.

Goal – Centric Questions.

We should be asking ourselves a question that how we want to live our life from this day onwards. That is we should be in charge of our life in every walk may it be work or personal. Be it health regarding question or relation. The more specific the question the more concrete the path to change. The lifestyle we are living today has made us a mechanical being who is programmed according to the set of rules and is running round the clock without pausing or getting bit of personal time. Always a tic toc of time buzzing to finish off everything before the deadline. In this kind of scenario, one must have a designing tool kit handy to bring a change a positive one. We need to decide which direction we want to go rather then being in a herd, running to one direction blindfolded. The focusing areas must be made clear and one should be cautious and passionate about them. Author Jen Sincero opines that if you want to live a life you’ve never lived, you have have to do things you’ve never done.

Easy To Apply Changes.

The life plan must be implemented with easy experiments, where we do things to approach our goals. It is critical but worth giving a try on daily basis, until it becomes a routine. A regular journaling practice can be a good and easy approach to do so. Anything, from a short walk in nature to coffee shop or park bench would do. Take out as little as 10 to 15 minutes a day and think over what all has occurred in our life and what measures we taken or will take to handle it.

Building Strong Mind Not Bank Balance.

We don’t know when or how many times our life is going to give us a jolt. Life is like a roller costar ride, who knows when we are upside down or simply thrown out of balance. A mind is always on a constant move through the different sort of thoughts. Thus, having a mental tool kit to fix the mood swings or the lows of life, as and when required, to move on, is a necessity. The situation requires us to build a strong mind so that we can go through such unstable situation swiftly and be stable. This requires the strong mind and the bank balance. Practicing all this we should not forget the chaos daily routine and small work needing our attention, make. Measures to minimize their negative impact on our moods should be taken. Once these petty tensions are taken care of, we get plenty of time to concentrate properly on the long term goals of our life, which are far more easy to achieve.



My thoughts and laundry.

In my small living room or should I call it an open space just outside the room, in a corner I have kept a place for the laundry when I take it off the wire when it’s dried. 

I keep piling it as long as I can. I mean I just don’t have the heart to fold them neatly and keep them in the respective place. Call me a lazy person or whatever you may like but I can’t do it. Though I tried many times but after doing it once I am back to ground zero. It starts piling up again. I know it looks ugly but then it’s hidden from everyone’s eyes. Only I see it as it’s in my approach. And one day when it can no longer take the burden of clothes the heap starts falling down then I try to tuck them up and it doesn’t help instead creates extra work for me. So without any wish to sort that mess out I have to put them in their respective place which gives me tension and I do it so disgracefully that it looks so unorganised in my cupboard. In my hubby’s and kids cupboard it’s all managed because for them I have to keep it neat and cleanly organised but when it comes to my clothes I am always clumsy and mismanaged. 

Today a thought striked me that same goes with my thoughts too. They keep on building up in my mind and I keep storing them. It’s not that I don’t want to express them but have no heart or guts.  I don’t know why whenever I think to write or say them my mind stops me from doing so. They keep piling in my head, the thoughts of all kind and nature. It feels so stuffy in there that I start suffocating of my own thoughts.  I did try many a times to sort them out but I am always confused, worried, anxious and so much more.

When I try to write them down the mind is in such a rush that it is not properly organised and what I write I myself don’t understand. But at least I am free of burden and for a while I feel free and light. But this feeling is not for long my thoughts start storing up again as I am so clumsy and anxious to sort them out. I feel concious to express and besides it feels better that they should stay in my mind where no one can read, feel or understand or misunderstand them and thus no pain, all locked up sagely no matter how? But then it again starts suffocating again and I have to force myself to express them, in any manner and in any condition whether sorted and organised properly or not. It comes down on the pages of my diary or the screen, and stored. Now a days I even burden you people out with the over flow of the thoughts.

Whatever I do, how much I write and express…I come to ground zero every time with more of the thoughts forming up in mind. Some are beautiful,some are pitiable and some are full of anger. Hope I am able to hide some of the ugliness of my mind and thoughts when I put them on display. Here I go anxious again and blabbering out something or the other. The vicious cycle of thoughts downloading and uploading keeps on going and my mind keeps cherning but not pouring out outcome of this.

I take your leave or else will keep on going on like this may be for eternity or at least as long as it takes my mind to be empty.

Image: whisper