My Home

I know many if you might not believe what I am going to tell you here but it’s TRUE my friends.

So the story goes like this, no actually it’s not a story but true incident from my childhood. So it goes years back or should I say ages back, when this house of mine was built, in the beginning of the Beitish era in India. Oh, I forgot to tell you that I am from India and to be more precise from the western India.

So it goes like this, when the house was built, it was very basic type, with big hall like rooms, open courtyards, arches and verandas. And bathrooms were not attached like these days but were built at quite a distance. To top this the house was surrounded by open land which was basically a frm land. It spread till where one could see. One side big trees were there, as like at the border of the forest. Many wild animals, specially leopards and wolves used to come in the vicinity. They used to carry away our cattle or sometimes killed them at the spot. That was how the atmosphere was in those days.

Jumping back to 40 years back, when we used to live there. Actually we abandoned the place some 20 years ago. The reason being distance from educational institutions, offices and rest of the developing city. So, what I was telling you people was that, there were many secrets in that house. Atleast we believe so. My great great grand father loved the place so much that he never wanted to leave it, so even after his death, people say that he stayed back and many, including my grand mother swears to see some sort of white figure with white hair and beard, very fragile but prominent, roaming on the boundaries of the building at nights.

This is one incident there are many such incidents and believe me all are so freaky. One of them goes like this, the legend, of course of my family, says that there is a lot of wealth hurried in the old part of the house. So my grand pa without telling my great grand ma planned to dig up the place and for this he first sent us mom to their village home and then with the help of people working at his estate, started to dig the place. The other night my great grandmother had a dream where and old man in white robe with white beard and mustache and hair told her to ask her son to stop digging for the wealth which is not intended for him but the third generation from him.. or else he may loose his life. So the very next morning a messenger was sent to this house of mine and my grand pa had to give up digging.

No till date no one has found that wealth, infact every one forgot the legend. The other story goes like this…its moreover kind of ghost story. There are three rooms at the exterior of the main building. One of them was occupied by the person who used to look after the cattle and milk them. This story is about his experience. At night he used to sleep in his room but in the morning he was always found out in the yard below his cot and it actually lying on top of uma as if someone has thrown them out with force. He used to say that every night he fights with someone faintly visible and after he sleeps that someone throws him out of the room. Though that entity never hurt him or anyone in the big house. I have seen this person lying in the courtyard with the cot upside down but never saw or felt the entire, intact no one from the family e or did but people working on the estate and our tenants did mention many things.

This was not the only site but the rooms built below our room…that was the biggest horror. There were 3 rooms below our room and a veranda and a courtyard then a room and a small veranda opposite to those rooms. Beside this room there was a huge indica tree and below it was a bathroom of golden days. And this veranda had a door to the open land surrounding the house. At night it was like we were in jungle. So, as I was telling about the rooms below our room, one of the three rooms was adsigned to mum’s house help. First one was there since my birth then she had to leave due to her family issues the other one was a boy from our village, who came later. What was common in these two was that they felt presence of something but never felt fear and yes there were lot of snakes in that area. Every morning they saw the marking moving from their bed to the door. Now when I think of those days I wonder how they used to sleep in that atmosphere.

Tou won’t believe I never felt afraid or knew the fear until I left that ancestral home. The last but not the least story is very recent. When my cousin was young, he was sleeping near the window which opened in the small garden of jungle berry which was enclosed in one of the courtyards. So that night he felt there is cool breeze coming in so opened his eyes to check but what he saw, gave him high fever. He found someone looking at him from that window, which was at the height of more than 20 feet. He jerked off from the bed and screamed, uncle and aunt came out and saw him lying in sweat and hot with fever, though it was cold. This incident is giving me goose bumps even now.

For now this is enough, rest will continue in next episode of my home.

Highway No. 79 Dudu village

National highway number-79. Night 0800pm. ..pitch dark…winters of November 1991. Double lane road with very scanty traffic. Road side tea stalls too were very few in this Stretch. No honking of horns, not a single sound of engines. Quiet was so engrossing that the sound of three cars coming in a convoy was merely a humming.

Three Ambassador cars in a row, one behind the other, in first car were sting the officials of state minister for tourism, second car had minister himself, DIG and District Magistrate with the driver. The third car had DM’s family with their driver. They passed a mile stone that read 80kms. The men in the second car were so involved in talking that they did not notice the passing of the mile stone the second time, the same mile stone which read 80kms.

After 1 hour of crossing the 80kms. mile stone for the first time, the car with DM’s family stopped as they could not see the other two cars. It was pitch dark on the road without the pole lights in those times. The wife of DM got the gun man to wireless the message to the gunman in the minister’s car ro know their whereabouts. The gunman from the other car asked them to wait where they were till they come.

After another 15 minutes the other cars appeared. DM got down of minister’s car and sat with his family and waved good bye to others. Though they asked him to stay with them but he didn’t listen and took their leave. By half past 1 they reached their home.

Next day when they called the DIG to ask did they reach safely, the story he told was spooky. The moment DM changed the car and drove off, the horrifying incident started. After  dropping him when they started, they crossed the milestone for the third time and this was noticed by the driver and he told this to others. First none believed him then 15 minutes later when the same mile stone again came everyone was dumbstruck. The driver then turned the car and started again but within 5 minutes the car skid and faced towards the way they were coming from. The drivers gain turned the cars but again the same thing happened.

It was late in the night when they finally managed to pass the stretch where this all was happening. Thus got late to reach their respective homes.

Later it was known that it was the same patch where many such weird incidents occur and is said to be haunted. It’s hardly 15 minute zone but is very accident prone area. It’s a curve on the road. Many other incidents came into light then. One doctor was returning to his home from the city where he was posted. It was evening 0500pm when he came to the same stretch of NH-79, when he saw a brick wall in middle of the road and tried to avoid the collision but his bike skid and fell down. With the bike he was drawn for few mts. He got bad bruises on hands, fractured leg. In some incidents the drivers have felt the presence of some Un visible person sitting right aside them and urging them to crash the vehicle. Some have reported of seeing a lady with a child asking for lift and then getting vanished into the thin air. One such incident mentions a lady covered with blood holding a little child asked for lift and sat in the back seat of the car and then guided them out of the village too but when the three friends who were in the car looked for the lady, saw she vanished into thin air. The friends tried to forget the incident as a nightmare but that haunts them till date. Those 15 minutes of horror are unforgettable for anyone who has faced this.

The story behind all this goes like this….time was when child marriages prevailed in Rajasthan. In the village named Dudu, near Ajmer, in a family a infant baby girl of 5 days was to be married off to a toddler of 3 years. But the mother of the girl was against this marriage. So to save her child she ran away from home taking the baby with her. On the road she met with an accident and both mother and child died instantly. It is said all this haunting and accidents on this road started since then.

The haunting still continues and may be first of its kind where a road stretch is haunted.


Chilling goosebumps.

I don’t know why but today above all I want to write about the horror stories. I just love ‘ em. They’re sort of fuel to me. When ever I get disheartened or sad I just want to indulge myself in some kind of horror and forget about the world around me. I love the feel of thrill, the standing of hair to its edge and the unexpected. The darkness, the fear it’s all giving me an adrenal rush. Here I will share couple of so called true incidents…


1. Picnic

One day five friends of my brother decided to go for a picnic to a near by fort, a citadel. It’s actually a fort atop of Aravali ranges in Rajasthan. So this place has long stretch of uninhabited area. Moreover it’s far from the modern city, in the vicinity of old town of historic and medical ages.

One of the boys who actually is my brother’s friend, fall ill on the day of picnic, thus missed the trip. So rest of the four boys went on their bikes, double riding. After reaching there they enjoyed the scenic beauty, had something to eat from the restaurant at the place. Danced photographed and then all sat to return. It was 5.00 p.m. When they got down the hill it was nearly half past 5 in the evening and they drove for 2 kms. more when one of them stopped at the road side tea stall, you can find many such stalls there. As he stopped the friends on other bikes also stopped. They then decided to have evening tea and later the change of drivers. So as they were waiting for tea to come after ordering, one of the four boys felt the urgent need to go for loo. As tea stall was on roadside, there was jungle behind it. Up to long distance either jungle or hills in the distance were visible. This boy went to a shed which looked like makeshift arrangement for relieving yourself. While he was using this so called loo, he was able to see the jungle behind the stall.

Suddenly, he saw someone waving at him. He somehow managed to come out decently and rushed towards his friends, who were sipping on their tea, enjoying the cool breeze. This boy hastily kept the cash below his tea cup and ushered his friends towards bikes,asking the tea stall guy to keep the change with him.

On the bike he sat behind his friend allowing him to drive. Only half a kilometre later his other friends started to notice some changes in him. It was growing dark,as in winters the night falls a little early. So the boys continued for a kilometre more and then by 6.30 p.m. They came to halt when they could see the city approaching and the two other boys who were on the second bike came to this boy and three of them asked him what was wrong and why was he behaving so weird.  He in a ladylike voice replied, pointing to a boy standing next him,” I wanted to possess you but he, pointing to himself, saw me first so I took him.” The boys were so scared that were not able to decide what to do. Then the one who was driving the bike with the possessed boy, said “We cannot leave him alone. I have an idea,the famous ancient temple of “Kala Hanuman” is nearly 2 or 3 kms. from here, let’s take him there.” So on one bike three of them sat with this boy in middle, the one behind hold him tightly as he was shivering and the fourth one drove alone.

At the temple assisting him, they took him inside. There he stopped shivering and fell asleep. The priest there tied a black enchanted thread to his right upper arm and then the friends returned home safely.

That boy suffered from fever for few days but nothing more, he only told what he saw in the jungle to his friends the next day.

My brother’s friend said he was lucky not to be there that day as he is  affraid of these things.

I don’t know how much spine chilling or real it sounds to you but recollecting the incident I feel chills, though I don’t believe but still it’s spooky. And yes the boy in question is perfectly all right now.


2. Motor bike incident.

My brother and his brother- in- law put up a stall in life style exhibitions in the month of October. It’s not their livelihood but just for an experience.       They have divided the timings, so each of them can adjust accordingly. In the morning my brother’s family looks after the stall,then in the afternoon his brother- in -law’s family. At evening they all to-gather wind up the stall and have dinner there itself and return.

One day after tea his brother in law came unannounced, in-case they need help for setting up the stall as it was very messy the previous night. That day sometime after half past noon his brother- in -law said he would go and return after 5 in the evening with his wife. As he turned to go, he saw a perfume bottle on the corner, sandal. He asked my brother about it and then sprayed over him and left. Within half an hour he returned.

His face flushed and confused. He sat on the chair and drank water, offered by his sister. Then told his story. After spraying the perfume when he left for his home, he must have gone a kilometre or two, and came across a cross road. After crossing that, he felt some feather like touch on his right shoulder, so he turned and saw nothing behind. The sunlight was scorching hard and there was nothing to be seen. Then he saw something flattering in the side mirror of his bike. It was a corner of a saree, an Indian drape, visible clearly in it. But when he looked behind again there was nothing. He just turned his bike from there and raced back to the venue. The moment he crossed back the cross road he felt secure and safe as there was nothing visible I  the mirror too. In the evening my brother, his wife and his brother in law, went to-gather to home, locking the bike behind.

That summer when I went to see my brother, I picked up a perfume bottle from his wall to wall wooden book reckon and was about to spray when I asked him where he got this from? Seeing it in my hand he said use it on your own risk as it is the same perfume I told you about over the phone, and started laughing. Though I don’t believe in all this story stuff but then I have small children to look after so didn’t take the risk of finding out.

I don’t know how far it frightens you but it gave me goose bumps to hold the spirit attracting perfume bottle.