My Secret Romance

This poem is soul dedicated to the emotion of love. There is a K Drama by this name which I saw yesterday night. And my heart was wrenched to iys core. I was desperately waiting for them to meet and when again she left him in the night, this is, what his state of being as I understood.

Still I am in the hangover of it. I am scared what if he couldn’t find her, when he found her. No it’s painful for me…so this is what, the aftermath of the film is. For me ofcourse.

How I see you…

The worst feeling is when
you don’t wanna give up on someone
but you know you have to.

This is the quote I read today on google+. But know what ? For me the worst feeling is just reverse of this. I want to give up but I know how hard I may try I can’t, because my heart doesn’t want to.

Of course I love you! Or else why would I have given you the power to destroy me. Wish you could hear the way I talk about you. My heart beats for you, but that’s not why I need you. I need you because without you, my heart wouldn’t have a beat at all.

If I did something good in my life, it was giving you my heart. Though I didn’t plan to do so but am happy that I do and I still fall for you everyday. I am gonna fight for my love everyday and never give up because mine is a true one and I cannot let it loose for someone’s stupidity as love such as mine can never be replaced. I wander to get lost in your thoughts. Thinking of you makes me complete. You are my smile, my soulmate and all the love songs that are originating in my spirit. A sweet call from soul to soul.

I never felt that I fell for you but it was like my heart knew something about and not my mind. Walking into you was like realising I am home. I love you not because how you look but who you are. You are first and last thing on my mind and everything in between, each and every day.

Beautiful love story like ours should happen everyday, where I find you, my other half, every time. So that I feel safe from everything that’s hurting me inside. I keep looking at you every single moment of each day as if you are the lottery I won and have my whole world in front of my eyes.

I don’t know anything about you but one thing am sure of is that I cannot live without you and thus married you so that can hold you near my heart and don’t miss you. But then I do miss you the next moment you’re not near me, that is the depth of my love. I wish you to know that you have been the last dream of my soul.

I love you even if you don’t love me back. I just want you to know, that when I picture myself happy, it’s with you.