FOWC with Fandango : SCREAM

You seem to be so quiet yet you are not silent you don’t speak in words but your silence speaks in volume you were suppressed all your life Hey girl! I can no more bear your screams

Footprints of mind

All the memories I gathered
Leave some imprints in mind

The deeds I did, the love I got
All stored up in mind

The hate I felt, the pain I hid
Stored up in mind

The battles with the darkness,
The joy of meeting the lighy, all in mind

The loss I suffered, the gain I enjoyed
Life teachings in mind

The sarrow and the laughter, the tears and the smiles
The setbacks and the success all make footprints of mind

….never to leave me behind!

Yet Again

I thought of writing over my wounds
to hide them
but then they were so deep and afresh
even to scribble
I moved on in search of peace
to calm the pain
then the mirracle happened
and yet again
I found my peace vested in you
I keep falling
for you again and again

I am gonna love you….

I know she is there to take care

of you, when I am gone

Your love divided into two

still I gonna love you like there’s nothing else

Pretendence is hard to not to care

for you and her

But I do and a lot

I dream her more than you do

I cry over the memory

when I belonged to you

and you were only mine

The sweet moments of life

My reality never gonna change

I stopped caring for the same

And for the people

who won’t change

But it’s okay if you don’t love me

the way you say

’cause my love for you

will forever stay

I am gonna love you like

I’ve never been broken


I wanted.

I wanted to be your rain
As you are my sunshine
So we could make rainbows

I wanted to be the rock for you to lean on
In your times of smiles and tears
But little did I know, it’s use to crush my vows

I wanted to be your last if not only
The beyond perfection feeling I crave
Let me be the missing puzzle piece of you

Now I wish to be the breath
That inhabits you for a flick
The unnoticed but the neccesity

You are my forever
No end no begining
Always the centre of my eternity


Fishes fishes everywhere in the sea

In the shallow and into the deep

Glittering scales, fins and tails for them to keep

This is haiku on fish, as a school project for my son, i tried my hands on. I dont know what his teacher will say but here it is.

You always …above

I kept you above all my dreams

You were what I desired above all desires

I looked at you and found

Our relation is above other relations

The beat I hear in your chest

Is above the breath I take.

I kept you above all my dreams

You were what I desired above all desires

Kept you knitted in my throbs

Above my wishes to live

You were the dream I lived

Above all expectations.

I kept you above all my dreams

You were what I desired above all desires

Yet you broke me and shattered into pieces

Above all the love I bestowed upon you

Though I am looking for my lost self

Above every tryst I have not found the Old Me.

I kept you above all mu dreams

You were what I desired above all desires

Daily post : Above