Dorothy ‘ s Seat

Reading Steve still standing ‘ s post “the wait…short tale” made me remember a story of past, of time by gone long ago. Ages or time untold.

It’s a real incident as I’ve been told by locals. In summer vacations of 1990s I with my family went to a hill station in Uttrakhand  (then Utter Pradesh). 

The place was Nainital. A hill station in the lap of Himalayas. It was then a very small and insignificant normal village, but the British developed it into a town. To get relief from the Indian summer they use to take refuge there. It is thus called British hill station. 

No, I am not here to discuss the well known beauty of the place neither the head less ghost roaming on the governor house road or the ‘ thandi sadak’ but to share a story which shows how love can wait for long long time. I don’t know what’s the truth but I love to believe what I was told by local guides there and what my Mom used to tell me about the place when I was a child. I start my story and leave it upon the readers to decide whether to believe or not.

There was an English lady called Dorothy, daughter of an English official who resided in Nainital. Young Dorothy fell in love with English soldier and they were engaged. 

Little away from the town there is a place called ‘Tiffin Top’ on top of the nearby hill. After climbing or trekking the hilly road for 3 or 4 km the view which comes face to face is a huge flat space covered with soft-fresh green grass, surrounded by ‘cheer, deodar’ and oak trees, where people used to have picnics, they still do no doubt. Moving further ahead of this place for about 10 to 15 minutes dead end of the hill comes. It’s like a Creek hovering over he town below. At this end point there sat a huge rock, this was the meeting point of the lovers. 

When the duty calls, no man in uniform turns his back, so the lover of Dorothy too made a promise to return soon and left. Since that day she used to go and sit on the rock all alone, waiting and crying for him. They say years passed but no news from her fiance came. She finally gave up the hope and her life too. 

Since then the place came to be known as ‘Dorothy ‘ s seat’. And the rock has engraved imprint as proof of her waiting. As it’s said  she used to sit there since morning to night. 

That’s what waiting is…its truly said Love waits beyond the time. I have seen the rock, from a distance as to reach it, one has to  climb the fence. But now 22 years have passed so don’t know the developments.  Only some stories where they say she was married to some British Col. And died in airplane crash so in her memory he built the place, the other one goes like this, that she was an British artist and died there so her parents, got the place named after her, as a memorial.  

This was the first story that strike me after the above mentioned post.