Once upon a Time….

Once upon a time

Sitting in my garden

Hanging in the hammock

I realised my life is so short

The stars and the flowers

Are far better than what I have

Only smiles and miles count

Rest is story untold

Let me sing and dance

For am alive

Dunno when I close my eyes

2019-2020 SoCS Badge by Shelley

My Dogs

I think talking about dogs will be the easiest thing for me in the world. Not forgetting my lovely `Dragon’, is one of the reasons. I can talk about him all day long. He was the sweetest gift I ever received from my loving parents. Now, how can I forget about my `Chris’, `Brownie’ (my first ever dog) `Ronnie’ `Jordan’ the notorious one and above all `Sherry’ the sweetest of all. I know I lost them all to the cruel hands of time, but that doesn’t mean they lost their place in my heart too. They will live in my memories until I live.

Each of them had their likings as unique as we humans do. `Dragon’ loved to be friendly with everyone and he became more of a human than a dog. He loved to sit on the sofa as we humans do especially when we had guests. During winters he used to take over the place in front of the room heater by pushing us aside. He even brought the newspaper for Papa from outside but didn’t like to give, so the newspaper always bore punch marks of his teeth.

`Sherry’ loved to play with wool as if she thought herself to be a cat. She had a liking for a particular chair, on which she never let anyone sit. Particularly she hated my elder aunt and kept her on nerves, whenever she went near her chair. Once aunt sat on bed but kept her feet on `Sherry’s’ chair, this didn’t go well with `Sherry’ and she nibbled on her big toe and chewed her slippers. There was a serial on television every Wednesday afternoon, which mom watched without missing and had a special companion for the show. `Sherry’ used to sleep in her lap listening to the music of it. Anyhow `Sherry’ was mom`s darling.

`Chris’, `Ronie’ and `Brownie’ they were very sweet and calm souls. They didnot have much time to develop anything particular liking because they didnot survive long. Still `Chirs’ had one thing special about him, that he loved to eat anything and everything. Litteraly, anything and everything, which means onion peels, garlic and ginger, green chilly, pumpkin,bottle guard, beans etc. etc. Just think of the name and it was on his menu. I always scolded him for this habbit as it was not his diet. One more thing he had unusual that he used to finish off his food faster than `Dragon’ and then used to eat along with `Dragon’ in his bowl from between his front legs. Infact, it was `Dragon’s’ cuteness that he never growled over `Chris’ for eating off his food, instead he came to mom and tugged at her skirt and pulled her to his bowl to show that `Chris’ was eating his food and he already ate his. Atleast it seemed to me this way, as if he was saying ‘ now its not my fault that he ate everything, so do I get something else to eat or it`s a fasting for me.?’ Told you people, he was the sweetest of all.

Then comes the bad guy,, `Jordan’. He was naughtiest of all. He was always at unrest. As long as he was with us, he never let us sit in place with peace. Always we kept guessing, what mischief he made today or what he has broken or teared? Once we went to market and could not take him along because he never sat quietly in car, scratched the seat covers and windows. So after returning saw that our sofa was all turned inside out with foam scattered in the room and curtains on the window were torn at the bottom.

Whatever the story is, the bottom line is dogs are and always will be the first love for me.Which of my dogs appealed you the most?