The Car

A dense forest….on the verge of a lake stands still a lonely cabin.
A few meters away is parked a vintage valks vagon.
The sunlight is creating camouflage pattern on the ground.
Shadows are darker and light is not so bright, the contrast is high.

Some cops enter the scene. They went inside the cabin to check it and later investigate the nearby place. They finally halt near the car. Inspector looks into it and asks the constables to check the car thoroughly.

One of the constable who was at the rear end of it told Inspector that the car number plate was missing but the number was scrapped into its paint with any sharp object and that the number was same to that which was reported of the missing valks vagon. So the team becomes more active and starts searching in the car for some other clues.
But they were more of confused then curious, that how the car reached the place where it was seen and reported last week as it’s condition was not good. Still they continued with their search and thus reached for door handle to open it.

There was something strange about the car but what that they were not able to figure out. The inspector peeped into the car and noticed something glittering below the seat cover of the passangers seat. He, then asked one cop to pull up the seat cover and see what was it, that was glittering. The coptried to lift up the cover thinking it to come up in a large chunk of cloth but it tore into a pieces instead. To prick on the seat cover he had to scratch it and scrap it. The way it was coming out was peculiar as if peelings of dead skin! After scraping half of the seat he could takeout the glittering object which turned out to be a mobile. On switching on the mobile they found out it belonged to one of the missing boys for who they were searching. Suddenly the search becomes more intense and the whole party involves in the act of tearing the seat covers which came off into bits and pieces as like that of dead skin and the belongings of the missing boys start to appear under the seats. The foot mats of the car were even more weird, black thread like matterial plaited to form mat and felt silky to touch. After searching the interior of the car their attention turned to the exterior and they noticed the car was faded rusted red color as that of dried blood. Apart from that, they could not find anything more from the car.

They took all the evidences and the strange car to the city for forensic investigation. Two days after the inspector got a call from the forensic department asking him to reach the office without any delay. The investigating forensic doctor and his assistant were pale as scared to death when the inspector reached. They took him to the lab and showed him some tests they had performed on his findings. The seat covers were not actually fabric but what they felt like and the foot mats too were made of human hair of different people told the forensic doctor after performing the dna tests and most surprisingly the color of the car was not actually regular color but had traces of human blood with mixed dna! To their horror the car was taking fuel from human flesh as some pieces of human tissues were found in the fuel tank and the combustion system of the engine. How it could be possible they were wondering when suddenly the car seemed to move a bit from its place and the light went off.

Headlines of the news paper next day read, team working on double missing cases of four people and a car, missing. The forensic doctor, his assistant and inspector were in missing complaint too. A suspicious brand new car of blood red color with crisp new seat covers and foot mats was parked opposite to the forensic department.

Short horror stories 1

She was standing in front of the mirror , trembling and shaking. Her reflection smiling mercilessly at her.


He kept all his mirrors covered. Fearing his childhood stories to be true, of some soul snatcher comming out of it if you call his name in front of mirror.

One night his friend jokingly removed all the covers from mirrors and in night called the soul wnatcher’s name three times and boom….the lights were off for few seconds and when the light came his friend lay dead in fron of the dressing table and blood dripping out of the mirror’s crack.


Ages ago, he used to sleep in the out house room of an age old mansion. No one ever believed him when he told about his strange encounters. But one thing everybody witnessed every now and then, that he was thrown out of his room into the open with his folding bed atop him. And on checking the room nothing was found, ever.


Whenever she visited her childhood home and stood in front of her bedroom, it used to lure her in and then never let her out without some one’s help and next day she used to suffer from fever.


Reading a book from back to front

These days I am reading a book ‘Save the Cat!’ by Blake Snyder,one of the best Hollywood spac screenplay writer and believe me it’s really a good guidance for learning good tricks in writing business. Basically it deals with screenplay writing and selling the same but then it goes for any kind of writing.

Till now I have read the part related to the selling of the screenplay, i. e. when it’s finished and ready for selling and the tips he has shared are best of the business and good to be followed. When the end is so impressive I believe the starting will be equally impressive. 

I know you must be thinking I am nuts but I have this habbit of reading from the last. You won’t believe even the mysteries also I read from the last page! Not even the chapter but the last para! In school and collage days also I used to study my text books from the last page! I am a dictionary to read that way. When I used to buy Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew, I hope you remember or might know what I am talking g about, then also first I used to read the title, then the synopsis at the back cover, then the first dialogues written on the first two pages then went to the last page and start with the last para and then continued in the same manner till it gave me th idea what the story is about. Then went to the first chapter and started reading in the normal fashion. 

Till now that habbit is there. Today I have finally complete my short horror story but the exciting part was that alike reading writing also took the same route…I knew what will be the climax or the end of the story so when I started writing, my story moved forward to the already known ending so whatever occured in there it was all leading one by one to the prefixed ending. All fell into place by itself like missing pieces of a puzzle. Though everything ended as expected but still am not satisfied with it. It being my first attempt to story writing  will always hold a special place. But I am happy that I finally accomplished first english short story and can learn from the shortcomings of it. It’s my trial, my teacher and my first jewel.